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Christopher Lee  



Gladiator Productions, 1963.  Directed by Anthony Dawson.  Camera:  Riccardo Pallottini.  With Rossana Podest, Georges Rivire, Christopher Lee, Jim Dolen, Anny Delli Uberti, Luigi Severini, Luciana Milone, Lucile Saint-Simon, Patrick Walton, Consalvo Dell'Arti, Peter Hardy, Rex Vidor, James Borden, Bredon Brett, Robert Mayor, Carole Windsor.

Newlywed Max Hunter, a young German nobleman, takes his American wife, Mary, to his ancestral family castle on the Rhine.  During their first night there, Mary discovers the mutilated body of a young girl inside an ancient torture device called "The Virgin of Nuremberg."

The body disappears, and Max attempts to convince Mary that she has been dreaming, but the doctor who examines her finds evidence that there really was a corpse and alerts American FBI agent Selby, who has already been keeping the castle under observation.

Mary's terror is compounded by the presence of Erich, the horribly scarred chauffeur-caretaker, and Marta, the housekeeper who believes the castle is inhabited by a legendary "executioner" who was put to death 300 years before.  A housemaid and the butler are murdered, and Mary becomes fearful that her husband, assisted by Erich, is responsible for the heinous crimes.  Max begs her to have faith in him and arranges for her to leave the castle until the mystery is solved.

Before she can depart, however, more murders are committed, and Mary finds herself at the mercy of the real homicidal maniac--Max's father, an ex-Nazi who became mad after being tortured for making an attempt on Hitler's life.  Selby, Max, and Erich come to Mary's rescue as the castle is destroyed by fire, and Max's crazed father dies in the flames.

The film is based on the novel The Virgin of Nuremberg by Frank Bogart (publication undetermined).

It was released in Italy in 1964 as La vergine de Norimberga, and re-released November 1966 as Terror Castle.  The running time was 70 minutes.  The film is also known as Horror Castle (Where the Blood Flows).  Gladiator Productions is the U.S. release name for Atlantica Cinematografica.