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Vitaphone and WB Shorts


Vitaphone Shorts - A


20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang (1933)
After a prison improves meals and entertainment, four escapees plead with the warden to come back


23 Skidoo (1930)
Otto Ott, owner of a restaurant, has a staffing problem with the waiters (Lew Fields, Helen Goodhue, Gloria Shea)


9 O'clock Folks (1931)
Various performers showcase their unusual musical numbers in a theater


A Boy and His Dog (1946)
Young Davy Allen helps a mistreated dog (Harry Davenport, Billy Sheffield)


A Breeze From the South (1928)
Gilbert Wells sings a few songs, plays the piano and clarinet, and dances


A Day at Hollywood Park (1946)
A look at the famous horse racing site (Narrator:  Knox Manning)


A Day at Santa Anita (1939)
A horse trainer's little daughter has a bond with horse, which needs her near to win races (Sybil Jason, Matthew "Stymie" Beard)


A Dream Comes True (1935)
A featurette about the premiere and the making of A Midsummer Night's Dream


A Modern Cinderella (1932)
A girl delivers a dress for a costume ball at the last minute, but the customer doesn't like the design (Ruth Etting, Brian Donlevy)


A Musical Melange (1929)
Kjerulf's Mayfair Quintette performs


A Neckin' Party (1937)
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy visit Bergen's ranch in Mexico, and Charlie gets caught in a love triangle


A Penny a Peep (1934)
Shenanigans in a Penny Arcade (Narrator:  Leo Donnelly)


A Plantation Act (1926)
Dressed in overalls and wearing black-face makeup, Al Jolson sings three of his hit songs


A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio (1934)
Take a tour of the Warner Brothers/First National's studio and see their stars


Abe Lyman and His Orchestra (1928)
Abe  and the orchestra perform three musical numbers


Africa Speaks--English (1933)
A plane carrying Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy lands in the jungle, creating comedy opportunities with the natives


Alibi Mark (1937)
When an out-of-work Chicagoan travels west as a hobo on a freight train, he is falsely accused of murder


Alice in Movieland (1940)
An 18-year-old girl wins a free trip to Hollywood and, on the train out there, dreams about her budding movie career (Joan Leslie, Clarence Muse)


All Girl Review (1939)
Women take charge of city government for a day while the Mayor greets an opera singer at the train station (June Allyson, The Harrison Sisters)


Always Faithful (1929)
The wife and secretary of a mine operator attempt to conceal their romantic affair (Blanche Sweet, William B. Davidson, John Litel)


And She Learned About Dames (1934)
Female students enter their photos in a contest, hoping to be chosen "Miss Complexion of 1934" (Lyle Talbot)


Artistic Temper (1932)
A woman pursues a singing career against her husband's objections (Ruth Etting)


At the Seashore (1929)
Ethel Sinclair and Margaret La Marr are on a beach vacation, commenting on anything and everything


At the Stroke of Midnight (1941)
A racketeer decides to go straight, but is wounded in a gang shootout, and later finds refuge with a wealthy recluse (Craig Stevens)


The Audition (1933)
Phil Emerton's band plays tunes, and Larry & Larry do acrobatic tap dancing (they'll remind you of break dancers)


Vitaphone Shorts - B

Baby Rose Marie, The Child Wonder (1929)
Five-year-old Rose Marie sings three numbers on the Vitaphone sound stage decorated as an elegant drawing room


Banjoland (1928)
Banjo players Eddy Peabody and Jimmy Maisel perform three numbers


The Beau Brummels (1928)
Al Shaw and Sam Lee, a happy and hilarious couple known as "The Beau Brummels," perform fun songs


Beauty and the Bull (1954)
While working in Mexico, model Bette Ford and her girlfriends attend a bull fight and visit a matador's ranch (Narrator:  Marvin Miller)


Believe it or Not #1A (1930)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #2A (1931)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #6A (1931)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #7A (1931)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #10A (1931)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #1B (1930)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #2B (1931)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #3B (1931)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Believe it or Not #11B (1932)
Robert Ripley crisscrosses America to find interesting curiosities


Ben Bernie and His Orchestra (1930)
Ben Bernie and his orchestra perform, with singer Frances McCoy


Ben Pollack & His Orchestra (1934)
Ben and the Orchestra are joined by a guest vocalist in performing popular songs


Bernado De Pace (1927)
"The Wizard of the Mandolin" plays several tunes


Between the Acts at the Opera (1926)
The Howard Brothers perform their signature stage routine


Beyond the Line of Duty (1942)
Reenactment of the events in the Army Air Force career of Captain Hewitt T. Wheless (
Ronald Reagan)


Big City Fantasy (1934)
Phil Spitalny's orchestra plays music of the various areas within New York city


The Big Paraders (1929)
Five hefty performers, dazzle with music, dancing, singing, and general Avoirdupois shaking


The Birds and the Beasts Were There (1944)
Visits to three animal parks in Miami, Florida, all of which still operate today


Blossom Seeley and Bennie Fields (1928)
The singing duo performs three songs, with some dancing and witty patter in between


The Blue and the Gray (1935)
A narrator tells the story of the Civil war, while the audience visits various cities, buildings, battlefields, and monuments


Borrah Minevitch and His Harmonica Rascals (1935)
The harmonica band is offered a radio gig by their landlord (Jack Goldie)


Bubbles (1930)
Children sing and tap dance in a cavern-like land of make believe—a Vitaphone Varieties short (Mae Questel)


Vitaphone Shorts - C

Calgary Stampede (1948)
The city of Calgary celebrates Stampede Week


The Camera Speaks (1934)
An elderly night watchman at the Vitagram movie studio falls asleep and dreams about the old days


The Candid Kid (1938)
Members of a Candid Camera Club compete to get a difficult and unusual picture (Phil Silvers, Josephine Huston)


Carlena Diamond (1929)
She's the "Harpist Supreme," playing the harp and recreating her father's portable harp dance


Carnival Day (1936)
A look at the various folks who come together on Carnival Day


Carnival of Rhythm (1941)
A colorful music and dance tribute to the peasants and workers of Brazil (Katherine Dunham)


Carolina Segrera (1929)
"The Cuban Nightingale" makes pretty music with Don Alberto and His Argentines


Cavalcade of Archery (1945)
Famous archer Howard Hill demonstrates his skill with various trick shots (Narrator: Knox Manning)


Changing of the Guard (1936)
A little girl dreams she's at the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace


Chaz Chase - The Unique Comedian (1928)
Chaz Chase eats a variety of interesting items, including a lot of cardboard


Chips of the Old Block (1928)
The Foy Family performs a vaudeville act


Come to Dinner (1933)
MGM's Dinner at Eight is parodied in this comic short, with look-alike actors impersonating the main stars


Compliments of the Season (1930)
On Christmas Eve, a ex-robber stops a young lady from killing herself, and then helps her find her missing boyfriend (Eric Dressler, Lenita Lane)


The Cowboy and the Girl (1928)
In a parlor out West, cowboy Ray Mayer plays some solo piano music and accompanies singer Edith Evans


Crashing the Water Barrier (1956)
Champion racer Donald Campbell drives a jet-powered boat at record speeds on Lake Meade, Nevada (Narrator:  Jay Jackson)


Vitaphone Shorts - D

The Declaration of Independence (1938)
The spotlight is on Caesar Rodney, who cast the deciding vote to adopt the Declaration (John Litel)


Desert Killer (1952)
A hunter tracks a sheep-killing cougar (Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra (1946)
Desi and the boys get that Latin beat going (Amanda Lane)


Dick Rich and His Melodious Monarchs (1928)
A popular West Coast group performs three songs (Cheri Rich)


Don Redman & His Orchestra (1934)
The Orchestra offers three songs, and one number is performed by singers/tap dancers 'Red' and Struggie.


Don't Get Nervous (1929)
Georgie Price, nervous about performing in a sound film, sings a couple of songs (Bryan Foy)


Double Exposure (1935)
Bumbling photographer Bob Hope creates havoc


Double Talk (1937)
Edgar Bergen tries to get a wealthy woman to adopt Charlie McCarthy in order to be rid of him


Vitaphone Shorts - E

Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra (1928)
Earl and the orchestra play three tunes


The Eccentric Entertainer (1929)
Talented pianist/violinist Sol Violinsky performs some unique musical numbers


Eddie Duchin & Orchestra (1933)
In a nightclub setting, pianist Eddy Duchin and his orchestra play several popular tunes, with Sylvia Froos joining in


Efrem Zimbalist (1926)
Violinist Efrem Zimbalist performs variations on Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata


Elsie Janis (1926)
Elsie Janis sings and dances to the troops from the back of a truck in "Behind the Lines"


Envy (1930)
Two bored couples try to find happiness by exchanging spouses for the evening (Madge Evans, Eric Dressler)


The Eyes Have It (1932)
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy clown around in an optometrist's office


Vitaphone Shorts - F

Facing Your Danger (1946)
Men attempt to navigate the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead. (Narrator: Knox Manning)



Fishing Around (1929)
A quarreling husband and wife go fishing carrying an oversized lunchbox, with disastrous results (Howard Anderson, Rean Graves)



The Flag of Humanity (1940)
The story of Clara Barton and the American Red Cross



The Flame Song (1934)
In the kingdom of Florestan, a weak Prince Henry is ousted from power, but he perseveres to return to his homeland (Bernice Claire, Alexander Gray)


For Sale (1929)
A salesman tries to sell life insurance, hair tonic, and exercise equipment to a man who doesn't want any of it (Gregory Ratoff, Lila Georgie, Guy Kibbee)


The Forest Commandos (1945)
The story of Ontario, Canada fire rangers who, with the aide of their bush pilot comrades, keep watch over the forests (Narrator:  Knox Manning)


Forty Boys and a Song (1941)
The Robert Mitchell Boys Choir sings at their own special school and on a Boy Scout outing


Frances Carroll & The Coquettes (1940)
Bandleader Frances Carroll leads The Coquettes, an all-female band, in several swing tunes.


Freddie Rich and His Orchestra #1 (1938)
Band leader Freddie Rich conducts three musical numbers with his orchestra, with solos by Nan Wynn


Frontier Days (1945)
A young Indian affairs agent arrests a gang for illegally killing buffalo and trading in their hides (Robert Shayne, Dorothy Malone)


Vitaphone Shorts - G

Gadgets Galore (1955)
A humorous review of the impact of the automobile in the United States (Narrator:  Ward Wilson)


The Gay Parisian (1941)
In a Paris nightclub setting, the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo performs to the music of Jacques Offenbach


The Gem of the Ocean (1934)
In this musical short, a French woman finds mystery and romance on a luxury liner (Jeanne Aubert)


George Hall and His Orchestra (1936)
The orchestra is touring, and hotels are full, so they break into the theater basement where they'll perform the next day (Eddie Foy, Jr.)


George Jessel and His Russian Art Choir (1931)
Entertainer George Jessel introduces a choir he discovered during a trip to Russia


Giovanni Martinelli (1926)
The tenor sings Vesti Giubba from I Pagliacci


Give Me Liberty (1936)
Patrick Henry's rousing speech before the Virginia legislature argues for colonial independence (John Litel)


Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra (1942)
The popular dance band plays four songs


Good Morning, Eve! (1934)
Adam and Eve leave the Garden of Eden and stroll through history (Leon Errol and June MacCloy)


The Grand Dame (1931)
A group of high-brow hucksters try to swindle $25,000 out of a rough-hewn social climber (Patsy Kelly)


Grandad of Races (1950)
The annual horse race held in the Piazza del Campo in Siena is highlighted in all its color, pomp, and pageantry (Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


The Grass is Always Greener (1950)
A cowboy gets along with men at the Diamond O ranch and is helped by them when revealed as a horse thief.  (Chill Wills, Vince Barnett)


The Great Library Misery (1938)
A man trying to join the Grouch Club relates his terrible experience of trying to check out a library book (Jack Lescoulie, Nancy Evans)


Green's Twentieth Century Faydetts (1929)
A straight Vaudeville performance of an all-girl ensemble


Guido Deiro, World's Foremost Piano-Accordionist (1929)
Guido Deiro performs virtuoso accordion pieces.


Gus Arnheim and His Ambassadors (1929)
Pianist Gus Arnheim leads his orchestra in several popular tunes (singer Russ Columbo)


Gypsy Sweetheart (1934)
At a garden party, a band of gypsies is accused of stealing the guests' belongings


Vitaphone Shorts - H

The Happiness Boys (1927)
Ernie Hare and Billy Jones are a comedy duo start who sing and tell jokes


The Happy Hottentots (1930)
Two desperate singers take a job as the singers in vaudeville theater, but soon regret their decision (Joe Frisco, Bob Callahan, Billy Gilbert)


The Hard Guy (1930)
An unemployed man leaves home with a pistol, leaving his wife in fear of what he might do (
Spencer Tracy, Katherine Alexander)


Harlem-Mania (1929)
The Norman Thomas Quintette sings, tap dances, and features a talented drummer and pianist


Harry Reser and His Eskimos (1936)
The orchestra performs popular songs and accompanies guest performers  (The Three Yates Sisters, Lynn Gordon, The Modernaires)


Harry Warren, America's Foremost Composer (1933)
Songwriter Harry Warren performs several of his own compositions


Harry Wayman and His "Debutantes" (1928)
Harry Wayman leads his all-girl band, The "Debutantes" and accompanies them on the violin


Hawaiian Nights (1927)
The Hawaiian Beach Scene Orchestra performs six local Hawaiian tunes


Hazel Green & Company (1927)
Dancing and singing by Hazel Green and Joe Lacurta


Headline Bands (1946)
A mixture of cuts from earlier shorts featuring various bands (Betty Hutton, Carol Bruce)


Henry Busse and His Orchestra (1940)
Henry Busse and his orchestra play the their own arrangements of various popular songs of the day


Hi De Ho (1937)
Cab Calloway's mom is worried about him because he listens to the radio and pretends to lead a miniature orchestra


High Spots of the Far East (1933)
Take a trip through China, Bangkok, Egypt, and India (Narrator E.M. Newman)


Hollywood Newsreel (1934)
The 1934 Columbia University Rose Bowl champion football team visits the Warner Brothers Studios and is greeted by several stars


Hollywood Wonderland (1947)
Tour guides take visitors on a promotional tour of the Warner Brothers studios.


Horace Heidt and His Californians (1929)
A lively collegiate band plays, dances, sings, and does calisthenics (yup!)


Hot News Margie (1931)
A tabloid reporter has to find out if a college football star is secretly married (Marjorie Beebe)


Hot Sands (1931)
A couple, lost in Death Valley, meet three men who are also trying to get back to civilization


Hotel a la Swing (1937)
The Upsy Daisy theater troupe performs musical numbers as they assume management of a debt-ridden Hotel  (Eddie Foy, Jr., The Mullen Sisters)


How I Play Golf No. 4 (1931)
Golfer Bobby Jones shows comic  Leon Errol how to use the mashie niblick


How I Play Golf No. 10 (1931)
Golfer Bobby Jones shows how to hit shots from trouble spots on the course (Joe E. Brown, Edward G. Robinson)


How I Play Golf No. 11 (1931)
Golfer Bobby Jones shows several Warner Brothers stars how to hit practice shots


How to Break 90 No. 4 (1933)
Richard Arlen notes that even with innovations in golf equipment, he has trouble, so Bobby Jones gives a lesson on the downswing.


How to Break 90 No. 5 (1933)
Golfer Bobby Jones shows the proper technique at impact, in his series "How to Break 90"


Vitaphone Shorts - I

I'm Much Obliged (1936)
Newspaper columnist Mr. Inquisitive calls people at random, asks them questions, and prints their answers (George Dobbs, Vera Van)


The Ingenues (1928)
An all-girl band plays popular songs of the day—don't miss the swinging last number!


Isham Jones & His Orchestra (1933)
The guys perform some of their biggest hits (Gypsy Nina, The Boylans)


Vitaphone Shorts - J

Jack Buchanan With the Glee Quartet (1930)
Comedian Jack Buchanan announces that he'll replace a member of the Glee Quartet, even though he has had little time to rehearse


Jammin' the Blues (1944)
Prominent jazz musicians of the 1940's get together for a rare filming of a jam session


Jan Savitt and His Band (1945)
Follow his career from violinist in an orchestra to leader of a top-rated jazz and recording band (Shirley Van, Bob Arthur, Helen Warren)


The Jazzmania Quintette (1928)
This sprightly jazz quintet will have you tapping your feet (George Stoll, singer Edythe Flynn, The Hot Four)


Jest for Awhile (1930)
Clara Barry and Orval Whitledge perform a rather ho-hum musical comedy routine


Jimmie Lunsford and His Dance Orchestra (1936)
Jimmie Lunceford, The Three Brown Jacks, and Myra Johnson entertain


Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra (1938)
The group performs several of their most popular numbers in a nightclub setting


Johnny Green & His Orchestra (1935)
Johnny Green's orchestra performs with guest acts at a vacation resort (Marjory Logan, Jimmy Farrell)


Joseph E. Howard, America's Popular Composer (1928)
Joseph E. Howard plays the piano and sings four of his popular compositions


Just a Cute Kid (1940)
A man sells his body to a scientist in order to pay a debt to a loan shark (Cliff Edwards, Margaret Hays, Frank Faylen)


Vitaphone Shorts - K

Kings of the Turf (1941)
Mortimer, a Standardbred horse, is trained for harness racing


Kissing Time (1933)
A girl visits South America and becomes musically romantic with a local rebel (Jane Froman, Georges Metaxa)


The Knight is Young (1938)
June Allyson's apartment overlooks a sign of a knight in shining armor, and then tap dancer Hal Le Roy shows up to give her some help


Vitaphone Shorts - L

La Fiesta (1926)
Anna Case is featured in a musical selection


Lambchops (1929)
Burns and Allen in an early stand-up routine, with a charming dance number thrown in for good measure


Largo al factotum (1926)
Giuseppe De Luca sings "Largo al factotum" from The Barber of Seville


Larry Clinton and His Orchestra #1 (1938)
Larry Clinton and His Orchestra perform with Bea Wain


Larry Clinton and His Orchestra #2 (1938)
The orchestra and two guest vocalists perform several songs (Carol Bruce)


Let's Elope (1930)
Two love struck kids try to elope, but get delayed (Betty Brown, Jerry Brown)


Let's Sing a Song of the West (1947)
Four songs of the West are displayed, and the audience can sing along as the lyrics are shown on the screen


Let's Sing a Song About the Moonlight (1948)
Musical numbers by the Music Makers


Let's Sing a Song From the Movies (1948)
Clips from four movie musicals are shown, each featuring a single song (The Melody Makers, Narrator: Art Gilmore)


Let's Sing an Old Time Song (1947)
A musical look at some older songs that have become standards


Lincoln in the White House (1939)
A look at Abraham Lincoln's presidency from inauguration through the Gettysburg Address (Frank McGlynn, Sr., Dickie Moore)


Lions for Sale (1941)
Several lions go through training at Gay's Lion Farm in El Monte, California,  the world's largest of its kind   (Narrator: Knox Manning)


The Little Archer (1949)
Despite his tender age, four year old Melvin Beebe is an expert archer (Narrator:  Marvin Miller)


Little Jack Little & Orchestra (1936)
Sailors on the USS Atlantic go ashore to perform at a night club  (Mildred Fenton, Jack Smith, and Dot, Donna & Teddy)


Little Journeys to Great Masters (1931)
Great art and architecture of Europe


Little Miss Everybody (1929)
Zelda Santley, accompanied by pianist Victor Pelle, performs musical impressions of famous singers of the day.


The Littlest Diplomat (1937)
A young girl visits her grandfather, a British Colonel stationed in India, and helps negotiate a truce with the local natives (Sybil Jason, Lumsden Hare)


Vitaphone Shorts - M

The Madcap Musician (1929)
Herschel Henlere performs musical comedy routines, including a one-man band attacked by drum-beating bunnies


Maid for a Day (1936)
A fading Broadway entertainer works as a domestic to obtain background for a part in a new musical


Main Street Follies (1935)
A New York producer sends a spy to a nightclub to report back on the musical acts (Hal Le Roy, Mary Joan Martin)


The Man Without a Country (1937)
An Army officer upset with his assignment, wants to help Aaron Burr form a new country out west (John Litel, Holmes Herbert)


March On, America! (1942)
The story of America from the Pilgrims to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. (Narrator:  Carleton Young)


March On, Marines (1940)
Two sergeants compete for an appointment to Annapolis and the Admiral's daughter (Dennis Morgan and John Litel)


Marion Talley (1926)
The prima donna sings Caro Nome from Rigoletto


Masks and Memories (1934)
Julie and Bob take a break from their Mardi Gras revels to visit Bob's home (Lillian Roth)


Matinee Idle (1930)
A Broadway star who's a playboy visits his playwright friend who's working out a scene for his new play


Meet the Fleet (1940)
Three recruits land in Navy boot camp in San Diego (Robert Armstrong, George Reeves, Mary Cheffey)


Melodious Moments (1928)
The four Croonaders perform a few songs and play ukuleles and the piano


Mirrors (1938)
Freddie Rich and his orchestra perform, with Vera Van and Eton Boys


Mischa Elman (1926)
The famed violinist plays Humoresque (Dvorak) and Gavotte (Gossec), with pianist Joseph Bonime


Mills Blue Rhythm Band (1933)
Music and dance acts perform, at a night club and at a "rent party" (Fred Washington, Sally Gooding)


Molly Picon (1929)
Billed as "The Celebrated Character Comedienne," she performs some musical shtick


The Monroe Doctrine (1939)
President Monroe responds to attempts by Spain to interfere in South America (Grant Mitchell, George Reeves, Nanette Fabray)


The Movie Album (1931)
Watch clips from silent films, accompanied by humorous commentary


Movie-Mania (1937)
Dave Apollon puts on a stage show as writer, director, producer, bandleader, art director, and other jobs


Movie Memories (1935)
Excerpts from some famous Paramount silent films, with appearances by several stars


Movieland Magic (1946)
A singing guided tour of the Warner Brothers lot, with many snippets from their films (Tour Guide:  Mel Torm


Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Crawford at Home (1939)
The Crawfords host a formal dress audition in their home for a prospective sponsor of their proposed radio show


The Musicale (1930)
A British troupe performs comedy and music in a nightclub setting (Al Trahan, Yukona Cameron, Helen Hawley)


My Bag O'Tricks (1929)
Trixie Friganza performs a story and then a song


My Country 'Tis of Thee (1950)
A panoramic view of American history from the Pilgrims to 1950, using archival footage


Vitaphone Shorts - N

The Naggers' Day of Rest (1929)
Hubby and Wifey verbally duke it out in the bathroom (Mr. and Mrs. Jack Norworth)


The Nickelette (1933)
Relive the nickelodeon days with some very early vignettes, including one with young Rudolph Valentino as a heavy


The Night Court (1927)
Police raid a nightclub, hauling the performers into court, where they perform for the judge (William Demarest, Joyzelle Joyner, Dottie Lewis)


Night Intruder (1938)
Floyd Gibbons narrates the story of four women playing bridge at home who are interrupted by a thief


No Contest! (1934)
Radio show producers stage a contest to see who gets to book a singer at a banquet (Ruth Etting, Charles Lawrence)


Nothing Ever Happens (1933)
A wonderful spoof of Grand Hotel, with look-alikes for the Barrymores, Wallace Beery, and Joan Crawford (Jack Lionel Bohn, Geraldine Dvorak)


Nut Guilty (1936)
Charlie and Edgar Bergen preside over the courtroom for a day, dispensing their own comic brand of justice


Vitaphone Shorts - O

Ohman and Arden (1927)
Phil Ohman and Victor Arden perform three piano duets.


Okay for Sound (1946)
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Warners' Vitaphone sound-on-film process, concurrent with the 1946 release of Night and Day


The Old Grey Mayor (1935)
Bob wants to marry Mayor McGill's daughter, but the mayor's first choice is Alderman Mulligan (Bob Hope)


Old Man Mose (1939)
Betty Hutton swings to the title tune with Vincent Lopez and his orchestra


One for the Book (1939)
On a desktop with many books, familiar characters in literature come out of their books after dark (Betty Hutton)


Opening Night (1930)
A theater performance is sold out, but people still use their wiles to get tickets


Out Where the Stars Begin (1938)
A "Broadway Brevity" color short  that spoofs the Hollywood studio set-up ( with Jeffrey Lynn, Fritz Feld)


Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra #1 (1939)
The guys play a few snappy tunes.


Vitaphone Shorts - P

Pack Up Your Troubles (1929)
Tired WWI soldiers sing in a bombed out building (Douglas Stansbury, The Lyric Quartet)


Paul Tremaine and His Aristocrats (1929)
The popular jazz band performs several numbers


Peeks at Hollywood (1946)
Two young beautiful starlets use the Griffith Observatory telescope to find stars in Hollywood (Narrator:  Knox Manning)


Phil Spitalny and His Musical Queens (1934)
The ladies in this all-girl Orchestra are all clad in white gowns, and perform a few musical numbers cabaret style.


Pie, Pie, Blackbird (1932)
Musical performances by Eubie Blake, Nina Mae McKinney, and The Nicholas Brothers


Plane Crazy (1933)
As pilots arrive at a New York air strip for a flight show, will one of them find romance with a lovely aviation enthusiast? (Dorothy Lee)


The Police Quartette (1927)
At the police station, four Hollywood cops sing three songs


Polo With the Stars (1941)
After a look at the training of polo ponies, we see several Warner Brothers stars in polo action (Joe E. Brown, E.G. Robinson, Jack Oakie)


Pony Express Days (1940)
Young Buffalo Bill Cody joins the Pony Express as a station hand and replaces the injured regular rider (George Reeves, David Bruce)


Postal Union (1937)
A telegraph worker learns magic in order to get a pretty co-worker to agree to marry him. ( with Georgie Price, Vera Dunn)


The Prisoner of Swing (1938)
Musical satire of "The Prisoner of Zenda" with a commoner taking the place of a lookalike king (Hal Le Roy, Eddie Foy, Jr., June Allyson)


Private Lessons (1933)
Hal Le Roy is hired as a tap dance teacher to give private lessons for girls at a dancing school


Public Jitterbug No. 1 (1939)
Government agents chase public jitterbug #1, since they deem him a menace to society (Hal Le Roy, Betty Hutton, Chaz Chase)


Pure Feud (1934)
The McCarthys and Jenkins are feuding (Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy)


Vitaphone Shorts - Q

Quiet, Please (1939)
A temperamental film director feels he must change the scripts to suit himself (Fritz Feld, Charley Foy)


Vitaphone Shorts - R

Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1447) (1932)
Musicians rehearse while onboard a ship, and Sylvia Froos sings at home and reads about a scandal in the newspaper (Jerry Wald)


Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1474) (1932)
Gypsies demonstrate a crystal ball that works as a television, featuring The Rhythm Boys, Tito Guizar, the Pickens Sisters, and Ann Lee


Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1664) (1934)
Newspaper articles come to life, including the ones about Baby Rose Marie, Frank Novak, Jr., Roy Atwell, Tito Guizar, and  Harriet Lee


The Rear Gunner (1943)
A rural enlistee becomes a tail gunner in a bomber (Burgess Meredith, Ronald Reagan, Tom Neal, Dane Clark)


Red Nichols and His World Famous Pennies (1935)
The guys perform some musical numbers (The Wallace Sisters, Bob Carter)


Rhythmitis (1936)
A doctor develops a pill that makes Hal a great tap dancer, so he joins a vaudeville show (Hal Le Roy, Toby Wing, Frances Hunt)


Rhythms in Blue (1929)
Two lovelies perform scintillating numbers at the piano and sing (Bobbe Arnst, Peggy Ellis)


The Right Timing (1942)
In sports, the right timing is everything (Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


Rita Rio and Her Orchestra (1939)
A musical short featuring Rita Rio (Dona Drake) and her band


The Romance of Robert Burns (1937)
A story of the life and career of Robert Burns


Romance of Louisiana (1937)
The story of the 1803 Louisiana purchase (Addison Richards, Erville Alderson)


Romance Road (1938)
A RCMP sergeant mediates a land dispute between a railroad construction crew and French Canadian trappers (Anne Nagel)


The Roof Garden Revue (1929)
Performers offer several musical numbers (Larry Ceballos, Lyda Roberti, Bailey and Barnum, and The Larry Ceballos Girls)


Roseland (1930)
A pretty dance hall girl is looking for the right guy (Ruth Etting)


Roy Fox and His Orchestra (1929)
Roy Fox and His Orchestra perform three musical numbers


Roy Smeck (1926)
He plays various stringed instruments and adroitly crosses and uncrosses his legs while seated—what a guy!


The Royal Rodeo (1939)
A young king is enthralled with the adventures of a visiting American cowboy (John Payne, Cliff Edwards, Scotty Beckett)


Rufus Jones for President (1933)
Young Rufus Jones is elected President in this short musical comedy (Sammy Davis, Jr. and Ethel Waters)


Vitaphone Shorts - S

Seasoned Greetings (1933)
A greeting-card store owner tries to sell 'talking' greeting cards in the form of records (Sammy Davis, Jr.)


Service With a Smile (1934)
Leon brags about his "super-deluxe" gas station, which he claims is run by chorus girls (Leon Errol)


Service With the Colors (1940)
New pre-WWII army recruits adjust to the Presidio in San Francisco for basic training (Robert Armstrong, William Lundigan)


Shake, Mr. Shakespeare (1936)
A producer asleep at his desk, dreams about Shakespeare's characters singing and dancing


She Who Gets Slapped (1930)
A meek husband takes lessons on how to take control of his dominating wife (Tommy Dugan, William Irving, Dorothy Christie)


Sheik to Sheik (1936)
A radio salesman, knocked out by a golf ball, dreams he's in the desert where he sells radios to sheiks (George Mextaxa, Ann Barrie)


Shop Talk (1935)
An art student returns from Europe to run the department store he inherited from his father (Bob Hope)


Shoot Yourself Some Golf (1942)
Golf pro Jimmy Thomson gives lessons to Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman and then Jack Redmond performs trick shots


Show Kids (1934)
The Famous Meglin Kiddies put on a variety show


Six Hits and a Miss (1942)
A musical with six men and a woman singing and dancing (Ruby Keeler)


Slapsie Maxie's (1939)
A waiter accidentally KO's a boxing champ in a restaurant, and then must fight a real bout with the champ (Max "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom)


Smart as a Fox (1946)
A fox cub experiences life in the forest (Narrator:  Knox Manning)


The Smart Set-Up (1931)
A womanizing night club singer tries to break into society but soon finds that it's impossible (Walter O'Keefe, Margaret Lee)


Smash Your Baggage (1933)
A group of redcaps in a train station perform musical numbers to raise money for a sick member of their group


Snakes Alive (1931)
Kids doing normal shenanigans (Billy Hayes, Bobby Jordan, Jackie Kelk)


So You Think You Can't Sleep (1953)
Average working man Joe McDoakes tries desperate measures to cure his chronic insomnia (Cast: George O'Hanlon, Phyllis Coates)


So You Think You Need Glasses (1942)
Joe is suffering from far-sightedness, so his wife sends him to an ophthalmologist to get eyeglasses (George O'Hanlon, Art Gilmore)


So You Think You're a Nervous Wreck (1946)
Joe McDoakes has phobias, especially when it comes to his boss, and he dreams of being the big boss himself (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Think You're Allergic(1945)
A comedy about Joe McDoakes' allergies (George O'Hanlon, Barbara Billingsley--at 8:42!)


So You Think You're Not Guilty (1949)
Joe pleads "not guilty" to a traffic violation, but is convicted anyway, and the $2 fine quickly 10 years in jail (George O'Hanlon, Phyllis Coates)


So You Want a Raise (1950)
Joe McDoakes asks for a raise, but his boss tells him another employee will get the raise instead (George O'Hanlon, Phyllis Coates)


So You Want a Television Set (1953)
A couple buys a TV, and the neighbors drop by and stay to watch the new set—and raid the refrigerator (George O'Hanlon, Phyllis Coates)


So You Want an Apartment (1948)
Joe McDoakes and his wife go apartment hunting (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Be a Detective (1948)
Joe McDoakes imagines himself as a private detective on a murder case (George O'Hanlon)


So You Want to be a Salesman (1947)
Joe McDoakes is new at selling vacuum cleaners, and just can't make a sale (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Be an Actor (1949)
Joe McDoakes, unemployed thespian, finally lands a role (George O'Hanlon, Fred Clark, Narrator: Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Be in Pictures (1947)
Aspiring actor Joe McDoakes takes acting lessons by mail order recordings and lands a small part in a movie (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Be on the Radio (1947)
Joe McDoakes and Wifey love radio show contests, but something seems to interfere every time they participate (George O'Hanlon, Phyllis Coates)


So You Want to Build a House
Joe McDoakes decides to build his own home.  As the project progresses, he sees his dream house turn into a nightmare (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Enjoy Life (1952)
Believing he has only a month to live, Joe McDoakes decides to live life to the fullest in the time he has left (George O'Hanlon)


So You Want to Give Up Smoking (1942)
Joe McDoakes tries to kick the habit (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Hold Your Wife (1947)
Joe McDoakes goes to a marriage counselor to learn how to live more harmoniously with his wife (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Keep Your Hair (1946)
A humorous look at how men cope with hair loss (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You Want to Learn to Dance (1953)
Joe McDoakes' boss invites him to a swanky dance, but he can't dance (George O'Hanlon)


So You're Going on a Vacation
Joe learns about his 2-week vacation at the last minute, and uses a store's "free" vacation planning service (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You're Going to be a Father
Joe McDoakes goes through all the problems, surprises, and anxieties of becoming a new father (George O'Hanlon, Narrator:  Art Gilmore)


So You're Going to Have an Operation (1950)
A satiric look at doctors and hospitals through the eyes of Joe McDoakes (George O'Hanlon, Fritz Feld)


Soft Drinks and Sweet Music (1934)
A soda jerk/songwriter dreams (literally) of performing his songs on Broadway (Georgie Price)


Soldiers in White (1942)
A young intern, drafted and placed in the Army Medical Corps as a buck private, isn't happy about it


Some Pumpkins (1929)
Sam Summers and Estelle Hunt perform a cornpone hillbilly standup comedy routine


The Song Plugger (1930)
A music publishing company wants Joe Frisco to showcase a song written by a friend of his


Sons of Liberty (1939)
The story of Haym Salomon, American patriot and financier of the American Revolution (Claude Rains)


Spanish Fiesta (1942)
The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo perform a ballet to Rimsky-Korsakov's "Capriccio Espagnol"


Spills and Chills (1949)
Fast-paced daredevil stuff, (Narrator:  Dan Donaldson)


Stars on Horseback (1943)
A look at the blacksmith skills of George Garfield, blacksmith to the Hollywood stars (Narrator:  Lou Marcelle)


Stories in Song (1928)
Veteran Broadway performer Adele Rowland sings four songs, with Mildred Brown accompanying on piano


Story Conference (1934)
A movie producer calls a story conference with a director and writers to scope out ideas for a film starring Lillian Roth


Story of a Dog (1945)
The life of a Coast Guard dog during warfare, from the dog's point of view (Narrator:  Knox Manning)


Studio Highlights (1934)
Warner Brothers publicity chief takes visitors on a tour, highlighting Ruby Keeler's on-screen and off-screen life.


The Studio Murder Mystery (1932)
Inspector Carr and Dr. Crabtree investigate the murder of the leading lady during filming of a scene (Donald Meek, John Hamilton)


The Sunday Round-Up (1936)
A singing western short, with Dick Foran and Jane Wyman


Surprise! (1935)
The Duncan Sisters and their college dorm mates sing a song to their alma mater while packing up to leave college


Surprise (1930)
Mishaps occur at a hotel room surprise party (Tom Dugan, Barbara Leonard, Mary Treen)


Swing Cat's Jamboree (1938)
Louis Prima and his jazz quartette play songs and accompany featured singers and dancers


Swingtime in the Movies (1938)
An extra takes over in a musical western movie (Fritz Feld, Kathryn Kane)


Vitaphone Shorts - T

The Tanks Are Coming (1941)
This documentary describes the development and use of battle tanks in the American national defense program


Tannhauser Overture (1926)
Performed by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra


Ted Husing's Sports Slants 1218 (1931)
Coverage of wrestling, ice hockey, gymnastics, and basketball


Ted Husing's Sports Slants 1240 (1931)
Coverage of ping pong, diving and swimming, handball, and lacrosse


Teddy the Rough Rider (1940)
We follow the political career of Theodore Roosevelt, from 1895 through his Presidency (Sidney Blackmer, Pierre Watkin)


Thanksgiving Day (1928)
Two doctors, down on their luck, face repossession of their office furniture on Thanksgiving Day (Harry Kelly, Cornelius Keefe)


Those Good Old Days (1941)
An elderly gentleman tells his granddaughter about the good old days of Vaudeville


Thrills of Yesterday (1931)
All sorts of silent movie vignettes, with humorous dialog overlaid


Tip Tap Toe (1932)
A tap dancer's boss won't let him marry his daughter, but she has a way to convince him ( Hal Le Roy, Mitzi Mayfair)


Toyland Casino (1938)
Kids put on a musical revue show


Trifles (1930)
The Sheriff suspects a woman's been murdered by her husband at an isolated country farm (Jason Robards, Sarah Padden, Blanche Friderici, Frank Campeau)


Twinkle, Twinkle (1927)
Aspiring actor Joe E. Brown tries his inept best in a film scene (Perquita Courtney)


The Two College Nuts (1929)
Two comics have fun with inflatables, a musical saw, and a bassoon (Billy Edison, Charlie Gregory)


Two Good Boys Gone Wrong (1929)
Two goofball comics clown around in a large parlor setting (Harry Jans, Harold Whalen)


Vitaphone Shorts - U

Under Southern Stars (1936)
A profile of the Confederate General Stonewall Jackson the night before his fateful battle (Fred Lawrence, Jane Bryan, Fritz Leiber)


The United States Army Air Force Band (1942)
The band and chorus perform several songs


The United States Marine Band (1942)
The U.S. Marine Corps Band and chorus perform several songs associated with the Marines and the Navy.


Untamed Africa (1932)
The Hubbard family is on safari in Africa


Ups and Downs (1937)
A girl is engaged to her Dad's assistant, but she really likes a tap-dancing elevator operator (June Allyson, Hal Le Roy, Phil Silvers)


Use Your Imagination (1933)
A young man is jobless because he spends all his time dreaming
—yet several of them come to life! (Hal Le Roy, Mitzi Mayfair)


Vitaphone Shorts - V

Van and Schenck (1928)
The singing duo of Gus Van and Joe Schenck perform a few songs


Vaudeville (1934)
Several vaudeville acts perform, including comedian Herb Williams


Vaudeville Show (1935)
Black performers put on a show (Adelaide Hall, The Nicholas Brothers)


The Voice From the Screen (1926)
Edward B. Craft discusses the new Vitaphone movie sound system.


Vitaphone Shorts - W

The Wall Street Mystery (1931)
The apparent murder of two stockbrokers is solved in quick fashion by Dr. Crabtree (Donald Meek)


Waring's Pennsylvanians (1927)
Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians perform three musical numbers


Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee Celebration (1930)
Studio stars attend a jubilee hosted by Little Miss Vitaphone


Watch the Birdie (1935)
A practical joker takes a cruise with his fiancée and her family (Bob Hope, Nell O'Day)


What a Life (1930)
A prison warden converts his cellblocks to a summer resort in order to fool reformers (Virginia Sale, William Irving, Frank Mills)


When East Meets West (1928)
Comic cowboy piano player Ray Mayer and singer Edith Evans perform four songs


When the Talkies Were Young (1955)
Warner Brothers looks back to the early days of talking pictures (Narrator: Dwight Weist)


Will Hays (1926)
The head of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association of America introduces the new Vitaphone sound system


The Wishing Stone (1935)
After a jet crashes with no passengers injured, band leader Dave Apollon worries about missing the next gig with his orchestra


Woody Herman and His Orchestra (1938)
Great arrangements, singing, and a fabulous dance number, "Jailhouse Blues"


Words & Music (1931)
A songwriter asks a local singer for help, and it turns out she's looking for some new songs! (Ruth Etting, Ray Collins, Bernard Gorcey)


Vitaphone Shorts - Y

You Don't Know the Half of It (1929)
Jay Brennan and Ann Butler perform their comedy shtick


Yours Sincerely (1933)
A resort owner tries to marry off his daughter to a millionaire, but his scheme doesn't turn out as planned


Warner Brothers Shorts

24 Hour Alert (1955)
A policeman arrives at a U.S. Air Force base looking to get a feel for Air Force "language"  (Jack Webb)


The 42nd Street Special (1933)
As publicity for the film 42nd Street, a special 7-car train takes Warner Bros. stars across the country


The Bill of Rights (1939)
A lavish costumed color production dramatizing the birth of the American Bill of Rights


Breakdowns of 1935 (1935)
Humorous outtakes from 1935 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1936 (1936)
Humorous outtakes from 1936 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1937 (1937)
Humorous outtakes from 1937 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1938 (1938)
Humorous outtakes from 1938 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1939 (1939)
Humorous outtakes from 1939 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1940 (1940)
Humorous outtakes from 1940 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1941 (1941)
Humorous outtakes from 1941 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1942 (1942)
Humorous outtakes from 1942 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1944 (1944)
Humorous outtakes from 1944 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1946 (1946)
Humorous outtakes from 1946 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1947 (1947)
Humorous outtakes from 1947 Warner Brothers movies


Breakdowns of 1949 (1949)
Humorous outtakes from 1949 Warner Brothers movies


Cavalcade of Dance (1943)
Ballroom dancers Veloz and Yolanda perform the various dance fads of the first half of the twentieth century


Cinderella's Feller (1940)
The story of Cinderella set to music (Juanita Quigley, Scotty Beckett)


Famous Movie Dogs (1940)
Well known canine performers of the 1930s vie for a part in an upcoming movie


Gun to Gun (1944)
A cowboy agrees to drive a herd of cattle for a ranch owner in order to satisfy a tax owed by the rancher (Robert Shayne, Lupita Tovar)


Happy Times and Jolly Moments (1943)
Narrator Lou Marcelle takes an affectionate look at the work of Mack Sennett in the silent era


I Am an American (1944)
A married arrives in New York in the early 1840's and walks to Ohio where they settle and prosper and raise children (several stars featured)


I Won't Play (1944)
Marines on a Pacific island in WWII don't believe a bragging soldier who claims he helped several stars' careers (Dane Clark)


Inklings (1934)
A series of animated historical vignettes linked by an artist's disembodied hand that draws animated illustrations


Let's Sing an Old Time Song (1947)
A look at some older songs that have become standards


London Can Take It (1947)
A tribute to the courage and resiliency of Britons during the London Blitz (Narrator:  Quentin Reynolds)


The Monroe Doctrine (1939)
President Monroe responds to attempts by Spain to interfere in South America


Musical Movieland (1944)
Tourists are taken through a movie studio lot to watch musical numbers and filming in progress


Oklahoma Outlaws (1943)
A saloon owner plots against the Tulsa mayor and sheriff to gain control of the city (Robert Shayne, Juanita Stark, Charles Middleton)


Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra #2 (1943)
The orchestra plays two standard numbers, and Ozzie performs two novelty songs (Harriet Hilliard)


Proudly We Serve (1944)
Documentary on the training of aerial gunners in the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II (Andrea King, Warren Douglas)


Report From the Front (1944)
Humphrey Bogart tells reporters about his trip to see our troops on the front lines, and explains how Americans can help by donating


Roaring Guns (1944)
A man heading an old West mining operation becomes concerned for farmers whose land is being destroyed by resulting erosion


Spills for Thrills (1940)
A tribute to motion picture daredevils and stuntmen and stuntwomen


Star in the Night (1945)
The story of Christmas is told with an updated western theme (J. Carroll Naish)


Sword Fishing (1939)
Archer Howard Hill uses his skill to catch the great blue marlin off the California coast (Narrator:  Ronald Reagan)


Things You Never See on the Screen (1935)
Outtakes from several Warner Brothers movies of 1935


Trial by Trigger (1944)
A logger must save his redwoods from an unscrupulous out-of-state logging owner


United States Coast Guard Band (1944)
Rudy Vallee leads the Coast Guard band of the 11th naval district in several songs


The United States Service Bands (1943)
The bands of the Army Air Force, Navy, and Army play music with wartime imagery superimposed on the screen


The Voice That Thrilled the World (1943)
The history of sound in the movies, beginning with French scientist Leon Scott's experiments in 1857


Wagon Wheels West (1943)
A U.S. marshal seeks vengeance against the man who killed his father (Robert Shayne, Nina Foch, Charles Middleton)


Wild Boar Hunt (1940)
Howard Hill shoots at stationary targets, birds in flight and a charging wild boar. (Narrator:   Knox Manning)


Young America Flies (1940)
Young student pilots, each with different long-term ambitions, work to become certified (Jean Parker, William Lundigan)


Miscellaneous Shorts

The Dawn of Sound - How the Movies Learned to Talk (2007)
A chronicle of how talking pictures evolved


The Original barn
at the West Coast
Studios, early 1920s

The Sunset Blvd.
Studios, late 1920's

Burbank, CA back
lot, early 1930s

Burbank, CA
back lot, 1998

Burbank, CA
back lot, 2021