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Belinda Lee  



Ealing Studios, 1956.  Directed by Basil Dearden.  Camera:  Otto Heller.  With Belinda Lee, Benny Hill, David Kossoff, Gary Marsh, George Margo, Ernest Thesiger, Dennis Shaw, Frederick Schiller, Jeremy Hawk, Thorley Walters, Philip Stainton, Warwick Ashton, Stratford Johns, Nicholas Phipps, Gibb McLaughlin, Ernest Jay, Harold Scott, Irene Handl, Charles Hawtrey.

Already a popular TV comedian in 1956, Benny Hill heads the cast of the zany comedy-mystery Who Done It?  Eschewing his usual double entendres in favor of pure-and-simple slapstick, Hill plays a would-be private eye named Hugo.  Before he quite knows what's happening, Hugo is up to his neck in espionage intrigue.  Belinda Lee plays Hugo's dewy-eyed blonde assistant, Garry Marsh is cast as a flustered Scotland Yard inspector, and David Kossoff and George Margo portray a couple of sinister Iron Curtain spies.  Who Done It? was scripted by T.E.B. Clarke, a mainstay of the droll Ealing comedies of the early 1950s.  The film remained unreleased in the U.S. until the late 1970s, when it was put on the market to cash in on the international success of The Benny Hill Show.

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