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December 2008

January 2009 Updates

February 2009


We resume with three new international scans from Richard:

Bob sent in beautiful scans of:

Here's a nice photo of Toshirô Mifune and his fellow warriors (including Takashi Shimura, 2nd from right) in Akira Kurosawa's classic Seven Samurai (1954), sent to us by Sever.

Next, we have four images of Joan Crawford, courtesy of Chris, including The Bride Wore Red (1937), Susan and God (1940), and two posed shots.  Thanks to Ricardo for identifying the films.

Enjoy this picture of Glenda Farrell and Barton MacLane in Smart Blonde (1937), contributed by Pat.

Frances has two snappy photos of Christopher Lee in The Curse of Frankenstein (1957).  And Chris lobbed over a bonus photo for his gallery.

That old curmudgeon, Dave, is back with more treasures:

Gary's back with lots more movie stills and portraits:

Corrections/attributions for existing pictures:

January 29, 2009

Here are two golden oldies to get us started.  We scanned from beautiful original photos:

Richard has three new pictures of Hildegard Knef and Tyrone Power, Jr. in Diplomatic Courier (1952).

Next, some ducky items from Chris:

Frances comes through once again with two pictures of Romy Schneider.

Here are three more Greta Garbo scans, courtesy of Rikke.  We have two from her 1931 film Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise), with Clark Gable, and one from The Temptress (1926).  These are for Ricardo.

Gary prepared several new movie stills and portraits:

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

January 22, 2009

Let's resume with a glorious image of little-remembered Kathleen Key, who played Tirzah, Ramon Novarro's tragic sister, in Ben Hur:  A Tale of the Christ (1925).  We scanned an original photo which suffered from extensive damage; after spending a few hours on it, we're pleased to offer it in its original condition.

Richard stopped by with three new international scans for us:

Enjoy these photos sent to us by Chris:

Frances has another shot of elegant Claire Bloom.

Next, Gunnar steps up to the plate with photos of Veronica Lake and Ronald Reagan (thanks to Robert for righting the ship!).

Robots to the right of them...robots to the left of them...here's a shot of George Reeves as Superman with yet another robot, sent in by Michael (our apologies to Sir Alfred).

Rikke's got four new shots of Bela Lugosi, including The Ape Man (1943), Dracula (1931), and White Zombie (1932)—thanks to Sarah for identifying this last one.

Let's conclude with more movie stills and portraits, courtesy of Gary:

January 15, 2009

The new year brings lovely Maureen O'Sullivan, sans loin cloth.  We have four nice scans of the popular 1930's and 40's actress.

Next, more international ladies, courtesy of Richard:

Gunnar joins the party with two nice shots of Lucille Ball in Lover Come Back (1946) and Too Many Girls (1940).

Enjoy these three pictures of Claire Bloom and Charlie Chaplin in Limelight (1952), sent in by Frances.

Juan Carlos really really likes Ava Gardner.  Judging from this stunning, mature photo of her, we think you will too.

Rikke has five gorgeous new images of Fay Wray from King Kong (1933).

Here are more terrific scans from Dave—three cheesecake beauties:  Jeanne Crain, Susan Hayward, and Gene Tierney.

Here are two Errol Flynn photos from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), sent to us by Chris.  She added a bonus photo:  silent film actress Jocelyn Lee.

Gary's at it again, with more stellar movie stills and portraits:

January 8, 2009


December 2008


February 2009