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Oct. 2005

November 2005 Updates

Dec. 2005

We have a final photo of Mae Murray from The Masked Bride.

And Jane has sent us two more great scans for The Annex:

Thanks again to Jane for these images!

Finally, Sylvie has prepared two new desktop wallpapers―of Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy.   Thanks for these classy wallpapers, Sylvie!


November 30, 2005

The Rag

Here's a picture of little-known actor Eugene O'Brien in a 1919 movie titled The Broken Melody.  He's shown with Lucy Cotton.  There's a new movie summary too.

Jane has also submitted two new scans for The Annex:

Thank you, Jane, for these marvelous photos!


November 29, 2005

Go West

Well, two Wongs do make a right.  Here is one last Anna May Wong scan from Doctor Macro and one from Jane in The Annex.  Thanks, Jane!

We also have two new Audrey Hepburn pictures in The Annex, sent in by Vladimir.  Thanks for these great images!

November 28, 2005

We have a picture of young Tony Curtis today, just at the beginning of his long career.

Jane has also sent us two fabulous photos of silent stars for The Annex Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (in an outdoor scene from The Taming of the Shrew) and Dorothy Gish (from Nell Gwyn).  We've added a movie summary for the Fairbanks film. Thank you, Jane!

Sylvie has sent us two more stylish wallpapers for our collection:  Hedy Lamarr and Alla Nazimova.  Thank you, Sylvie!

Finally, we have a correction to a picture we previously identified as Chester Morris (on Nov. 21).  It's really Richard Barthelmess.  Thanks to Don's eagle eye in catching this!

November 27, 2005

Here's a new picture of Anna May Wong.

Two Hedys are better than one.  We have an unusual scan of Hedy Lamarr in The Annex.

November 26, 2005

Yummy Ann Blyth joins us today.

And there are two more Boris Karloff scans, from Frankenstein (1931) in The Annex.

November 25, 2005

Take a gander at this Pauline Frederick photo and see if you can figure out which movie it's from.  Does anyone know the name of the man and/or the little boy?  Anyway, it's an interesting shot.  (Note:  we previously thought this was Dorothy Sebastian.)

We also have some new images in The Annex Greta Garbo (2 pictures) and Jean Harlow.

November 24, 2005

Dolores Costello makes another appearance―this time in a picture from A Million Bid.  We've also added a movie summary.

Jane has also sent us six great scans for The Annex.  Here are Clara Bow (2 pictures), Colleen Moore (from Lilac Time), and Gloria Swanson (from The Humming Bird, Madame Sans GÍne, and Stage Struck).  We've also added movie summaries.  Thanks for these beauties, Jane!

November 23, 2005

Lovely Loretta Young reappears today in a statuesque pose.

We also have a photo of Jeanette MacDonald in The Annex.

And check out this pair of film clips of Veronica Lake and Fredric March, from I Married a Witch.  In the first, the luminous Miss Lake tries to dissuade March from getting married (after her drunken, revivified father―a ghost―falls out the window); also in the scene are Cecil Kellaway and Robert Benchley.  In the second clip, she converses with her father (Kellaway) via the fireplace.

November 22, 2005

Stop the

TÍte ŗ tÍte

Here's a picture of Richard Barthelmess.  (We previously cited it incorrectly as Chester Morris).

Also check out two new scans of Claudette Colbert in The Annex.  The first one (with the vase) is from The Sign of the Cross.

Finally, Vladimir sent us this scan of beautiful Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones, with Harry Belafonte.  We've also added a movie summary.  Thanks, Vladimir!

November 21, 2005

Jane has sent us four neato pictures for The Annex.  First, there are two snapshots of Gary Cooper:  one from The Virginian and one from The Winning of Barbara Worth (with a new movie summary).

Also check out her scan of sweet Constance Talmadge.

Finally, there's a photo of Alla Nazimova from Camille (1921).  We've also got a movie summary.  And check out the film clip of her with Rudolph Valentino.  If there's ever a retroactive Oscar category for "Most Affected Entrance," this baby would be a top contender!

Thank you, Jane, for these high quality vintage mementos!

November 20, 2005


Here are five final Ziegfeld Girl/actress photos from Nick and Jane for The Annex The Cutter Sisters (Daisy and Cookie), Jeanne Eagels, Mary Rehan, and two unknown girls.

This has been a great series; we're indebted to Nick and Jane for all their hard work in restoring these images.

November 19, 2005

Four new pictures from Nick and Jane arrive today in The Annex Vivian Porter, Drucilla Strain (2 pictures), and silent serial queen, the perilous Pearl White.  Thanks, Nick and Jane!

November 18, 2005

CALL FOR...Chester Morris?  Here's Boston Blackie himself.  The popular 1930's star makes his appearance today.  This is the first of two pictures for Amanda.  We hope you enjoy them.


And here are some scans of Lauren Bacall (2 pictures) and Lucille Ball (4 pictures) in The Annex.

Finally, Aldo sent in two pictures of Marilyn Monroe for The Annex.  Thanks, Aldo!

November 17, 2005

We continue our series of Ziegfeld Girls/actresses in The Annex today with three little known stars:  Muriel Finley (2 pictures), Naomi Johnson (2 pictures), and Mary Alice Rice.  The original photographs were taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston, and were sent to us by Nick and Jane.

Also enjoy this picture of young Doris Day in The Annex, submitted by Vladimir.

November 16, 2005

Nick and Jane have submitted another pair of Ziegfeld Girls for The Annex.  Today we have actresses Martha Mansfield and Marie Prevost (2 pictures).

November 15, 2005

One last scan of Frances Farmer today.  This photograph was one of the toughest we've encountered; it was covered with white specks, scratches, and paint-like streaks and splatters.  After seven hours of work on it, we can truly appreciate her ethereal beauty.

Also enjoy these new images in The Annex, culled from the Internet:  Carole Lombard, Myrna Loy (2 pictures), Ida Lupino, Jane Russell (from The Outlaw―thanks to Jane for this submission!), Ann Sothern, Lana Turner, and Anna May Wong.

November 14, 2005

Here's a picture of Billie Burke.  We also have another photo of Dorothy Dickson, and a lovely image of Doris Kenyon.  These were sent in by Nick and Jane―thanks, kids!

November 13, 2005

Three more early cuties from Nick and Jane for The Annex today, including Helen Buck, Louise Huff and June Marlowe (Miss Crabtree from the Our Gang series).

We also have a short film clip of Miss Crabtree in action with the Little Rascals, in Teacher's Pet.  [Note:  video removed 12/3/2006]

November 12, 2005


Frothy Frances Farmer Foto Finally Finished!  Here's the second of three scans of her.

And inspect these pictures of little known actresses/Ziegfeld Girls in The Annex, sent in by Nick and Jane.  We have Myrna Darby (2 pictures) Claudia Dell, Doris Eaton, Marjorie Leet (2 pictures), Cornelia Thaw, and Jean White.  Thanks, Nick and Jane!

Finally, we're correcting a mislabeled Alice White photo.  It's actually Mae Murray (on her new page) in a scene with Basil Rathbone from The Masked Bride.  Thanks to Jeff's and Karl's eagle eyes for catching this!

November 11, 2005

We've received four more early scans from Nick and Jane in The Annex today.  Here are Ruth Chatterton, Dolores Costello, Jeanne Eagels, and Paulette Goddard.  Thank you for these beautiful pictures!

November 10, 2005

Here is the first of three pictures of lovely Frances Farmer, requested by Anne.  This scan is from Come and Get It.  We also have a movie summary.

And enjoy eight more pictures of Carole Landis in I Wake Up Screaming (1941).  These pictures were culled from the Internet.

November 9, 2005

We have pictures of Katherine Burke and Mabel Normand in The Annex today.  Nick and Jane provided these scans of photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston's work from the early part of last century.

November 8, 2005

Introducing four pictures of Jean Ackerman in The Annex.  Thanks again to Nick and Jane for these shots, taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston.

November 7, 2005

The "eyes" have it!  Exophthalmic Peter Lorre sends his greetings in two pictures.  The first is from Alfred Hitchcock's exciting film, Secret Agent, and second is a posed shot.  These two scans are for Anne.

We also have two photos of Jean Harlow in The Annex.

Lastly, enjoy these four great pictures from Nick and Jane in The Annex Caja Erik, Geraldine Farrar, Helen Hayes, and Jean Parker.

November 6, 2005

Here's handsome B-Western star Wayne Morris.  Although he lived only to age 45, the Warner Bros. iron man packed in 64 movies in 25 years!

Also check out this film clip from Saboteur, starring Robert Cummings and Priscilla Lane.

November 5, 2005


We have five beautiful new scans in The Annex, thanks to Nick and Jane:  Constance Binney, Dorothy Dalton (2 pictures), Evelyn Laye, and Bonnie Murray.  Thanks, kids!

November 4, 2005

Thanks to Nick and Jane again, for the five new photos in The Annex today:  Adrienne Ames, Billie Burke (3 pictures), and Susan Fleming.  Gorgeous!

We also have a sparkling film clip from The Marx Brothers in Monkey Business.  In this scene, Groucho has his way (verbally) with Thelma Todd and (briefly) Harry Woods.

November 3, 2005

Monkey Business

We have three film clips of The Marx Brothers in The Cocoanuts.

In the first sequence, Groucho, Chico and Harpo romp at the hotel front desk.  In the second, Chico acquires a new coat in a novel way.  And in the third, a purloined necklace is found.

November 2, 2005

Front Desk

A New Coat


Elegant Lillian Gish returns to our site today.

And enjoy this picture of Buster Crabbe, who played Flash Gordon and Tarzan.  Close scrutiny of this photo reveals Mr. Crabbe was a golfing enthusiast!

Finally, we have a photo of Academy Award winner Gale Sondergaard.

November 1, 2005


Oct. 2005


Dec. 2005