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Paramount Shorts


100% Service (1931)
George Burns & Gracie Allen frolic at the cigar counter in the Jefferson Hotel


A Broadway Romeo (1931)
Cheapskate Jack Benny watches a newsstand for a friend, and picks up a young lady customer (Estelle Brody)


A Put Up Job (1931)
Two clumsy guys get a job assembling pre-fab housesówith disastrous results (Karl Dane, George K. Arthur, Marjorie Beebe)


A Rhapsody in Black and Blue (1932)
A henpecked jazz-loving husband dreams he's King of Jazzmania (Louis Armstrong, Fanny Belle DeKnight)


A Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (1929)
Eddie Cantor performs in stage minstrel makeup


The African Dodger (1931)
A man on a carnival midway is suckered into substituting for the African Dodger  (Tom Howard, Joe Lyon)


Breaking Even (1932)
A man tries to talk a guy out of shooting himself (Tom Howard, George Shelton)


Cab Calloway's Hi-De-Ho (1934)
This jazz musical short has a comedy plot about marital infidelity


Cleaning Up (1930)
Two street cleaners save the life of the police commissioner, who then hires them as policemen (Chester Conklin, Mack Swain)


Fit to Be Tied (1930)
A man shopping for a tie is frustrated by the store's staff (George Burns & Gracie Allen, June Clayworth, Marion Martin)


Getting a Ticket (1930)
A cop, made to look foolish in court, retaliates when he later catches a speeder   (Eddie Cantor, Charles C. Wilson)


The Introduction of Mrs. Gibbs (1930)
A loud-mouthed mother is invited to meet her daughter's high society in-laws-to-be (Lulu McConnell)


It Might Be Worse (1931)
A man tries to talk a friend out of committing suicide  (George Jessel, Allen Connor)


Lighthouse Love (1932)
Two marines swear off women and join the lighthouse patrol  (Franklin Pangborn, Tom Kennedy, Dorothy Granger, Mack Swain, Ben Turpin)


Makers of Melody (1929)
Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart are interviewed, while performers showcase some of their songs (Stinky video quality...sorry!)


Plastered (1930)
Two workers cause havoc at a construction site  (Willie West, McGinty)


The Plasterers (1929)
Two guys show up to repair a woman's house, but spend more time making a mess  (Charles O'Donnell, Jack Blair)


Poppin' the Cork (1933)
An anti-Prohibition university student tries to win a girl's hand and sell his bottle stopper invention  (Milton Berle, Norma Taylor, Mary Cole, Gertrude Mudge)


Sing, Bing, Sing (1933)
A singer asks his sweetheart on a radio broadcast to elope, but her father is listening too  (Bing Crosby, Florine McKinney, Irving Bacon)


Stopover in Hollywood (1963)
The people, sights, and sounds of Hollywood  (Lori Lyons, Tony Winhall)


Symphony in Black (1935)
Duke Ellington and his orchestra play several selections (with Billie Holiday)


What Price Pants (1931)
A greedy owner of a sweatshop pants factory tries to get some of his employee's inheritance  (Joe Smith, Charles Dale)