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March 2009

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Richard starts us off right with early-career shots of Gwili Andre and Tala Birell, juxtaposed with two more shots from later in their careers.  For Ms. Andre, two films are represented:  Roar of the Dragon (1932) and A Woman's Face (1941).  For Ms. Birell, we have a posed shot circa 1934 and one from The Song of Bernadette (1943).

Dave has a shot of pinup Jane Fonda.

Enjoy these images from Frances:

Next, more from Gary:

April 29, 2009

We resume with much more from Gary:

April 22, 2009

With thundering hooves and a cloud of dust comes the masked man known only as...Nick.  He's got three new photos of Kay Francis in his worn saddlebag, including two from Behind the Make-Up (1930), one from I Found Stella Parish (1935), and a posed shot of her back at the ranch.

Scary time with Richard:

Sylvie sent in a new desktop wallpaper featuring Bela Lugosi.

Chris found a few more great scans:

Gary's got more fine portraits:

April 21, 2009

Enjoy three photos of 1960's actresses from Richard:

More from Frances:

Bob's back from Outer Mongolia with more beautiful images:

Here's John with two matched shots of Burgess Meredith and Paulette Goddard in A Miracle Can Happen (1948).

Pretty Joan Blondell shimmers, in this scan from Chris, and then she heads for the beach!

More portraits and stills from Gary:

Ricardo identified an existing Joan Collins photo as being from The Slasher (1952).

Our next update will be on Tuesday, April 21.

April 15, 2009

Three ladies with a mild wicker fetish, courtesy of Richard:

Frances has six more Tarzan scans, featuring Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield, and Johnny Weissmuller.  Once again, many thanks to Doug for identifying the films that go with the photos!

Next, some terrific stills and portraits, courtesy of Gary:

Corrections/attributions of existing pictures:

April 11, 2009

Let's start with a matched set of super-sized scans, featuring Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace in Star of India (1954).

Next, Richard continues his hot streak with more sizzling 1950's ladies:

Frances serves up some verdant black and white photos (oxymoron alert!), with an arboreal theme:  Brenda Joyce, Johnny Weissmuller, and Johnny Sheffield in six pictures from Tarzan and the Amazons (1945).  Thanks to Doug for identifying the film!

Enjoy two shots of Montgomery Clift in From Here to Eternity (1953), including one with Donna Reed.  These freshly scanned photos are courtesy of Kari.

Gary has six pictures of Laurel and Hardy in The Big Noise (1944), with Veda Ann Borg, Esther Howard, Doris Merrick, Arthur Space, and Philip Van Zandt.

To finish things off, Chris dispatched a scan of Isa Miranda in Hotel Imperial (1939).  And, curiously enough, a fabulous image of Arlene Dahl was digitally glued to the reverse side as an added bonus.

Marcelo corrected a Lon Chaney, Sr. photo that we posted on March 31.  It's from He Who Gets Slapped (1924).

April 6, 2009


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