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Here's Ramsay Ames, tussling with Lon Chaney, Jr. in The Mummy's Ghost (1944).

Enjoy these two beautiful photos of silent star Corinne Griffith in Single Wives (1924), including one with Kathlyn Williams and Jere Austin.

Next, we have an exotic early shot of Myrna Loy.

That's it for today.  I'll be taking a break for about a week, and then...back at it again with more great scans!

August 31, 2010


We start off with two photos of Paul Newman and one of Kim Novak, courtesy of Gary.

Rikke sent in a portrait of Steve McQueen.

Next, Chris mounted a great effort to produce this picture of The Three Stooges in I'll Never Heil Again (1941), and followed up with a bonus "shot" of the trio in Saved by the Belle (1939).  Then we added a third image, from Dancing Lady (1933), with the Stooges' manager/handler Ted Healy.

Here's a beautiful scan of Olivia de Havilland in Gone With the Wind (1939).  This is an improved version of an existing image.

Let's end with cutie pie Claire Dodd in a posed shot from Whoopee! (1930).

August 21, 2010

Enjoy this photo from Of Mice and Men (1940), featuring Lon Chaney, Jr., Betty Field, and Burgess Meredith.

Chris sent in an exotic shot of Clara Bow.  See if you can tell which college she's rooting for (it's subtle).  We added another one of Clara on cool-down cycle.

Here's Marilyn Monroe in Dangerous Years (1947), her first film in which she didn't end up on the cutting room floor.  Does anyone know the name of the actor with her?  Also enjoy her in this wardrobe photo from We're Not Married! (1952).

Dave scanned a photo of Ida Lupino in The Hard Way (1943), in which she played one of her finest roles.

Finally, we added two more radio show series:  The Fat Man (starring Jack Scott Smart) and The Adventures of Sam Spade (starring Ida's main squeeze, Howard Duff).

August 17, 2010

On July 23, my server's hard disk failed and a new one was installed, which meant all of our content had to be republished.  As of today, everything's back up (whew!).

So, enjoy a new scan from Chris, who cleaned this beautiful (but damaged) photo of Sheila Terry over a period of three months.  It's a companion picture for one that's been on the site for a few years.

Nelly sent us an exquisite close-up of Olivia de Havilland.

And Joe resurfaced with three more pictures from the movies:

We end with a fine still from Pride and Prejudice (1940), featuring Greer Garson and Maureen O'Sullivan, scanned expertly by John.

August 6, 2010


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