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Apr. 2005

May 2005 Updates

Jun. 2005

Sorry the site was down for a couple of days...the ISP has it back up!

May 23, 2005

We'll be taking a much needed break for a couple of weeks.  Our regular updates will resume in early June 2005.

May 18, 2005

Today we have a very interesting early scan from The Adventurer, starring William Farnum.  He was a huge box office star for Fox in the decade before 1920, and did many memorable films.  The original photo for this beautiful scene was marred by hundreds of scratches, blemishes and fingerprints, but the resulting picture was definitely worthy of the effort to remove them.

Also, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire kick up their heels in a humorous dance film clip from Follow the Fleet.

May 12, 2005

 the Fleet

The fourth and final scan of Jean Harlow arrives.

And Charlie Chaplin has his hands full during a canine romp, in A Dog's Life.




May 11, 2005

A Dog's Life

Our final two Jeanette MacDonald scans are up today, as well as a film clip of  Stan and Ollie in the kitchen, in From Soup to Nuts [Note:  video removed 12/3/2006]



May 10, 2005

More Jeanette MacDonald.  Gorgeous!

Then view a new film clip from Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.'s dashing film The Mark of Zorro.  His balletic leaps in this whimsical fight scene anticipated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by 80 years.  We also extended the play time for the clip from his popular The Iron Mask.


May 9, 2005

The Mark
 of Zorro

Another new face today:  songbird Jeanette MacDonald.  This is the first of four pictures of her.

We also have a pretty picture of Veronica Lake in The Annex, sent to us by Brian.

And enjoy the new Laurel and Hardy film clip from The Music Box.  This scene is at the end of the film, after the boys have lugged the blasted piano up those stairs and set it up in Billy Gilbert's living room.  [Note:  video removed 12/3/2006]

May 8, 2005

The Music Box

There are three new Charlie Chaplin film clips, from The Circus, His New Job and Shoulder Arms.

We've also extended the play times for three current clips:  A Night Out and A Day at the Races, and Yankee Doodle Dandy, so check out the new footage!

May 7, 2005

The Circus

His New Job

Shoulder Arms

How about some Joan Fontaine pictures?  She makes her debut on our site today in two scans, from Jane Eyre (notice the delicate lace gloves) and Suspicion (with Cary Grant).

We also have a film clip from Suspicion.  In this scene, Lina and Johnnie have just returned from their honeymoon, and Lina is beginning to have doubts about her new hubby!

May 6, 2005


We revisit venerable actor Ronald Colman in two final scans, from The Prisoner of Zenda and Under Two Flags.

Sylvie has also provided a new desktop wallpaper of Melvyn Douglas in The Lone Wolf Returns.  Thanks, Sylvie!


May 5, 2005

Here's a new photo of little known Grace Darmond, a silent screen actress, in The Annex.  Thanks to Mark for sending this classy scan to us.

We also have a film clip with Marie Dressler and Jean Harlow in a wonderful short bit at the conclusion of Dinner at Eight.  Replay it a few times and marvel at Dressler's reaction and repartee upon learning that Harlow has just read a book!  Their scene appears about halfway through the clip.

May 4, 2005

 at Eight

Today we offer our final Ella Raines scan.

Also check out two film clips of Errol Flynn in The Charge of the Light Brigade―one of him creating a sneaky diversion during an attack, and one of him tripping the light fantastic with Olivia de Havilland.

May 3, 2005

Plan Works!
With Me

More Ella Raines.

We've also got a new film clip of Errol Flynn from San Antonio.  This is the climax, where he exits a furious gunfight in the saloon (with more indiscriminate shooting than you can shake a stick at!), and chases the bad guys into an abandoned building. 


May 2, 2005

San Antonio

Let's start May with a new face:  elegant Ella Raines.  This is the first of three pictures.

We also have a film clip of philandering Charles Boyer juggling two cuties―Olivia de Havilland and Paulette Goddard―in Hold Back the Dawn.


May 1, 2005

Hold Back
 the Dawn

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