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Sep. 2005

October 2005 Updates

Nov. 2005

Nick and Jane have come through again with three more awesome vintage pictures for us.  Today we have Betty Browne, Elsie Ferguson, and Dorothy Mackaill in The Annex.

October 31, 2005

One good ape-man deserves another, so here's Lex Barker in a photo from Tarzan's Magic Fountain We also have a movie summary.

We also have two photos of pretty Peggy Shannon in The Annex, prepared by Nick and Jane.  The photographer was Frank Powolny.  Thanks, Nick and Jane!

October 30, 2005

Little known Glenn Morris appears today in a scene from the 1938 'B' film Tarzan's Revenge.  Check out our movie summary (with lots of behind-the-scenes details), as well as a film clip ("Me Tarzan, You...Eleanor"?).

October 29, 2005


Enjoy three new pictures of little known Dorothy Knapp in The Annex, provided by Nick and Jane.  The photographer was Alfred Cheney Johnston.

Ms. Knapp was a professional model and acted in three films.  In 1930 she became the first woman to sign a contract with NBC; she was hired to give beauty talks on NBC Station W2XBS in New York.  She and Louise Brooks starred in the 1925 Ziegfeld Follies―the only Follies in which Brooks appeared.

October 28, 2005

Milton Berle―"Mr. Television"―makes his debut.  He was a silent screen child actor many years before his success as a comedian and television personality.

We also have two pictures of pretty Dorothy Flood in The Annex, provided by Nick and Jane.  Ms. Flood did one movie in 1931 called Resurrection, playing a character called Princess Hasan.  The photographer of these vintage shots was Alfred Cheney Johnston.

October 27, 2005

Nick and Jane have submitted five great new scans for The Annex:  Sue Conroy, Kay English, Anna Held, Alfred Cheney Johnston (their photographer), and Dorothy Sebastian.  Johnston's photo was taken by Edward Thayer Monroe.

October 26, 2005

Here's a spiffy picture of Mae Murray in The Masked Bride.  She's shown with a young Basil Rathbone.  (We previously thought this photo depicted Alice White and John Miljan.)

October 25, 2005

Here are three new pictures for The Annex, sent in by Nick and Jane.  We have an image of a young Fanny Brice (photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston) and two of Marion Davies (the second of which is also by Johnston).  Thanks Nick and Jane!

October 24, 2005

Craggy-faced Lionel Barrymore bows in.  This venerable actor had a distinguished career on stage and screen (silent and talkies).

And Sylvie has come out of the woodwork to give us a beautiful new desktop wallpaper featuring Josephine Baker.

October 23, 2005

Ann Harding joins us today, in a scene with Herbert Marshall from 1934's The Flame Within.

We also have a film clip.  In this scene, Marshall repeatedly professes his love for her but she demurs, citing career as her overriding concern.

October 22, 2005

The Flame Within

Today we offer a film clip of James Cagney and Rita Hayworth in The Strawberry Blonde.  Also in the clip are Olivia de Havilland, Jack Carson, and (briefly) Alan Hale, Sr. and George Tobias.

October 21, 2005

Strawberry Blonde

We have two ethereal pictures of sisters Lillian Gish and Dorothy Gish for The Annex.  Also check out a fabulous Ruby Keeler picture and a stylish scan of Gloria Swanson.

Thanks again to Nick and Jane for these―and so many other, lovely scans of famous stars of yesteryear!

October 20, 2005

Meet my new heartthrob.  It's 1940's actress Coleen Gray.

Also enjoy this extended film clip of Dolores Del Rio in an early Busby Berkeley musical, In Caliente.  The object of her harsh affection at the top of the stairs is Phil Regan.  Early in the scene, notice Pat O'Brien and Edward Everett Horton sitting in the dark.

Finally, thanks to Jim for correctly identifying one of our John Wayne pictures as being from 'Neath the Arizona Skies.  In this photo, he is pictured with Sheila Terry.  We've also added a movie summary.


October 19, 2005

In Caliente

Here's a rare treat:  three gorgeous pictures of early singer, actress―and ballroom dancer―Dorothy Dickson, sent in by Nick and Jane for The Annex.  They added an unidentified Ziegfeld Girl for good measure.  Enjoy these pre-1920 shots!

October 18, 2005

A new face today: late 1940's and 1950's actress Jane Greer.

October 17, 2005

Eerie Dwight Frye bids us a creepy hello today.  Here he is in The Bride of Frankenstein.  We also have a film clip of him at his grave-robbing best, and a movie summary.

October 16, 2005

The Bride of

More of bad boy Robert Mitchum.

October 15, 2005

A new face today:  John Garrick.  He began acting about the time talkies were catching on, and his career lasted into the late 1930's.

October 14, 2005

Nick and Jane and provided another group of beautiful old pictures for The Annex.  This time we have little known Annette Bade, and popular actresses Billie Dove and Barbara Stanwyck.  Thanks so much for these great shots!

October 13, 2005

If nothing else, we're eclectic.  Here's a picture of little-known Sari Maritza in a romantic photo from A Lady's Profession; she's shown with Kent Taylor.  This beautiful girl's career spanned only 12 (now forgotten) films from 1930 to 1934.

We also offer our final Basil Rathbone scan.  The original photo was somewhat grainy, but we did what we could with it.  Enjoy this early picture of the future sleuth!

October 12, 2005

Robert Mitchum joins the party.  Enjoy this crisp color picture, hot off the presses!

And we have five new scans of America's Sweetheart, Mary Pickford in The Annex, as well as an anonymous Ziegfeld Girl.  Thanks to Nick and Jane for these historic and artistic 1920's images.  The photographer was Alfred Cheney Johnston.

October 11, 2005

This pretty picture of Hedy Lamarr was requested by Brian.

Also, rugged 1930's star Warner Baxter returns.

October 10, 2005

Introducing Butterfly McQueen.  Her best known role was as Prissy in Gone With the Wind.

We also have two more early pictures of Louise Brooks in The Annex,  taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston.  Thank you Nick and Jane!

October 9, 2005

Check out this lovely picture of singer/actress Ruth Etting in The Annex.  Thanks again to Nick and Jane for this great scan.  The photographer was Alfred Cheney Johnston.

We also have a film clip of Ms. Etting in action.  It's a Vitaphone Short from 1930 called Roseland.

October 8, 2005


Singer/actress Helen Morgan bows in today.  Here she is in a musical number from Applause.

Also, here are two early pictures of Louise Brooks, provided by Nick and Jane for The Annex.  Thank you both for these great images (the second of which was photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston)!

October 7, 2005

Lovely newcomer Paula Raymond graces our pages today.  A model and movie star, Ms. Raymond's career lasted from the late 1940's into the 1970's.

October 6, 2005

Rudy's back!  We rummaged around and found this picture of Rudolph Valentino, from The Sheik (1921).  Chris submitted another scan of him for our The Annex as well.  Thanks, Chris!

And here's a new desktop wallpaper featuring Marlene Dietrich, from Sylvie.

October 5, 2005

To mark our 600th Doctor Macro scan, we have a Basil Rathbone picture; another neat early pose.

But what's up with the front of his jacket?  Either:

a. the photographer achieved a dramatic chiaroscuro effect by applying soft ambient light from strategically placed lamps off-camera, to the oohs and ahhs of his beatific assistants; or

b. Rathbone fell face-down in a pan of chalk before the photo shoot.

Anyway, here he is.

October 4, 2005

Ray Milland weighs in today.

We also bring you an extended film clip featuring one of the great beauties of the silent screen:  Dolores Costello.  In this scene from Old San Francisco, Charles Emmett Mack, a young Irishman, falls in love with her at first sight.  Also present are Josef Swickard as the grandfather and Anders Randolf as the conniving lawyer.  We've also added a movie summary.

October 3, 2005

Old San

We have a picture of young Basil Rathbone today.

October 2, 2005


Check out our last picture of Nigel Bruce in a classic pose with Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Watson!  We also offer a picture of Ricardo Cortez (previously labeled as Nigel Bruce in error).

Angel also sent in this pretty Greta Garbo picture for The Annex.  It's from The Painted Veil.

October 1, 2005


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