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Harold Lloyd




Pathé, 1918. Directed by Fred Jefferson.  Camera:  Walter Lundin.  With Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard, James Parrott (Charley Chase), William Gillespie, Nina Speight.

Into the town blows a bunch of seminary girls to do their winter shopping. Met at the train by a Pullman hound, he becomes enamored with one of the bright-eyed school girls, and follows diligently. A group of the girls goes into a corset shop, where Harold is the greatest salesman not in captivity, his specialty being corsets.

When Harold has so conducted himself that the star beauty of the bunch becomes enamored of him, and he is about to give up his job in order to get the girl, a heavy and irate man enters the corset emporium with blood in his eyes. Exit Harold―nearly―for his way out was barred by this irate man. Thinking it the girl's husband, he immediately changed his attitude. Much to his relief, the girl said that the man was not her hubby, only her daddy.

NotesThis film survives, and is a must-see; not only is it an absolute riot to see Harold as a corset specialist, but the depiction of a late-teens store is a nostalgic joy to behold.

On December 22, 1917, Hal Roach wrote to the Los Angeles Fire Department, saying "We wish to use on Monday and Wednesday, December 24 and 26, a piece of fire apparatus at Fire Station No. 18."

What was said about Here Come the Girls:

The Exhibitor's Trade Review (March 9, 1918)
"There are any number of the Rolin original situations and plenty of fun can be found throughout."

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