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January 2007

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We have scans of Greer Garson and Anita Page today.

Vladimir sent in three photos of Ava Gardner enjoying the outdoors.

Rikke stopped by with some sizzling images:

Jane comes to life with a photo of Dorothy Dalton and three shots of Alice Faye:

Sylvie has some new desktop wallpapers:  Clara Bow, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, and Gloria Swanson.

Nick and Jane keep the beat going:

Thanks to our guest contributors for these beautiful pictures.

We also added six new songs by Dick Powell.  Have you ever heard any of these long-lost little jewels?

Here are some neato film clips:

February 27, 2007

Murders in the
Rue Morgue

Dick Powell


Cover Girl

In the Mirror



Frances Dee makes a return engagement in an exotic pose.  This image is for Liz.

Vladimir stopped by with a new photo of Jack Lemmon.

Nick and Jane offer more treats:

We added a new song by Lena HorneHoneysuckle Rose.

Ivan identified one of our Ann-Margret photos as being from Murderers' Row (1966).

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Let's end with a few film clips:

February 25, 2007

Lena Horne

All About Eve

A Streetcar Named Desire

The Night of the Hunter

The Single

Vitaphone Shorts

Here is popular silent star Viola Dana.

Rikke comes to life with several new images:

John sent us Joan Davis in The Traveling Saleswoman (1950).

Nick and Jane sent us some great new scans:

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Let's end with a few film clips:

  • Frances Farmer and Mady Christians in Come and Get It (1936)

  • Mary Pickford in Coquette (1929) - the cast struggles with affected southern twangs as they give this creaky melodrama a real drubbing—look for John St. Polis, Matt Moore, and William Janney (yikes, who hired him to play the brother?)—even so, it's an interesting early talkie

  • two clips of James Stewart in Harvey (1950) - the first features Peggy Dow and Charles Drake as the frazzled doctor and nurse, Jesse White (briefly), and character actress Minerva Urecal (what a great face!); the second clip has James Stewart seated with his imaginary friend while Dow and Drake remain blissfully unaware of the giant invisible rabbit

February 20, 2007

Come and
Get It





Here are Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in Road to Singapore (1940).  We also have a fun film clip of Dorothy Lamour domesticating our two heroes!

Next, we have a cute picture of Amanda Barrie in Carry On Cleo (1965), from Hans.

John sent in a nice scan of Ginger Rogers in Tender Comrade (1943).  We also have a film clip featuring her with Patricia Collinge and Kim Hunter.

Doug airlifted a new photo of swimsuit-clad Debra Paget over to us.

Gunnar has two pictures:

Carlo dispatched what may be the scariest Joan Crawford photo you'll ever see.

Another triumph from Nick and Jane:

Once again, we thank our guest contributors for these high quality, eclectic images.

Finally, enjoy these film clips:

February 16, 2007

Road to

Tender Comrade

Out of
the Past

The Canary
Murder Case

The Swan


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