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Kenneth More  



British Lion Films, 1955.  Directed by Wnedy Toye.  Camera:  Christopher G. Challis.  With Kenneth More, Shelagh Fraser, Mandy Miller, Ronald Squire, Olga Lindo, Lionel Murton, Mary Laura Wood, Jan Miller, Michael Bentine, Anita Bolster, Kevin Brown, Cyril Chamberlain, Erik Chitty, Dorothy Dewhurst, Jessie Evans, Fred Griffiths, Arthur Hill, Sam Kydd, Charles Lamb, Victor Maddern, Nora Nicholson, Bill Shine.

British actor Kenneth More's screen charisma helps smooth over the rough spots of Raising a Riot.  More plays Tony, a young husband and father.  When Tony's wife Mary (Shelagh Fraser) takes a trip to Canada, the hapless hubby is left in charge of their three precocious (to put it mildly) children.  The film then goes off on several directions, many of them hilarious: some of the best scenes involve the kids' ongoing feud with a bunch of American children.

One of the three youngsters is played by Mandy Miller, who'd previously burst onto the movie scene with her brilliant portrayal of a deaf child in Crash of Silence.  Ronald Squire indulges in his usual scene-stealing as the kid's roguish grandpa.

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