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Peggy Stewart  



Republic Pictures, 1947.  Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and Fred C. Brannon.  Camera:  Bud Thackery.  With George Turner, Peggy Stewart, Roy Barcroft, Ed Cassidy, Ernie Adams, Stanley Price, Edmund Cobb, Ken Terrell, Wheaton Chambers, Fred Graham, Eddie Parker, Si Jenks, Jack O'Shea, Jack Kirk, Tom Steele, Dale Van Sickel, Doc Adams, Ted Adams, Joe Balch, George Bell.

Although benefitting from the "Zorro" trademark, the title character of this Western serial is not the direct offspring of the legendary hero, but rather a distant relative assuming the role of masked avenger in order to prevent a corrupt politician from taking over the territory.  Handsome supporting actor George Turner played Jeffrey Stewart, a discharged cavalry officer righting the wrongs of evil Roy Barcroft.

Favorite B-Western and serial heroine Peggy Stewart provided romantic interest and the chapter play also benefitted from the customary excellent special effects work by brothers Howard and Theodore Lydecker.

Son of Zorro was released in 13 chapters and was followed two years later by Ghost of Zorro starring a pre-Lone Rider Clayton Moore.  The slightly built George Turner was in all likelihood chosen for this serial in order to match stock footage of Linda Stirling in Zorro's Black Whip (1944).

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