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The Three Stooges  




Columbia, 1936.  Directed by Del Lord.  Camera:  Benjamin H. Kline.  With Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Mildred Harris, Kenneth Harlan, Bud Jamison, Harry Semels, Heinie Conklin, Charles Dorety, Althea Henley, Jack Kenny, Eddie Laughton, Lois Lindsay, Antrim Short, Harry Tenbrook, Hilda Title, Elaine Waters, Blackie Whiteford, Bert Young.

The Stooges open the short sleeping noisily on a train, with Larry and Moe sticking their feet in Curly's face.  When he pounds their dogs, the trio awakens.  It turns out they're stowing away on a train bound for Hollywood and have helped themselves to the furniture of someone moving west.  "I wonder who loaned us their furniture without knowing it," Larry says.  "If the cops come you'll find out," Moe says.

After some solid sight gags involving the cooking of breakfast and ironing of clothes, the boys find themselves at the offices of Carnation Pictures and its general manager, Fuller Rath.  They're mistaken for studio executives and given the authority to disrupt a love scene being filmed by a director named Swinehardt.  When the actors and directors quit, Curly's once again cast in drag, this time as a blonde, his eyebrows plucked with a wrench.

Soon the ruse is up, and the boys flee, escaping into a lion's cage.  The lions follow them into a car, which takes off down the street, Curly "woop-woop-wooping" all the way.

The Three Stooges
An Illustrated History,
by Michael Fleming
Broadway Books 1999