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Bill Elliott




Columbia, 1939.  Directed by Norman Deming, Sam Nelson.  Camera:  Benjamin Kline.  With "Wild" Bill Elliott, Iris Meredith, Richard Fiske, Bobby Clack, Trevor Bardette, LeRoy Mason, Olin Francis, James Craig, Francis Sayles, Kenneth MacDonald, Dick Curtis, Dick Botiller, Wally Wales, Flo Campbell, John Tyrrell.

A group of outlaws known as the Black Raiders are driving out the settlers and trappers in the west so that they can set up their criminal empire.  The leader of this group is known only as the Pegleg, who uses the Indians to help his criminal endeavor.

The US Government sends scout Kit Carson to investigate along with army officer David Brent, and they arrive at the trading camp and village of Stewart.  Don Jose Gonzalez takes a double interest of the goings on at the fort because:  a) the raiders stole rifles from his camp; and b) his adopted daughter Carmelita is here.

For 15 chapters Kit and Brent avoid the perils hatched by the Pegleg, Raiders, and Indians, before Kit determines that the Pegleg is someone in the camp, and sees to trap him and end this crime spree.

Good serial with a bit more action than the average Columbia chapter play.  The Pegleg is a very sinister villain even though I found his identity easy to figure out.  (The actor playing the role does an admirable job here).  Besides Elliot, Fisk, Curtis, and Botiller, the rest of the cast seems like cardboard cutouts and, at 15 chapters, I felt the serial may have gone on a bit too long, but the final few chapters were very good as Carson was coming closer and closer to stopping the Pegleg.  Excellent location shooting as well.

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