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March 2016

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Peter has some new scans today:

More goodies from Brenda:

Ricardo joins the party with some great pictures.  He also identified an existing Ann Savage picture from The Last Crooked Mile (1946).

April 14, 2016


We start with a splendid color scan of Dorothy McGuire  This mesmerizing image is courtesy of Peter.

Brenda scanned a still of Tyrone Power, Jr. and Linda Darnell in Brigham Young (1940).  This one is for Michelle!

Dona Drake and Rudy look-alike Anthony Dexter perform a sparkling dance number in Valentino (1951).

Peter's back with a nice color shot of Ronald Reagan.  This one is for a soon-to-be University student!

Enjoy this pleasing trio from The Great Waltz (1938), courtesy of Ricardo:  Miliza Korjus, Fernand Gravel, and Luise Rainer.  It was the most difficult restoration of the past 12 months, but well worth it.

We have an exquisite photo of elegant Sylvia Sidney from Brenda.  She added a picture of Eddie Bracken and Veronica Lake in Hold That Blonde (1945).

Diana sent us a picture of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Let's end with a beautiful color scan of Shelley Winters, courtesy of Ricardo.

April 4, 2016


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