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Dec. 2005

January 2006 Updates

Feb. 2006


More great pictures for The Annex:

Thank you for these great photos, Jane and Mal!

We also have a film clip of from Casablanca.  This is the famous "As Time Goes By" scene.  Also look for Dooley Wilson, Claude Rains and Paul Henreid.

January 31, 2006


Some new scans for The Annex today:

Thanks, kids!

January 30, 2006

Character actor Keye Luke joins the fray today.

Additions in The Annex include:

Thanks to Mal and Jane for these scans!

Sylvie sent in a new wallpaper featuring Pola Negri.  Thanks, Sylvie!

We've fixed the poor sound quality on the two film clips for I Married a Witch.

Finally here's a brand new clip for Maytime, starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy at their best.  It's an extended sequence, but well worth it for the famous Sweethearts duet.  Enjoy!

January 29, 2006



Here's the latest in The Annex:

Thanks to our guest contributors for sending us these wonderful images!

Mark has also identified one of our anonymous Ziegfeld Girls as Ann Pennington, so we've moved her to her dedicated page.  Thanks, Mark!

January 28, 2006


Thanks, Nick and Jane, for another gaggle of Ziegfeld Girls.

Jane also sent us a George Hurrell photo of Norma Shearer, and a scan of Molly O'Day for The Annex.

We have a film clip of Joan Crawford in No More Ladies.  Appearing with her in this scene are (count 'em) Robert Montgomery, Franchot Tone, Edna May Oliver, Vivienne Osborne, and Arthur Treacher (at his stuffy best).

Then, there are two half-hour My Favorite Husband radio shows from the 1940's, starring Lucille Ball.  This show was a precursor to the I Love Lucy television show and, in fact, was canceled once I Love Lucy premiered.  The radio show co-starred Richard Denning who, many years later, would play Governor Paul Jameson in the Hawaii Five-0 television series.

Sever has identified our Henry Fonda picture as being from Fort Apache, and we've added a movie summary.  Thanks, Sever!

Finally, here's a great new Peter Lorre link:  The Lost One:  A Life of Peter Lorre.  Check it out!

January 27, 2006

No More

My Favorite Husband 11/13/1948

My Favorite Husband 3/4/1949


Elsa Lanchester debuts today.  Here she is in Naughty Marietta.  We also have a film clip for this still―look for Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald and Frank Morgan as well.

Take a gander at these scans in The Annex:

Thanks, Jane and Mal!

Sever identified two more photos and their movies in The Annex Ann Sheridan in Dodge City, and Barbara Stanwyck in Lady of Burlesque.  Thank you, Sever, for your eagle eye!

To finish off, try these two half-hour Abbott and Costello radio shows from the 1940's, including one about baseball that contains their famous Who's on First skit (22 minutes, 10 seconds into the show).  Enjoy!

January 26, 2006

Naughty Marietta

A & C Show 6/7/1945

A & C Show 4/17/1947


A new face today:  Barbara Bel Geddes, long before she appeared in Dallas on television.

Also check out these nice photos in The Annex:

And we've got five more delectable Ziegfeld Girls from Nick and Jane.  Thanks again!

Then, check out our new film clip from National Velvet, with Elizabeth Taylor.

Lastly, we have two half-hour Boston Blackie radio shows from the 1940's, starring Chester Morris.

January 25, 2006



Boston Blackie



Here's a spiffy still of Pauline Frederick, from 1920's Madame X.  She's shown with Casson Ferguson.  We also added a movie summary.  This was a monster cleanup job:  an original 1920 photograph with creases, scratches, fingerprints, spots, and many other blemishes.  We've also provided the original uncleaned scan on Ms. Frederick's page for your reference.

And we've got more Ziegfeld Girls from Nick and Jane.  Thanks, kids, for this continuing series!

Jane has sent us three nice pictures for The Annex:  Veronica Lake, Carole Lombard, and Norma Shearer (by photographer George Hurrell).

We also have an extended film clip of Bette Davis with James Stephenson, in a dramatic scene from The Letter.

Finally, enjoy this hour-long Lux Radio Theatre broadcast of The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, from 1950.

January 24, 2006

The Letter


Wizard of Oz 12/251950


H-a-a-a-a-A-Y-Y!  It's Joe E. Brown.  Here's a nice studio shot of the popular 1930's screen comedian.

Jane has sent us two more George Hurrell pictures for The Annex Jean Harlow (from Dinner at Eight) and Norma Shearer.  Thanks, Jane!

Peter sent us a nice scan of Grace Kelly.  Thank you!

We conclude with a film clip of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart from To Have and Have Not.  Of course it's the famous "put your lips together" scene...enjoy!

January 23, 2006

To Have and Have Not


Here's a shot of Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Gabe Dell, David Gorcey, Buddy Gorman, and Billy Benedict starring in Blues Busters (1950).  This one is for Chelsea.

Mal sent us some beautiful new scans for The Annex:

Thanks very much, Mal, for these great pictures!

We end with a film clip from 1933's The Mayor of Hell, starring James Cagney.  In this scene, Frankie Darro attempts escape from reform school.  Gorgeous Madge Evans is there as the kind-hearted prison nurse, and Dudley Digges plays the mean old warden.  The scene ends with Cagney making goo goo eyes at Madge from afar.  Don't miss the fun, kids!

January 22, 2006

The Mayor
 of Hell

Action in The Annex:

KC also identified two more of our Ziegfeld Girls:  #28 is Annette Bade and #35 is Eileen Perry.  We've moved the pictures to their dedicated pages.  Thanks again, KC!

Enjoy these two film clips from Strangers May Kiss.  The first one features Norma Shearer trying to forget her past by carousing in Europe.  Also in the clip are Robert Montgomery and a very young Ray Milland (at the gambling table).  The second clip showcases Conchita Montenegro performing an exotic Spanish dance for Robert Montgomery.

We reorganized the Film Clips page to make it more readable.

We also added some brief biographical details for Ziegfeld Girl Dorothy Flood, kindly supplied by her daughter.

Finally, sever identified two of our photos and their movies for The Annex Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief; and Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (new movie summary added).  Thanks, Sever!

January 21, 2006


We have a very unusual scan today.  It's a scene with three characters from an unknown movie.  We can identify Spec O'Donnell (carrying the old radio) and Alice White (we think) on the right.  Who's the lady on the left, and what is the name of the movie?  Could it be Show Girl in Hollywood?  We're stumped!

Jane sent in new George Hurrell scans of Greta Garbo from Romance (see the new movie summary) and Norma Shearer (2 pictures), for The Annex.  Thanks, Jane!

Here's a neat film clip from The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, starring Humphrey Bogart.  It's the fur heist scene with Edward G. Robinson and Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom.

Finally, we have two new half-hour Jack Benny radio shows from 1938 and 1943.

January 20, 2006

Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

Jack Benny

Jack Benny


Enjoy this new scan of Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra.

We have two new pictures of Maureen O'Hara.  There are also images of Lon Chaney, Sr. and William Powell, photographed by George Hurrell.  All of these are from Jane for The Annex.  Thank you, Jane!

Also check out this film clip of Lon Chaney, Sr. in action as Echo the ventriloquist early on in The Unholy Three.  Look for sweet Lila Lee (as a pickpocket!) in the closing moments of the clip; we'll be featuring pictures of her later on.

January 19, 2006

The Unholy Three

A new face today:  Anne Nagel, a beautiful actress from the 1940's.  Here she is in a scene from Diamond Frontier with John Loder.

Jane came through once again with some nice pictures for The Annex:

And here's a film clip from The Maltese Falcon, with Humphrey BogartBarton MacLane and Mary Astor are also in the scene.

Sever also identified one of our Humphrey Bogart pictures as being from The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, and it is!  Check out the new movie summary.  Thanks, Sever!

January 18, 2006

The Maltese Falcon

Cowboy Tom Mix rides into town today, in our first of three pictures for Ed.

Jane has sent us more nifty scans for The Annex:

Finally, we have a film clip of Norma Shearer in Strange Interlude, with Clark Gable.

January 17, 2006

Strange Interlude

Jane sent us several new scans for The Annex John Barrymore in Don Juan (1926), Humphrey Bogart (with Ava Gardner in The Barefoot Contessa (1954) with a movie summary, Fanny Brice, Colleen Moore, Shirley Temple, and Mae West.  Thank you, Jane―What a Gal!

Speaking of Fanny Brice, check out our 30-minute Baby Snooks radio program from May 13, 1945, called "At the Bijou."

Sever has connected several of our stills with their movies, including Bette Davis in Jezebel, Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady and How to Steal a Million  (new movie summaries added), James Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (with a new movie summary), and Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront (with a new movie summary).  Thanks for these attributions, Sever!

Here are some late arrivals:

January 16, 2006

Baby Snooks


Here's our second Joyce Compton picture.

We also have replacement pictures for Ziegfeld Girls #'s 37 and 50, from Nick and Jane.

And for The Annex:

Finally, KC identified two more of our Ziegfeld Girls:  #34 is Claudia Dell and #63 is Helene Costello.  We've moved them to their dedicated pages.  Thanks, KC!

January 15, 2006


Pretty Joyce Compton makes her debut today.  This is the first of several pictures we have of her.  Thanks to Dave for providing the photos as a Christmas present for us to scan!

Mark has submitted a new, and rare, picture of four Ziegfeld Girls.  Shown in this shot are (L to R) Jean Ackerman, Jean Audree, Myrna Darby, and Evelyn Groves.  Nick and Jane have also submitted a companion photo of the same group.  Thank you all!

Next, we have some great new photos from Jane:

  • Silent screen star Alma Bennett, photographed by Eugene R. Richee;

  • Joan Crawford (in Chained and Forsaking All Others, by photographer George Hurrell)―movie summaries have been added, plus a film clip of Chained; and

  • Al Jolson in a shipboard group shot (he's in the center of the picture)―the man fourth from the left is violin virtuoso Jascha Heifitz; thanks to Jorge for identifying him!

Alberto has sent us a beautiful colorized version of our Carole Lombard scan.  Thanks, Alberto!

Robert identified one more Ziegfeld Girl for us:  #37, Doris Kenyon.  We've moved it to her dedicated page.  Note:  Robert, we've tried to email you numerous times to thank you for your research and assistance, but the messages are always returned as undeliverable!

January 14, 2006


More George Hurrell pictures in The Annex from Jane:

Sever has also identified the films for three more of our stills, and we've added movie summaries for them.  Thanks, Sever!

January 13, 2006

20,000 Yrs.
in Sing Sing

In The Annex today:

January 12, 2006

Nick and Jane have sent in more Ziegfeld Girls for The Annex, who were originally photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston.

We have:  Madge Bellamy, Maria Carmi (Princess Matchabelli), Dorothy Dickson, Billie Dove, Susan Fleming, Dorothy Flood, Naomi Johnson, Kathleen Martyn, and Pearl White.  Thanks for these great photos!

January 11, 2006


Robert has identified more of our "anonymous" Ziegfeld Girls.  They have been moved to their dedicated pages, and replaced with new Ziegfeld Girls (see thumbnails to the right).  Thank you, Robert and, of course, to Nick and Jane for these images.

January 10, 2006

Jane has sent us to nice George Hurrell pictures for The Annex:

We also threw in shots of Doris Day and Deanna Durbin (2 pictures) for good measure.

Finally, we have a new film clip from The Marx Brothers in Go West.  It's a musical number, Ridin' the Range, with Harpo harmonically leading the charge, and Diana Lewis and John Carroll bringing up the rear.  Thanks also to Sever for identifying our still of Harpo and his harmonica with this film!

January 9, 2006

Go West

Here are five more Ziegfeld Girls.  As we approach the end of this great series, we want to acknowledge Nick and Jane for discovering these interesting and historic photos, and sharing them with us.  This gallery reflects their work and creative talent.

In The Annex, we have:

Finally, here's our replacement Ziegfeld Girl #52.

January 8, 2006

Jane starts us off with some boffo scans of John Payne (in Kid Nightingale) and Loretta Young (in Love is News).  We've also added movie summaries.  Thanks, Jane for these George Hurrell pictures!

And here's a film clip of Ginger Rogers singing in Roberta, and then dancing with Fred Astaire in a snappy number!

Enjoy these new pictures in The Annex:

Finally, we have another "anonymous" Ziegfeld Girl identification―by Mark.  Our Ziegfeld Girl #52 is...Mae Murray.  We've moved her to The Annex and will post a new #52 forthwith.  Thanks, Mark! 

January 7, 2006


Hey, where's Fred?  We have an early photo of Ginger Rogers performing in 1935's Roberta.  Thanks to Liz and Alexandra for identifying the film for this still.  We've added a movie summary.

Nick and Jane have also sent us five more Ziegfeld Girls.  Thanks!

And Jane has prepared four more scans of Joan Crawford and one of John Garfield in The Annex.  These were originally photographed by George Hurrell.  Thank you, Jane!

January 6, 2006


Pretty Frances Dee joins us today in a picture from 1935's Becky Sharp.  This is the first of two scans for Liz.

Next, we have three more pictures of Susan Hayward, and five more beautiful George Hurrell images of Joan Crawford (from Jane) in The Annex.

Finally we have a film clip of Greta Garbo from Two-Faced Woman.   Enjoy her dancing sequence, and look for Melvyn Douglas, Roland Young, Constance Bennett, and Robert Sterling in this clip. 

January 5, 2006

Two-Faced Woman


We have five additional Ziegfeld Girls from Nick and Jane today.  Many thanks!

And Jane followed up with four new scans of Jean Harlow, originally photographed by George Hurrell.

January 4, 2006

Here's another George Hurrell photo of Greta Garbo, scanned and prepared by Jane―thanks very much!

There are also new pictures in The Annex:

We've also added an a-maze-ing new film clip of Laurel and Hardy in A Chump at Oxford [Note:  video removed 12/3/2006]

January 3, 2006

A Chump
at Oxford

Marlon Brando makes his first appearance today, with a still from The Men (1950).

Then check out this film clip of Greta Garbo from Queen Christina.  In this scene at the end of the movie, Garbo is on a ship consoling John Gilbert (who's dying from wounds suffered in a sword duel).  Also look for C. Aubrey Smith and Akim Tamiroff.

Jane has sent us another nice scan of Joan Crawford, from a George Hurrell photo.

Also enjoy these new images in The Annex Susan Hayward and Norma Shearer (George Hurrell, photographer).

Finally, we added a movie summary for Romeo and Juliet.

January 2, 2006

Queen Christina

Happy New Year!

To kick off 2006, we offer a nifty George Hurrell picture of Humphrey Bogart in The Annex, submitted by Jane.

Nick and Jane start us off this year with five more Ziegfeld Girls, including one of Cornelia Thaw.  Thanks!

And on that same note, Robert sent in more corrections to our "anonymous" girls.  They have been identified, moved to their dedicated pages, and replaced with new Ziegfeld Girls (see thumbnails to the right).  Thank you, Robert!

January 1, 2006


Dec. 2005


Feb. 2006