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March 2012

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We have a photo of Robert Taylor and Jean Harlow in Personal Property (1937).  This one is for Michelle!

Sarah and Michelle prepared some more high quality scans:

Next, we have Natalie Wood just lounging around, courtesy of Dave.

Here's another scan of Nancy Carroll—this time from Jealousy (1934).

Enjoy this beautiful picture of Bette Davis in The Petrified Forest (1936).

Little-remembered silent film star Dorothy Mackaill makes an appearance.

Rikke resurfaces with a knock-out photos of starlet Angie Dickinson and luscious Diana Dors.

April 29, 2012

Enjoy these great scans, restored by Michelle and Sarah who have enhanced our site tremendously with their contributions:

Next up, Debra Paget peeking out, in Bird of Paradise (1951).  And, in perfect symmetry, here are Dolores Del Rio and Joel McCrea going native in Bird of Paradise (1932).

Also check out this superlative blog by David Paris, from Australia:  It's the Pictures That Got Small.  Wonderful high quality vintage Hollywood images abound.  Well done!

We end with a supersized scan of Robert Taylor and June Knight in Broadway Melody of 1936.

April 25, 2012

Here are Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy in Bitter Sweet (1940), a difficult scan to restore, but ably done so by Sarah and Michelle.

Next, we have two more photos of Gene Barry and Ann Robinson in The War of the Worlds (1953).

Merle Oberon is the center of attention in Wuthering Heights (1939), as Flora Robson and David Niven look on.  This scan is for Angie!

Frances offers a pleasing photo of Alice Brady in Should Ladies Behave (1933), and follows it with a shot of popular Veronica Lake.

April 19, 2012

We begin with a classic image of Vivien Leigh and her admirers, in Gone With the Wind (1939), courtesy of Frances.  This is an improvement of an existing scan.

Next up, some new scans prepared with precision and dedication by Michelle and Sarah:

Gary sent us a fine picture of a stair-stepping quartet on the set of Anything Goes (1936):  Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray, Gary Cooper, and Ethel Merman.

Enjoy this exquisite scan of Ann Sothern and Robert Young in Lady Be Good (1941), courtesy of John.  Notice two fun things about this picture:  1) the reflection of a man (director?  cameraman?) in the vanity mirror; and 2) the whimsical lamp base.

Jean Peters stops by for a chat, in this beautiful color photo from Frances.

We end with Elvis Presley in Love Me Tender (1956).  I expect some audible squeaking from Down Under!

Sarah and Michelle identified an existing Eleanor Powell scan from Lady Be Good (1941).

April 13, 2012


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