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December 2010

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EM worked hard on repairing a Rita Hayworth scan.  She then advanced a spectacular photo of John Payne and Maureen O'Hara from the 1942 WWII film To the Shores of Tripoli.

Next up, a nice color shot of Barbara Stanwyck, courtesy of Frances.

Mark sent us two pictures of silent superstars Florence Vidor and Wallace Beery in Chinatown Nights (1929).  This early talkie apparently put an end to Flo's career.

Here are two more images from Why Bring That Up? (1929), with Evelyn Brent and assorted lovelies.

Joe resurfaced with a splendid scan of Burt Lancaster in Ten Tall Men (1951).

Finally, we have a still from Noisy Noises (1929), starring the Our Gang kids, including Farina, Joe Cobb, Wheezer, and Harry Spear.  [Can anyone identify the three boys at far right?]

January 25, 2011

John starts us off with a new face today:  Joan Caulfield, looking perky in her nightgown.

Next, we have an quirky shot of Evelyn Brent in Why Bring That Up? (1929).

Elizabeth sent us a photo of Angela Lansbury in The Harvey Girls (1946), and a bonus shot of Greta Garbo and Ramon Novarro in Mata Hari (1931).

We added another picture of Garbo with Freddie Bartholomew in Anna Karenina (1935).

We end with an image of David Niven and Barbara Stanwyck in The Other Love (1947), courtesy of Frances.

January 21, 2011

David sent us an exquisite photo of little-known silent film actress Neyneen Farrell.

Next, enjoy this pleasing shot of Isa Miranda, courtesy of Frances.

We have a photo of superstar Joan Bennett—this is for Juliana!

Brenda has another fine picture of Louise Allbritton.

Alberto discovered this posed shot of Jean Harlow.  Then Frances added a bonus Jean for good measure.  Finally, Alberto completed the H.H.T. (Harlow Hat Trick) with four images of Carroll Baker as the blonde bombshell in Harlow (1965).  These are all for Michel, Jean's Number One Fan!

Gary rustled up an image of Greta Garbo from As You Desire Me (1932).  This is for Ricardo.

Finally, we see tough guy George Raft in a scene from Midnight Club (1933).

January 15, 2011


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February 2011