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February 2014

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Enjoy these spiffy images, courtesy of Peter:

We have two more complete issues of Photoplay (Nov. 1936 and Jan. 1938), courtesy of Charles.

Here are two pictures of 1950s actress Peggie Castle.

Rikke sent in pretty scans of:

Ricardo identified an existing Alida Valli picture from The Paradine Case (1947).

March 25, 2014

We have another fine image of Gloria Grahame to start us off right.

Peter has more new photos today:

Here's Greta Garbo lounging in Grand Hotel (1932).  This one is for Ricardo.

Thanks to Diana for these scans:

Finally, Bette Davis ponders her fate in Bordertown (1935) and Jeanette MacDonald just looks lovely.

March 17, 2014

Let's begin with pretty Mary Brian in Charlie Chan in Paris (1935).

Next up, a poster of silent film star Bessie Love.

We have two photos of Deborah Kerr from A.J. Cronin's Hatter's Castle (1942).

Warner Oland and Henrietta Crosman study their lines on the set of Charlie Chan's Secret (1936).

Here are two Jean Harlow pictures, including one from Suzy (1936).  These are for Michel.

Peter sent over two images of superstar Ida Lupino.

Enjoy this color scan of girl-next-door Jeanne Crain, courtesy of Diana.

We found a spectacular photo of glorious Gloria Grahame, my favorite 1940s/50s heartthrob.

Let's end with a splendiferous shot of Tom Drake and Deanna Durbin in I'll Be Yours (1947), courtesy of Ben.  This is for Ricardo!

March 13, 2014

Sarah and Michelle restored two beautiful photos for us today:

Peter sent over two nice Ronald Reagan photos, including an improved version of one from Brother Rat (1938) with Jane Wyman.  These are for my favorite little Wallaby!

More goodies from Peter:

That's it for this update.  I ran out of time and my wrists hurt.

March 6, 2014


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