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Harold Lloyd





Pathé, 1920. Directed by Hal Roach.  Camera:  Walter Lundin.  With Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Fred McPherson, Ernest "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison, William Gillespie, Gaylord Lloyd.

Harold is having his picture taken, all for the love of Mildred. He later finds out, by showing her picture to his photographer, that she and another man were in his studio recently, in preparation for their wedding! Harold races to the church, only to get there in time to see the newly married couple exiting the church.  A dejected Harold grieves his loss by plucking the pedals off a daisy―at that point, he awakens from what was a really bad dream.

Relieved, he goes out to the garage, to retrieve his beloved car, making an enemy out the neighbor in the process, when Harold ruins the garden behind the garage. Harold leaves, to get to the playhouse, where he is in a production―but, his car does not cooperate, and stalls on the way.  As he tries to fix his car, a curious little boy causes havoc for Harold.  Once Harold gets his car started (thanks to a shot in the engine from a needle lifted off an opium addict!), he cannot stop it, as it zooms along the streets unmanned.

After finally stopping it aboard a flatcar train, he speeds by some traffic officers, and is pursued.  He eventually gets away from the law, and arrives at the play, only to find that, due to Harold's tardiness, his rival assumed his part as the Masked Prince, and has gained the affection of the crowd as the play ends.  Harold overpowers the rival (by throwing his boots in a fountain just in time for curtain calls), and accepts the audience's kudos.  Mildred, thrilled at Harold's acting acumen, falls in love with him, and the two ride off in his car.

What was said about Get Out and Get Under:

Motion Picture News (September 25, 1920)
"The reason why Lloyd is forging ahead is because he refuses to stand still.  He never uses an old stunt over again."

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