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Dec. 2004

January 2005 Updates

Feb. 2005

We have a second picture of Freddie Bartholomew today, from Little Lord Fauntleroy.  Thanks to Sylvie for preparing this scan!  Be sure to check out her desktop wallpapers here.



January 31, 2005

Here's another shot of Colin Clive camping it up in Frankenstein.  He's shown with Fritz (Dwight Frye).  This is our final scan for this actor.




January 30, 2005

Today, Harpo Marx tries to get a leg up with his Lady Fair.  We have just one more Marx Brothers picture coming, to complete this large cycle.

Our final Ingrid Bergman picture also goes up today.  Here she is in an stylish publicity still.


January 29, 2005

Marie Dressler had her lighter-than-air moments, and this was one of them.  The unlikely terpsichorean found herself surrounded by a rather motley chorus line.  Does anyone know which movie this is?  Is it from Chasing Rainbows (1930)?

We also have another Ingrid Bergman scan.  It almost looks like it's from her high school yearbook!


January 28, 2005

We've got another Marx Brothers photo.  Here, Chico strikes a pensive pose.

Our third Marion Davies picture is also up.  This is the last in our series of the Belle of San Simeon.  Incidentally, this is our website's 400th scan.



January 26, 2005

Jack's back!  Can you stand a one-armed, pajama-clad Jack Benny in a top hat?  Well, here he is.  Actually, he's got his arm on his hip, tucked behind his back, in this curious youthful pose from yesteryear.

The second picture today is one of a rather dowdy Marie Dressler standing with Polly Moran.

Finally, we have another Marion Davies scan.  The original photo for this beautiful picture was marred by hundreds of white horizontal striations, as if someone had long ago wiped it with a wet cloth.  The entire bottom portion was also covered with handwritten notations designating her name and the photo number.  We hope you'll find the final scan as satisfying as we do.  Our only complaint:  Ms. Davies should have chosen a clean blouse for her photo shoot.

January 25, 2005

The first of two Charles Boyer pictures arrives today.  Here, old "Bedroom Eyes" is shown in Hold Back the Dawn, sandwiched between Olivia de Havilland and Paulette Goddard.



January 24, 2005

We have a new desktop wallpaper of Joan Crawford from Sylvie today.

There's also an inaugural scan of Irene Dunne (this one from The Awful Truth).  The original photo had a large square black patch (made by a marking pen) over much of Cary Grant's left side―I reconstructed his coat as best I could.


January 23, 2005

Humphrey Bogart weighs in today.  We've got an early pose of this enduring actor, with two more to follow soon.




January 22, 2005

Here's a glamour shot of Virginia Bruce.  This is our second―and last―picture of her for now.




January 21, 2005

Today, we have a picture of child star Freddie Bartholomew.  The photo is from Captains Courageous.




January 19, 2005

Take a gander at the latest Marx Brothers picture, as we wind our way down through the last few scans for the boys.  This photo, though rather grainy, is from their hilarious Monkey Business, and represents our only picture of Groucho and Harpo as a twosome.


January 18, 2005

Here's our first photo of Abbott and Costello, lounging about in Buck Privates.

Our first Colin Clive scan also debuts today.  He's shown in a scene from Frankenstein with Edward Van Sloan.


January 17, 2005


Here's an early photo picture of a dapper Fred Astaire.

Also, a first look at Madeleine Carroll.

January 16, 2005

We have the first of three pictures of the luminous Ingrid Bergman. Special thanks to Sylvie for preparing this scan so beautifully.




January 15, 2005

Today, we offer a very early photo of Joan Crawford from her flapper days.  This scan was also prepared by Juliana.  Thanks, Chickadee!




January 14, 2005

Here's a first look at June Allyson.  Thanks again to Juliana for this great scan!

We also corrected the spelling of The Hollywood Revue of 1929.  Thanks to Ton's eagle eye in catching this error.



January 13, 2005

There is a new picture of Laraine Day for Wednesday.  This beautiful actress starred in many of the Dr. Kildare films of the late 1930's and early 1940's, but is largely neglected today.  This is the first of two photos that we hope will help to balance the scales a bit.

Another treat today:  a photo of the great character actress, Marie Dressler.  We'll have two more of her soon.

January 12, 2005

Fred Astaire hoofs his way onto the site today, in a close-up pose.  We'll have one more picture of him soon.

Also check out our new picture of the elegant Virginia Bruce.



January 11, 2005


Josephine Baker makes her debut today.  The original photo had several imperfections, and is rather grainy, but it's still a wonderful memento of this extremely popular chanteuse from the 1920's.



January 10, 2005


Here, for your delectation, is the first of three scans of the effervescent Marion Davies.


January 9, 2005

We have the first of two Jack Benny photos today.  This one has Jack pictured with Cliff Edwards in MGM's The Hollywood Revue of 1929.  We also have a movie summary for this film.


January 8, 2005

Today we add a dramatic photo of John Carradine, who had one of the best movie faces of all time.




January 7, 2005


Added a movie summary for Captains Courageous.

January 5, 2005

Check out our new photo of Gloria DeHaven.

January 4, 2005


Dana Andrews starts us off right on Monday.  Here he is with the romantic Linda Darnell, in a publicity shot from Fallen Angel.

We also introduce the first of two Robert Donat pictures from Alfred Hitchcock's film, The 39 Steps.

January 3, 2005


Here's our first shot of the provocative Lauren Bacall.

We also have a Myrna Loy scan (corrected to Joan Bennett on Aug. 9, 2006).  She's shown in a very early exotic pose.  The final cleanup on this photo was completed by Juliana...thanks, Chickadee!

At Sylvie's request, we've got a new Warner Baxter scan, from The Prisoner of Shark Island.  She reciprocated by providing three new desktop wallpapers:  John Barrymore, Dolores Costello and Betty Grable―check them out here.

There is also a new Lucille Ball scan, from long before she became famous on I Love Lucy.

January 2, 2005

We added pages for Abbott and Costello, June Allyson, Dana Andrews, Fred Astaire, Lauren Bacall, Josephine Baker, Lucille Ball, Freddie Bartholomew, Warner Baxter, Jack Benny, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Charles Boyer, Virginia Bruce, John Carradine, Madeleine Carroll, Colin Clive, Karl Dane, Marion Davies, Laraine Day, Gloria DeHaven, Robert Donat, Marie Dressler and Irene Dunne.  Pictures to follow.

There are also new movie summaries for The 39 Steps, The Awful Truth, Buck Privates, Fallen Angel, Hold Back the Dawn, Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Prisoner of Shark Island and Show Boat (1936).

January 1, 2005


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