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Sean Connery




Aqua Film Productions, 1957.  Directed by Cy Endfield.  Camera:  Geoffrey Unsworth.  With Stanley Baker, Peggy Cummins, Patrick McGoohan, Herbert Lom, William Hartnell, Wilfred Lawson, Sid James, Jill Ireland, Alfie Bass, Gordon Jackson, David McCallum, Sean Connery, Marjorie Rhodes.

Tom Yateley is an ex-convict.  Trying to leave his past behind, he decides to starts working for the Hawlett Trucking company, which transports gravel.  It's an aggressive company, where speed is everything.  Doing two or fewer runs in a day, and you're out.

Red is the most experienced trucker, able to do 18 runs a day.  Tom soon makes friends with Lucy, the secretary, and Gino, a driver.  But Red's record of runs intrigues him and he wants to break it.  Gino advises against it, but he helps Tom anyway.

Soon there's trouble when Red and the other drivers form an united front against Tom.  Just when Tom has enough and decides to pack his bags, Lucy tells him Gino had a terrible accident.  She also informs him that there is corruption in Hawlett Trucking.

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