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April 2007

May 2007 Updates

June 2007


Sever sent us two shots of Charlie Chaplin, including one from City Lights (1931) with Virginia Cherrill.

Michael has two interesting stills today:

John whisked over two spiffy photos:  Nina Foch and Ann Sothern.

Nick carries on with some interesting images:

Jane arrived at the party just in time to partner with Nick on:

Rikke returns to action with:

Some corrections:

Enjoy these film clips:

Our next update will be on Wednesday June 6th.

May 30, 2007

Road to Zanzibar
The Strange Woman

Nick and Jane to the rescue, with new scans of:

Richard has two more shots of Ketti Gallian, including one from Under the Pampas Moon (1935).

Sarah identified one of our current Veronica Lake photos as being from Star Spangled Rhythm (1943).

Enjoy these two film clips:

May 28, 2007

Down to
Red River

We resume with two new pictures from Richard:  Lilli Palmer in Body and Soul (1947), and Luise Rainer.

Nick continues the onslaught with:

Karl contributed several beautiful images:

Pat provided two lovely scans:

We'll end with some film clips:

May 25, 2007

The Cat and
the Canary

The African

The Gold

We are back up--sort of.  Sorry for the on-again/off-again stuff.  We'll begin regular updates soon.

May 24, 2007


We prepared a nice group shot of Virginia Field, C. Aubrey Smith, Tyrone Power, Jr., and George Sanders in Lloyds of London (1936).  Enjoy the beautiful details in this tableau—things you wouldn't notice in the film.  We scanned from an original photo.

John sent us a beautiful picture of Ida Lupino and William Prince in Pillow to Post (1945).

Next, we have a photo of Dorothy Sebastian in Sackcloth and Scarlet (1925).  This gorgeous photo was scanned by Rita and cleaned to perfection by Dr. Macro!

Justin sent over a new shot of Robert Woolsey and Dorothy Lee.

Rikke continues our Tarzan series with an image of Patricia Morison in Tarzan and the Huntress (1947), and two of Johnny Weissmuller in Tarzan and the Amazons (1945).

Nick sent us some nice photos of Clara Bow, including Call Her Savage (1932) with Gilbert Roland, Red Hair (1928), and two pictures from True to the Navy (1930) with Fredric March.


May 14, 2007


Chris sent in a nice scan of Myrna Loy and Ramon Novarro in The Barbarian (1933).

Richard followed up with two international actresses:

Rikke has more interesting scans today:

Ricardo identified several existing Audrey Hepburn pictures from Funny Face (1957), My Fair Lady (1961), Sabrina (1954), The Secret People (1952), Wait Until Dark (1967), and War and Peace (1956).

We conclude with some film clips:

We're back up!  Republishing using Front Page was like watching grass grow—thanks for your patience!  If anyone has a recommendation for a good web publishing software package, I'd be eager to hear about it.  Our next update will be on Monday May 14.

May 4, 2007

Tortilla Flat

MGM Shorts

We start off with our own shot of Buster Keaton in Doughboys (1930).  There's also a film clip of Sally Eilers and Buster taking on the entire German army in WWI.

Sever has two beautiful scans:  Bing Crosby and Orson Welles.

Here are some new photos of Thelma Todd from TL, including one as an ingénue and one from The Noose (1928).

Nick weighs in with more spiffy images:

Jane offers six new Sean Connery scans, from Another Time, Another Place (1958), Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959), The Hill (1965), The Molly Maguires (1970), Shalako (1968), and Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959).

Sylvie has three new desktop wallpapers:  Julie Andrews, Louise Brooks, and Doris Day.

Nick and Jane collaborated on:

Ricardo identified the films for several existing Rita Hayworth pictures:  Cover Girl (1944), Down to Earth (1947), The Lady From Shanghai (1948), Music in My Heart (1940), Tonight and Every Night (1945), and You Were Never Lovelier (1942).

Enjoy these film clips:

May 2, 2007






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