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Robert Lowery




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Columbia, 1949.  Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennett.  Camera:  Ira Morgan.   With Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan, Jane Adams, Lyle Talbot, Ralph Graves, Don Harvey, William Fawcett, Leonard Penn, Rick Vallin, Michael Whalen, Greg McClure, House Peters, Jr., Jim Diehl.

Professor Hamill is developing a machine that can control vehicles and bring them to any destination desired by the operator.  The machine is stolen, since it would be of great use to any criminal.

Batman and Robin are called upon to help get the machine back.  They soon learn that the machine runs on diamonds, and so they stake out a diamond store.  Their instincts were right, and as the criminals arrive they are surprised when Batman and Robin burst on the scene.  One of the criminals gets away while Batman and Robin are distracted fighting the rest of the hoodlums.

The escapee brings the diamonds to The Wizard (the villain).  The Wizard uses the machine to take over a train shipment of an explosive called X-90 and has his thugs take the explosive to the hideout.  As Batman and Robin discover the hideout, actually under the professor's house, they learn that The Wizard is the twin brother of the professor's servant.  They capture and turn him over to the authorities.


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