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February 2010

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Meet Massachusetts-born cowboy Charles Starrett, who appeared in a spate of 1930's and '40's westerns.  Here he is in The Colorado Trail (1938).  Thanks to Elisabeth for this fine image.

Chris is back with more pictures:

Joe's just sent in some new scans by carrier pigeon:

Corrections/attributions for existing pictures:

March 29, 2010

Let's start with some pleasing scans courtesy of Chris:

We added the complete 25-episode series of the Rocky Fortune radio show, starring gumshoe Frank Sinatra.  During the run of this show, his flagging career was suddenly reinvigorated with the success of From Here to Eternity (1953), and he abandoned the radio program soon afterward.

Stefano sent in a shot of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon vying for the lead in The Great Race (1965).

Gary offers a photo of Myrna Loy in a classic pose.

Mario identified an existing Bette Davis picture from Dark Victory (1939).

March 22, 2010

EM returns with two sensational photos of John Payne, including one from Remember the Day (1942), with Claudette Colbert.  She also repaired a badly damaged scan of Ann-Margret, with lovely results (check out the "before" version).

Joe's back with more tantalizing portraits of the stars:

March 20, 2010

Enjoy these new stills and publicity shots from Gary:

Next up is Chris with more nice stuff:

Joe sent us two beautiful images, which he carefully prepared:

March 15, 2010

Thanks for your patience. We're back in business on a new, dedicated server, with all of the content republished. You may have noticed that we are once again at doctormacro.com (our original address when we started the site almost seven years ago).  So...please change your bookmark.

Here are a few updates to get us back on track, starting with another shot of Ann Savage in Scared Stiff (1945), this time with Jack Haley.

Joe's been busy, preparing some new scans:

New contributor Danikk sent us photos of Ida Lupino:

Chris sent over pictures of:  Sharon Tate in Eye of the Devil (1967)—this is for Muriel, and Norma Shearer in an elegant pose.

March 9, 2010


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