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Ursula Andress



MGM, 1965.  Directed by Robert Day.  Camera:  Harry Waxman.  With Ursula Andress, John Richardson, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee.

While celebrating the end of World War I in a Jerusalem nightclub, Leo meets Ustane, a half-caste slave who lures him into a meeting with the beautiful Ayesha.  Ayesha promises him wealth and power if he will come with her to the mountain city of Kuma, and she gives him a map and a ring.  Major Holly, Leo's friend, identifies the ring as a 2,000-year-old Egyptian relic, and the map is revealed to be the key to the lost city of Kuma.

Leo, Holly and their orderly, Job, set out into the desert in search of the Mountains of the Moon.  Ustane, who has fallen in love with Leo, leads him to the village of the Amahaggers where Ayesha's slaves are ruled by Ustane's father, Haumeid.  When the white men are about to be sacrificed, Billali, the high priest, intervenes and brings Leo to Queen Ayesha.  Ayesha explains that she has ruled for 2,000 years and claims that Leo is the reincarnation of her lover, Killikrates, whom she murdered out of jealousy.

Unable to resist her, Leo follows her into the flame of eternal youth, but because the flame can only be entered once, Ayesha disintegrates into ash.  Holly and Job depart, knowing that Leo will have to wait another 2,000 years before the blue flame reappears and releases him from immortality.

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