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Michelle and Sarah prepared a difficult scan of Leslie Brooks for us, and it turned out beautifully.  Thank you, ladies!  Rikke provided the original scan.

Enjoy these new scans courtesy of Diana and Peter:

Ricardo identified an existing Greta Garbo picture from Mata Hari (1931).

May 28, 2013

Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary on the web.  It's gratifying to reflect on all the high quality movie scans and posters we've completed in that time.  The site now has 14,500 photos, 14,250 posters, and 2,534 movie summaries, representing 1,293 actors and actresses.  I continually add new pictures and posters, and upgrade older ones as better versions are found.  I wanted to offer a free, wholesome, easy-to-use site dedicated to photos of stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  I hope I've accomplished that.

Along the way, there were a few bumps as the site outgrew the shared hosting services I used.  I changed hosting companies twice and finally decided to upgrade to a dedicated server.  I breathed a sigh of relief once the site no longer had to compete for resources with other sites.  I also had a few copyright concerns pop up from time to time, with mortally wounded studios claiming my postings were ending life as they knew it.  Finally, sore wrists are part and parcel of tediously cleaning photos, so it's...flex and stretch!

I also want to recognize and thank our many site visitors who stopped by along the way.  Many of them stuck around to offer pictures, advice, movie identifications, design ideas, and other help.  Among the 8,000+ daily visitors, a few especially stand out for their generous contributions to my site, for which I am grateful.  These noteworthy individuals (and the year they started helping) include:

  • Sylvie (2004) - desktop wallpapers

  • Tanja (2004) - movie IDs

  • David (2004) - monster photos and movie IDs

  • Juliana (2005) - scan restorations

  • Nick and Jane (2005) - photo restorations and design suggestions

  • Mark (2005) - photos

  • Vladimir (2005) - photos and ankles galore!

  • Karl (2005) - photos

  • Sever (2006) - photos, advice, site design, creative grousing

  • Rikke (2006) - photos

  • Michel (2006) - Jean Harlow booster and upbeat supporter of the site

  • Ricardo (2006) - movie IDs

  • Frances (2007) - photos

  • Sarah and Michelle (2007) - photo restoration, movie IDs, advice and encouragement, opera appreciation, Hills Hoist basics

  • Gary (2007) - photos

  • Richard (2007) - photos

  • Carrie (2008) - movie IDs

  • Dieter (2008) - poster artwork

  • Joe (2009) - photo restoration

  • Bob (2009) - photos, magazine covers, and posters

  • John (2009) - photos

  • Elizabeth and Sarah (2011) - photos, movie IDs, cat films, Dan Duryea discussions

  • Peter (2012) - photos

  • Diana (2013) - photos

Now on to today's photos.  We'll have a few more than normal today, but getting them all published may spill over to Tuesday.

We start with a stately photo of Will Rogers and Stanley Blystone in "A Connecticut Yankee" (1931), which was prepared by Sarah and Michelle.

Next up, many fine scans courtesy of Peter and Diana:

We end with six nice scans of Tyrone Power, Jr., including Marie Antoinette (1938) with Norma Shearer, The Mark of Zorro (1940), and This Above All (1942) with Joan Fontaine.  These are for Michelle!

May 20, 2013

We have three more ducky scans of Arlene Dahl, including one from Desert Legion (1953).  These are from Peter and Diana.

Gary sent us some fine photos:

Next we find Yvonne De Carlo bound and determined to resist George Brent's advances, in Slave Girl (1947).

William Powell theorizes about whodunit to Eugene Pallette and E.H. Calvert in The Benson Murder Case (1930).

Sarah identified an existing Jeff Chandler picture from Foxfire (1955).

We end with a shot of Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock (1957).

May 17, 2013

Diana, Peter, and Gary have some beautiful new scans today.  Many thanks to my guest contributors!

May 12, 2013

Frances set us a scrumptious, sepia-toned, late-career photo of Marion Davies.

In late April, we lost songbird Deanna Durbin at age 91.  Diana set us four nice pictures of her, including three from Lady on a Train (1945) with Dan Duryea, Lash La Rue (yup, that's his name), and David Bruce.

Next up, five fine images of superstar Greta Garbo, courtesy of Diana, Gary, and Rikke.  These are for Ricardo:

Frances returns with a glorious shot of superstar Rita Hayworth.

Gary shares a fun still of Laurel & Hardy in Nothing But Trouble (1944), plus two images of pretty dancer Ann Miller.

Peter's back with two more lovely color photos:  Debra Paget in Princess of the Nile (1954) and Jean Peters.

We conclude with two pictures of Jean Simmons, courtesy of Gary.  They are from This Could Be the Night (1957) and Hilda Crane (1956).  Thanks to Peter for the movie IDs on these.

May 4, 2013


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