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January 2009

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Say hello to Claude Rains.  We have three portraits of the venerable character actor.

We also prepared a scan of cowboy Clint Walker for Kim.  This is likely a publicity shot for the television series Cheyenne.

Richard has three movie stills from the 1930's:

More from Chris:

Enjoy these new images, courtesy of Bob:

Rikke sent over four photos of James Dean in Giant (1956).  These are for Lewis.

Frances telepathed over three new images:

Here's Gary with more movie stills and portraits:

February 25, 2009

Two new Doctor Macro scans to get us started:

  • Wanda Hawley in Secret Service (1919), with Edythe Chapman (in blackface), and scanned from an original photo

  • Will Rogers and Ruth Clifford in an unknown silent film, scanned from an original photo—the IMDB states they never appeared together, but here they are.  A mystery!

Enjoy these three photos taken in 1927, courtesy of Richard:

Sever sent us two nice shots of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Eve Southern in The Gaucho (1927).

Bob's back with:

Joe sent in some nice photos:

Next, enjoy these scans from Chris:

Rikke stopped by with:

Let's conclude with more great movie stills and portraits from Gary:

February 18, 2009

Three more new faces today:

Enjoy these dramatic photos from Richard:

Bob has three more stills from Golden Boy (1939), featuring William Holden with Edward S. Brophy, Adolphe Menjou, and Barbara Stanwyck.  As a bonus, he sent over a new image of beautiful Carole Lombard.

Dave's next, with more snazzy scans:

Here's a nice shot of George Arliss in Alexander Hamilton (1931), courtesy of Chris.  Be sure to check out the gorgeous sepia version of this photo on his Annex page.

Rikke came through with another photo of Hedy Lamarr.

Gary ends the proceedings with a passel of interesting movie stills and portraits:

Jim corrected one of our John Wayne pictures.  It's from The Sea Chase (1955).

February 9, 2009

We have three newcomers to our site today:

  • Monte Blue - last year I visited a small movie memorabilia shop in Nevada.  While panning for gold in a neglected back room, I came across this splendid original photo.  Someone had written "Doris Swan" long ago on the reverse side—however, it's a still from The Dark Swan (1924), with Marie Prevost and Helene Chadwick.  Thanks to Maria and Carrie for help in identifying the film.

  • Zachary Scott - a 1940's leading man, usually playing a debonair cad

  • Grady Sutton - throughout the 1930's and 40's he and Franklin Pangborn meekly blazed the Casper Milquetoast trail for Wally Cox, Arnold Stang, and Don Knotts.  Here he is in My Dear Secretary (1949), with Florence Bates (thanks to Carrie for identifying the film)

Here are more international treats from Richard:

We continue with more high quality scans from Bob:

Frances sent in a nice shot of Carol Lynley.

Rikke unveiled several new scans:

We conclude with some movie stills and portraits courtesy of Gary:

February 4, 2009


January 2009


March 2009