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Peter Cushing




Amicus Productions, 1967.  Directed by Gordon Flemyng.  Camera:  John Wilcox.  With Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, Ray Brooks, Andrew Keir, Robert Tovey, Jill Curzon, Roger Avon, Keigh Marsh, Geoffrey Cheshire, Steve Peters.

Tom Campbell, a London constable, mistakes Dr. Who's time machine for an alarm box, in his haste to report a robbery in progress; he inadvertently joins Dr. Who, his niece Louise, and his granddaughter Susan on a journey to the year 2150 A.D.  They discover that London has been desolated by meteorites and cosmic rays and its inhabitants converted into robots by Daleks, mechanical invaders from another planet.

While exploring the ruins, Tom and Dr. Who are captured by Daleks, but Louise and Susan are rescued by underground resistance fighters David, Wyler, and Dortmun.  Gallantly attacking the aliens with makeshift bombs, David helps Dr. Who escape, but Louise and Tom are left behind inside the Dalek spacecraft.  (According to one source, Dortmun initiates the bomb attack.)  Wyler and Susan flee to the outskirts of London, narrowly escaping an attack by Daleks, but Dortmun loses his life.

Betrayed by a family desperate for food, Wyler and Susan are taken as prisoners to a huge mine worked by slaves under orders from the Daleks.  Here they meet Tom and Louise, who have escaped from the spaceship, as well as David and Dr. Who, who have learned that the Daleks are planning to blast out the earth's metallic core with a bomb and use the planet as a giant spaceship.  At the last moment, however, Dr. Who successfully deflects the bomb and releases a powerful magnetic force which sucks the invaders into the core of the earth, thus restoring the planet to its human inhabitants.  The four Britons return to their own time, and Tom single-handedly catches the robbers.