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The Three Stooges  



Columbia, 1941.  Directed by Jules White.  Camera:  L. William O'Connell.  With Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Mary Ainsley, Don Barclay, Lynton Brent, Bobby Burns, Vernon Dent, Ned Glass, Bud Jamison, Johnny Kascier, Jack "Tiny" Lipson, Duncan Renaldo, Cy Schindell, Al Thompson, Bert Young.

The second Jules White-directed short that lacerates the Third Reich opens with the message "The characters in this picture are all fictitious.  Anyone resembling them is better off dead."  This is the sequel to the 1940 short You Nazty Spy!  Though that one ended with the Stooges getting killed, the boys are back and running Moronica.  Amscray, Ixnay, and Umpchay, who last time unseated the King of Moronica, Herman of 6-7/8, now want to put Hailstone the dictator (Moe) out of business.

The Hitler look-alike is bent on world dominance, and the Stooges have a pow-wow with a Mussolini look-alike named Chissolini and a Japanese leader who insists on taking photographs.  They fight over who will control the world and get into a football game, using the globe as the ball.  Eventually, the trio is blown up by a pool ball rigged with explosives, their heads mounted to the wall.

The Three Stooges
An Illustrated History,
by Michael Fleming
Broadway Books 1999