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Sophia Loren





Universal, 1967.  Directed by Charlie Chaplin.  Camera:  Arthur Ibbetson.  With Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, Sydney Chaplin, Tippi Hedren, Patrick Cargill, Michael Medwin, Oliver Johnston, John Paul, Angela Scoular, Margaret Rutherford, Peter Bartlett, Bill Nagy, Dilys Laye, Angela Pringle, Jenny Bridges.

On the eve of his departure from Hong Kong, wealthy American diplomat Ogden Mears spends a night ashore in the company of the beautiful Countess Natascha, an impoverished Russian émigré who, from the age of 13, has survived by working as a dancehall girl.  When Ogden's ship sails the next morning, he discovers Natascha hiding in his stateroom.  Determined to reach the United States, she threatens to accuse Ogden of abduction and assault if he exposes her as a stowaway.  Because Ogden has just been appointed Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and is already in trouble with his wife, he submits to the blackmail.

The voyage becomes a frenzied game of hide-and-seek, with Natascha popping in and out of closets and the bathroom to avoid discovery.  Ogden is faced also with the problem of obtaining American citizenship for Natascha.  A marriage of convenience is hastily arranged between Natascha and Ogden's manservant, Hudson, with the understanding that once ashore at Honolulu, Natascha will obtain both a passport and a divorce.  But when the ship docks and Ogden's wife, Martha, comes aboard to effect a reconciliation, Natascha changes into native garb and dives into the bay.  Ten minutes with his wife is enough to convince Ogden that Natascha is more important to him than his diplomatic career.  Abandoning all else for love, he joins Natascha at the Waikiki Hotel.

Includes the music "This Is My Song" and "My Star," music and lyrics by Charles Chaplin.


Additional photo courtesy of Gary