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September 2008

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Enjoy these new scans from Rikke:

Nick joins the party with three shots of Lucille Ball (the first two of which are upgrades of existing pictures), and four of Loretta Young.

Enjoy two super-sized scans of Peter Lawford, courtesy of Frances.

Here are more movie stills and portraits from Gary:

Ricardo identified the films associated with some existing photos:

Our next update will be on Friday October 24.

October 15, 2008

Rikke gets us going today with three nice images of Marlene Dietrich.

We have three new pictures of Zsa Zsa Gabor, courtesy of Frances.

More great movie stills and portraits from Gary:

October 11, 2008

Let's start with two nice shots of Paulette Goddard, including one from The Diary of a Chambermaid (1946).

Here are three new 1930's images from Richard:

Next, Frances weighs in with a photos of:

Rikke sent us a scan of pensive Vivien Leigh.

Steve's back with a nice shot of Alan Ladd and Brenda Marshall in Whispering Smith (1948).

We end with several more spiffy movie stills from Gary:

Ricardo spotted an existing photo of Ann-Margret from The Train Robbers (1973).

October 8, 2008

Richard has three more international stars for us:

Next, a pleasing shot of Senta Berger, sent to us by Anthony.

Rikke has a new shot of Greta Garbo from Love (1927), and two from The Temptress (1926).  These are for Ricardo.

Nick returns with a nice scan of Lizabeth Scott in Dead Reckoning (1947).  Thanks to Ricardo for identifying the film.

Enjoy this outdoorsy shot of Marlene Dietrich, courtesy of Chris.

Now, more great movie stills from Gary:

Corrections/attributions for existing pictures:

October 3, 2008


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