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July 2007

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Richard sent in five great new scans:

Sever prepared expanded, and better quality, film clips for Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and The Mummy (1932)

August 28, 2007

Lawrence of Arabia
The Mummy

We're back in the saddle again.  Although we've successfully moved many of our film clips to a new server, there are still several to go.  Look for daily updates until they're all restored!

Here are two scans of perky Carmen Miranda.  The popular musical star was born in Portugal, but raised in Brazil.  Enjoy these two color photos of her in typical costumes.

Richard maintains an international flavor with images of three little-known actresses:  Swiss misses Elisabeth Müller and Liselotte Pulver, and Austrian-born Maria Schell.

Sylvie has two new desktop wallpapers:  Anthony Quinn and Ann Sheridan.

Nick and Jane are winding on down the road with:

Chris chimed in with her own scan of Murray and Tearle in Altars of Desire.

Next, we have some snappy pictures of Greta Garbo from A Woman of Affairs (1928), featuring John Gilbert, Johnny Mack Brown, and Lewis Stone.  This is the first group in a slew of Garbo scans, representing many of her movies, that Rikke sent to us by 20-mule train.  We dedicate these seven—and the ones that follow—to Ricardo, who tirelessly researched and identified the films for the entire horde of Garbo photos.

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

Thanks to our guest contributors for today's great images and corrections!

Let's end with some film clips:

August 26, 2007

Keeper of the Flame
MGM Shorts

Granite-faced William S. Hart debuts today.  We have two pictures of the early western star.  Just for contrast, we've also added three photos of elegant Swedish-born actress, Signe Hasso.

Richard sent over four new images by steamboat:

Rikke sent us five nice scans of Kirk Douglas from Lust for Life (1956), and we've included a movie clip courtesy of Sever.  We also realized that the Anthony Quinn photo we posted on July 31 isn't from that film; instead, as an accomplished artist in his own right, Mr. Quinn seems to have been photographed in his own studio.  Thanks once again to Sever for catching this error.

Nick's on the move again, with new pictures of:

We have some new photos from Tom:

Ricardo pointed out two attributions for existing photos:

Thanks to our guest contributors for today's great images!

We'll conclude with some film clips:

Note:  our site visitors seem to like the larger clips, but they're sometimes frustrated by the .avi file format of the expanded clips.  The .avi files don't play until they're fully downloaded.  To fix this, we're formatting the enhanced clips in the familiar .wmv format, which allows you to watch the clip while it downloads.

August 8, 2007

Lust for Life
Man Who Knew Too Much

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