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Feb. 2005

March 2005 Updates

Apr. 2005

Let's end March with a final Lucille Ball picture, our fourth in her series.  She's seen here in a statuesque pose.




March 31, 2005

We have a new star today:  Van Johnson.  This photo shows him with Lana Turner in Week-End at the Waldorf.  Thanks to Tanja once again for identifying this photo for us.



March 30, 2005

Miriam Hopkins debuts today, in a scan from her popular film Becky Sharp. 





March 29, 2005

Back in the saddle again, after a bridge tournament.  To paraphrase Jerry Lee Lewis, there's a whole lotta cleanin' going on.  This new Jean Harlow picture was rife with water spots and fingerprints.  I guess this portrait was taken either before or in between blonde coiffures.

We've also got a new picture of Ann Pennington, Jacqueline Logan and Billie Dove.  Thanks to Mark for this neat photo―it's in The Annex. 

March 28, 2005

Here's Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. 

Our next update will be Monday March 28th...we're taking a short break!




March 24, 2005

We have new pictures of character actors Edmund Gwenn and Patsy Kelly. 




March 23, 2005

A new face today:  John Garfield.  He's pictured in a scene from Castle on the Hudson. 

This also marks the debut of Deborah Kerr. 



March 22, 2005

Here's another W.C. Fields picture for your enjoyment.




March 21, 2005

Who remembers Hoot Gibson?  We do―and here he is!  The original photo was a little grainy, but it's still a compelling picture of this popular screen cowboy of yesteryear.

And check out western star Jack Holt.  To be fair, he also appeared in many nonwestern films over his long career.  Although there's some trail dust on the original photo, we hope you enjoy it!


March 20, 2005

Lon Chaney, Sr. returns in the second of three pictures from West of Zanzibar. 




March 19, 2005

We offer our fourth and final scan of Marlene Dietrich―in a rather severe pose.

The descriptions for two Joan Crawford movies have been expanded:  Today We Live and Rain.

Finally, we have identified a Lon Chaney, Sr. picture as being from West of Zanzibar.  We have retitled the picture and provided a movie summary.  Two other pictures of him will be added soon, from the same movie.  Thank you, Tanja, for helping with this.

March 18, 2005

Today we add Leslie Howard, in a shot from The Petrified Forest.

Also, here's comedian Edward Everett Horton―up close and personal.




March 17, 2005


Neil Hamilton enters the fray, in a scan from a lost 1928 film The Patriot.  Thanks to Tanja for helping to identify the photo.  This popular star's silent and talkie career spanned the early teens thru the early 1970's!  You may remember him as Police Commissioner Gordon in the 1960's Batman TV show.

We also have another new star today:  Ray Bolger, in a scene from Sunny.  He's pictured on the right, with beautiful Anna Neagle and Paul Hartman.

March 16, 2005

A special treat today:  Lon Chaney, Sr. in a famous picture from London After Midnight. 

Also, we knew her as Della Street on the Perry Mason TV show.  Well, long before that stint, she appeared in numerous films―starting in the early 1940's.  Here's Barbara Hale. 

March 15, 2005

Introducing silent star William Haines today.




March 14, 2005

Here's a picture of aviatrix Joan Crawford, which completes our cycle for this actress.  This scan is from Today We Live.  Thanks to Tanja for identifying the movie for this picture.




March 13, 2005

Yet another new face:  silent star Corinne Griffith.  In this ethereal pose from The Lady in Ermine, she resembles Gloria Swanson.




March 12, 2005

Today, Virginia Grey debuts on our site.  This was a very clean, high quality picture.  We hope you like the resulting scan!

We also have a film clip from Clara Bow's 1927 film Hula.  In this playful scene, Clive Brook revives her after she rides her horse off a ledge and Clara coyly makes sure he attends to every one of her injuries!

March 11, 2005


Here's another new actress today:  Rochelle Hudson.  She almost reminds me of a young Sally Field.

We also introduce beautiful Bonita Granville, the actress who played Nancy Drew in the late 1930's.



March 10, 2005

A new star debuts on our site today:  Dorothy Gish, in a scene from 1926's Nell Gwyn.  The original photo was a little grainy, but it's still an interesting shot.




March 9, 2005

When she wasn't on the candy assembly line, or stomping grapes in a vat, Lucille Ball was downright glamorous.  Here she is some years before I Love Lucy.

Also, to go with the Sweater Girl, the Oomph Girl, the Peek-a-Boo Girl and the IT Girl, we have two pictures of the Blonde Bombshell:  Jean Harlow.  These are the first of five scans.

March 8, 2005

Here's another picture of Marlene Dietrich.

And another treat.  This cutie pie is Anna Held who, for a long time, was Flo Ziegfeld's main squeeze.  What an hourglass figure!



March 7, 2005

Just one question:  what wasn't spilled on the original photo for this Joan Crawford scan?  The answer is, not much.  It was covered with milky white splashes and stains, and several inconveniently placed gooey white fingerprints―all of which were assiduously removed.  Six hours later:  voilą!

We also have two more scans of this popular actress in The Annex, courtesy of Steve.

March 6, 2005

Today's Marx Brothers scan from Horse Feathers marks the end of this series.  Our 43-picture traversal of 12 films showcases these popular screen comedians at their creative height.  Thanks to Juliana for preparing this scan.

We also identified the last photo in the series as being from The Big Store, so it has been renamed.  We've added a movie summary for this film.

Finally, there's a new desktop wallpaper of Joan Crawford in The Annex.  Thanks, Steve, for sending it to us!

March 5, 2005

Our final Gary Cooper picture arrives today.  Here he is in customary western garb.

We also have a new Sydney Greenstreet scan, the second and last one for him.

Finally, enjoy the new picture of an arboreal Marlene Dietrich.

March 4, 2005

Here's another scan of Gary Cooper.  This contemplative pose is from early in his film career.

March 3, 2005


Today we have our third and final picture of Tallulah Bankhead.  Thank you, Sylvie, for preparing this scan for the website!




March 2, 2005

Let's start the month off with a picture of Gary Cooper from one of his early pictures, The Virginian.




March 1, 2005


Feb. 2005


Apr. 2005