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The Three Stooges





Columbia, 1937.  Directed by Del Lord.  Camera:  Benjamin H. Kline.  With Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Vernon Dent, Eva Murray, June Gittelson, Ione Leslie.

After the layabouts go through the typically humorous exercise of preparing breakfast, the boys become salesmen of Dr. Brighto, which brightens old bodies.  Proclaiming themselves "three of the best salesmen that ever saled," the boys ruin the uniform of a police officer and are chased by him.  They end up in the Los Arms Hospital, site of their Oscar-nominated earlier short, Men in Black.  There they try to sell their medicine but get into medical mishaps instead.  Turns out (as it always does) that one of the guys they abused with their Brighto runs the hospital, and he and his orderlies chase the Stooges around the place.  They flee on a gurney, escaping by hanging a sail and using the wind to make it down the street until they crash into a car.  They leap back through a window into the bed they never should have left that morning.

The Three Stooges
An Illustrated History,
by Michael Fleming
Broadway Books 1999