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January 2008

February 2008 Updates

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We start off with a photo of Buster Keaton dreaming up new gags in his trailer during the filming of Spite MarriageKeaton has drawn a baseball diamond and the "form" to his left is a home-made scoring sheet.  The coins are to mark base runners as players reach base.  He is listening to a game on the radio while scoring the game play-by-play.  Thanks to Bob for providing this information!

Richard sent in three move international lovelies:

Alexey sent us three nice scans of Cary Grant in Charade (1963), with Audrey Hepburn.

Chris faxed us a couple of shots:

Next, Doug offers two super-sized photos of Elizabeth Taylor.

More pleasing images from Frances:

Gary returns in force with several new offerings:

Carrie identified the movies connected with some existing photos:

Thanks to our guest contributors for today's submissions!

We end with some film clips:

February 28, 2008

Duke Ellington


Goin' to



Passionate Plumber

and Delilah

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

George Murphy joins the party today.  We have two pictures of him, including one from London by Night (1937) with Virginia Field.  There's also a film clip.

Richard has four new images of Wera Engels, including one with Edmund Lowe from The Great Impersonation (1935).

A different Richard forwarded a color photo of Gene Tierney in Sundown (1941).

Next, more delectable items from Gary:

We have more fine scans from Gunnar:

Michael sent in two more action-packed Flash Gordon pictures, featuring Buster Crabbe.

Rikke shared several new images:

Corrections/attributions for existing pictures:

Thanks to our guest contributors for today's submissions!

Enjoy these film clips:

February 24, 2008

London by



Guys and

The Informer

Peg O'
My Heart

West Side



Richard's back with more 1930's actresses:

Alexey produced a photo of Orson Welles in Citizen Kane (1941).

We have a new desktop wallpaper of Jane Wyman, expertly fashioned by Carrie.

Rikke has some new items:

Gary moseyed on by with some new pictures too:

Here are pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, from Gunnar.

We've added a great new link:  Lon Chaney at MySpace.  You'll find lots of interesting background details about the great actor here, so check it out!

Once again, many thanks to our fine guest contributors!

Here are more film clips for your enjoyment:

  • The Longest Day (1962) - Sever has prepared a clip featuring Sean Connery, Peter Lawford, and their countrymen fighting in WWII with guns and bagpipes, the music for which is apparently an acquired taste—Sever also upgraded our existing clip

  • The Lost Weekend (1945) - Sever upgraded our current clip

  • Mad Love (1935) - In this macabre sequence, madman organist Peter Lorre attempts to strangle Frances Drake, but is thwarted by the most miraculous knife throw in cinema history

  • Marianne (1929) - here we have Marion Davies, with a WWI French accent as thick as pâté de foie gras, cooking a roast pig intended for the officers, only to have it stolen by her soldier boyfriend (Lawrence Gray)

  • Night After Night (1932) - in this fast-paced sequence, brassy Mae West is out on the town with George Raft, Constance Cummings, Alison Skipworth, and Roscoe Karns—listen for her famous line about how she acquired her diamonds!

  • The Squall (1929) - exotic card-playing Myrna Loy tantalizes the local farmhand (Harry Cording) so much, he decides to break into song and then chase her behind either:  1) a straw house; or 2) the largest bale of hay we've ever seen—also look for ZaSu Pitts as the hectoring Lena

  • They Got Me Covered (1943) - John Abbott changes into Dorothy Lamour's clothes, while perplexed Bob Hope stands by...until a secret note is delivered (by young Arnold Stang) in a sandwich—also enjoy ditzy Phyllis Ruth at the end of the clip

February 21, 2008

The Longest Day

Mad Love


After Night

The Squall

They Got
Me Covered

John scanned some beautiful new images:

Next, more international actresses from Richard:

Sever branches out with two new scans of his own:

Gunnar continues the good news with three new photos:  Boris Karloff, Carole Lombard in Rumba (1935), and Marilyn Monroe in The Asphalt Jungle (1951).

Frances joins the party with three pictures of Buster Keaton in The General (1927), and a posed shot of Cary Grant.

Here are three nice shots from Gary:

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Enjoy these film clips:

February 20, 2008


Kay Kyser

A Shot
in the Dark


Girl, Dance

Dream Wife

The Firefly


Richard slipped three provocative new photos under the door for us:

Gunnar returns in style with an assortment of interesting photos:

Here are more great images from Gary:

Pat's back at it, with two new pictures:  Glenda Farrell, and Warner Oland in Charlie Chan's Secret (1936).

Corrections/attributions for existing pictures:

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Here are some film clips:

February 14, 2008

Songs by
Dean Martin

Another Time,
Another Place


Baby Face

Body and

Charlie Chan
in Egypt

Hunchback of
Notre Dame

Mr. Smith
Goes to DC


Doug found a nice still of Acquanetta about to inflict discomfort on Johnny Weissmuller in Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946).

Richard continues his march with more early actresses, this time highlighting 1938 hairstyles:

Rikke turns on the afterburners with more great scans:

Pat sent us an arresting photo of Warner Oland in Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935).  Look for young Rita Hayworth (credited as Rita Cansino) and lithe Pat Paterson.

Gary returns with more nice stills:

Nick arrives at the party with some treats:

Many thanks to our guest contributors!

Enjoy these film clips:

February 7, 2008


Convict 13



of Emily


Easy to Wed

Hot Water

Land of the

Les Girls

Once Upon a

Prisoner of
Shark Island

The Thin Man
Goes Home


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