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Harold Lloyd




Pathé, 1924.  Directed by Hal Roach.  Camera:  Walter Lundin.  With Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Harry Pollard, Gaylord Lloyd, Gus Leonard, Helen Gilmore, Charles E. Stevenson, Noah Young, H.L. O'Connor, Marie Mosquini, Estelle Harrison, Sammy Brooks, Dee Lampton, Joe Matice.

The Prince of Razzamatazz is in America, to be educated ("...if that is possible"), and is involved with a gold digger.  Harold is a book salesman who happens to be a dead ringer for the Prince.

The Prince learns that the Princess Florelle is going to choose her husband, and that he must return to the Kingdom of Thermosa.  The Prince laments, for he does not want to leave his brunette lady friend; as fate would have it, Harold enters, and the two switch persons.

Life at the palace is "one long souse party," and the rival Prince of Roquefort is perennially tipsy.  Harold, upon entering the Kingdom as Prince of Razzamatazz, falls in love with Princess Florelle.  When the real prince enters (after his gold digger ditches him), Harold unwittingly joins the peasants' revolution against royalty, and is proclaimed President of the new republic.  As President, and ex-prince, he proposes to Princess Florelle, who accepts.

The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia,
by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd
McFarland & Company, Inc.,
Jefferson, NC and London, 2004