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Mar. 2006

April 2006 Updates

May 2006

Here are four new pictures from Nick, Jane, and Frédéric.  We have Alida Valli by photographer John Miehle, and  Gwili Andre, Evelyn Brent, and Dolores Del Rio by photographer Ernest Bachrach.

Nick offers four more interesting scans today:

Finally, we have a film clip of Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife.  Look for Gladys Cooper in the scene too.

We have new movie summaries.

Thanks to our guest contributors for these fine pictures.


April 30, 2006

The Bishop's

A treat today:  a gorgeous new picture of Vera Reynolds in The Road to Yesterday.  Scanned from an original 1925 photograph, we offer two versions:  in black and white, as it would have looked originally; and a beautiful sepia-toned version reflecting the photo's current appearance, over 80 years later.  We also have a movie summary.

Then enjoy these two Loretta Young scans, courtesy of Nick, from Café Metropole and Three Blind Mice (there are new movie summaries too).

Mark sent us a Louise Huff picture as a companion piece to the one we added on Nov. 12, 2005.

Enjoy this great scan of Barbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve, contributed by Tim.

Jane provided another James Dean photo, and Sever identified three scans from this gallery as being from Giant and Rebel Without a Cause (see new movie summary).

Thank you, guest contributors, for these marvelous pictures and assistance.

We conclude with two film clips from Mutiny on the Bounty.  In the first, Charles Laughton sends hapless fall guy Franchot Tone up a pole as punishment for misbehaving (notice the he-man slaps during the fight scenes!).  In the second clip, Clark Gable leads the mutiny as pandemonium ensues.

April 29, 2006

Pole-sitting The mutiny

We have new pictures of pretty Marjorie Reynolds, including a still from Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Virginia Dale (far right).

Nick has sent us new scans of:

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric offer a new picture of Paulette Goddard and John Wayne in Reap the Wild Wind.

We have new movie summaries for your enjoyment too.

Thanks to all our guest contributors!

Finally, we have two film clips of Lon Chaney, Sr. in West of Zanzibar.  In the first, he's a magician who learns of a dastardly betrayal.  In the second, he confronts all sorts of challenges in the jungles of Zanzibar.

April 28, 2006

Now You
See It

Quit Dragging
Your Feet!

Here are three new James Dean pictures from Jane.

We also have some images courtesy of Nick, Jane, and Frédéric:

Sever sent us a spot-on film clip from How to Steal a Million, starring Audrey Hepburn.  Look for Hugh Griffith in this clip too.

Thanks to all our guest contributors for these images and film clip.

April 27, 2006

How to Steal
 a Million

A new Dorothy Mackaill picture arrives today.  It's from 1930's Man Trouble with Milton Sills.  Hundreds of scratches and blemishes marred the original photo—extra cleanup work was needed in order to enjoy this interesting shot.  Compare the original and finished photos on Ms. Mackaill's page.

Jayne Mansfield and Loretta Young photos were submitted by Nick, Jane, and Frédéric.  The photographer was Frank Powolny.

Sever submitted a scan of Charlie Chaplin from The Great Dictator.

Nick has some new pictures too:

Our appreciation to today's guest contributors!

We also have a film clip from the 1928 silent, The Wind, starring Lillian Gish.  Also look for Montagu Love (Hiss!) and Lars Hanson (Yay!).

April 26, 2006


The Wind

Here are four photos of Rita Hayworth, courtesy of Jane.

Sever prepared an extended film clip of the famous underground chase from The Third Man, starring Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric sent us five great pictures today of Marlene Dietrich (including two from Shanghai Express), by photographer Eugene Robert Richee.

Many thanks to our guest contributors.

April 25, 2006

The Third Man

Here's another photo of Der Bingle—Bing Crosby.

Jane prepared three nice pictures of James Dean  from Giant.

Nick sent us four scans:

Check out the movie summaries for these new films.

Mark also sent us a photo of Cecilia Parker.

Finally, we have a film clip of Humphrey Bogart in High Sierra.  He plays these scenes with sultry Ida Lupino.  The sound is a little soft, so turn up the volume a tad.

We have two last minute entries:

  • Alberto colored one of the Ziegfeld Girls photos we added on April 22.  This really brings the photo to life, so we can visualize what the group might have looked like in person.

  • Frederick caught a mistakenly labeled Richard Barthelmess picture—we had him on the Chester Morris page, and have corrected it.  Now we're on the lookout for a nice Chester Morris photo.

Thanks to our guest contributors today!

April 24, 2006

High Sierra

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric have sent us some fine scans by photographer Eugene Robert Richee.  We have two of the silent era's biggest stars, Clara Bow and Louise Brooks, as well as popular Gary Cooper in Beau Sabreur from 1928.

We have a new Laurel and Hardy film clip too.  Here are the boys horsing around in Bonnie Scotland with James Finlayson [Note:  video removed 12/3/2006]

Here are three Henry Fonda pictures, courtesy of Nick.  They're from The Grapes of Wrath, The Ox-Bow Incident, and Rings on Her Fingers.

Finally, Jane has a new Maureen O'Hara photo for us.

Thanks to our contributors for these fine submissions.  Also check out the new movie summaries for today's films.

April 23, 2006


We have a motley cornucopia of interesting items today, starting with three new Doctor Macro pictures:

Jane sent us some great photos of Connie Stevens.

Next, we have a film clip of Gene Kelly performing his signature dance number from Singin' in the Rain.

Nick has some spiffy pictures of Gertrude Lawrence and Peter Lorre.

A Nick and Jane redux:  four more Ziegfeld Girls came out of the woodwork!  The photographer was Alfred Cheney Johnston.

To wrap up, we have some full-length radio shows:  William Boyd in Hopalong Cassidy and Orson Welles' famous 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds on Mercury Theater.

Thanks again to our marvelous guest contributors!

We added movie summaries for the new films listed above.


April 22, 2006

Singin' in
 the Rain

War of
 the Worlds

Nick sent us pictures of:

We also have a new movie summaries for the above films.

Venus Flytrap said of her in WKRP in Cincinnati, "That's a mean little Mama!"  He was referring, of course, to Arthur Carlson's mother, played by Carol Bruce.  Here she is many years before the 1970's show debuted.  These three pictures are courtesy of Mark.

Also enjoy this musical Vitaphone Short from 1933:  Harry Warren, America's Foremost Composer.


April 21, 2006


More nice scans today from Nick:

Sever has sent in new scans of James Dean and Hugh Griffith.  And, for good measure, he prepared some neat film clips from Secret Agent, Some Like it Hot, and Spartacus.  Check them out right away!

Steve identified one of our Cary Grant pictures as being from The Bishop's Wife.

Many thanks to Nick, Sever, and Steve for their contributions.

We've added movie summaries for the new movies listed today.


April 20, 2006

Secret Agent

Some Like
 it Hot


Today we begin a great series of scans by Nick:

Next, Nick, Jane, and Frédéric tag-teamed to produce four more nifty photos:

Thanks to Nick, Jane, and Frédéric for today's fine pictures!

Finally, we have at last identified that Lillian Gish movie still.  It's from her 1928 film, The Wind.  Thanks to James for confirming its attribution.  Also check out the new movie summary.


April 19, 2006


Nick and Jane sent us some new pictures today:

With Sever's help, we created a song page for Elvis Presley, with many of his best known numbers represented.

Mark sent us some more scans of obscure silent film actresses:

We also added two great new links, on the Ramon Novarro and Dorothy Sebastian pages—check them out!

We appreciate our guest contributors...thanks so much!

April 18, 2006

Elvis Presley

We have some final Cary Grant pictures from Nick and Jane today, including one by photographer Ernest Bachrach.

Sever discovered another fine Peter Lorre scan from his famous film M.

Franklin identified one of our Loretta Young pictures as being from Platinum Blonde.  We've added a movie summary.

We have a new desktop wallpaper of Grace Kelly, courtesy of Sylvie.

Finally, Mark has provided some spiffy scans of Nancy Carroll, the cutest starlet west of the Pecos.  One of the pictures is from 1928's Manhattan Cocktail, and one is from Hot Saturday (she's shown with Randolph Scott)—we've prepared new movie summaries.  Included in these newest pictures are four "miniatures" that fall just shy of our ideal size, but are honorable mentions nonetheless.

Thanks to our guest contributors for these super pictures!

April 17, 2006


Nick and Jane carry on with four more choice Cary Grant photos for us today.

Sever comes through again, with:

Thanks to our guest contributors for these fine offerings!

Note:  our next update will be on April 17, 2006.

April 13, 2006


Donna Reed joins the party today.  We have three shots of her, and they're dedicated to Paty.

Our Cary Grant-a-thon continues, from Nick and Jane, with five more pictures.

Sever sent in a nice still of Orson Welles in The Third Man.  There's also a new movie summary.

We also have some new images of Sally Blane, courtesy of Mark.  No, it's not Loretta Young—it's her sister.

Thanks to Nick, Jane, Sever, and Mark for these beautiful pictures!

Lastly, enjoy this film clip from Top Hat, with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.  It's the famous "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" number.



April 12, 2006

Top Hat

We identified one of our Ginger Rogers pictures as being from Top Hat.  There's a new movie summary.

In that same vein, Sever sent us a nice scan of Ginger Rogers sitting courtside.  Then he added a photo of Kathryn Grayson.  He finished up things with a nice scan of Frank Sinatra performing live.

And we have more treasures from the indefatigable duo of Nick and Jane:

Finally, we have two more Vitaphone Shorts:  Good Morning, Eve! (in gorgeous color, from 1934) and Rambling 'Round Radio Row (from 1932).

Thanks to our guest contributors today!

April 11, 2006


More great shots today, courtesy of Nick and Jane:

Thanks, kids for these nice photos!

We also have a film clip of quirky Laurence Olivier and demure Joan Fontaine, getting acquainted in Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca.

April 10, 2006


Sever sent us a marvelous picture of Charles Laughton in Hobson's Choice.

We also have a fiery new desktop wallpaper featuring Gloria Swanson, from Sylvie.

Nick and Jane have submitted photos of:

Thanks to all our guest contributors for these great new pictures!

April 9, 2006


We have some new pictures today, courtesy of Nick and Jane:

April 8, 2006


We start off with a still from The College Hero (1927), featuring Pauline Garon and Bobby Agnew.

Next, here are two pictures of silent heart-throb John Gilbert (marking our 699th and 700th Doctor Macro scans).  The advent of talkies stalled his career but, in his day, he was the cat's pajamas!

Nick and Jane have sent us three more photos of Richard Widmark.  The last one is from Backlash, and he's shown with Donna Reed (see the new movie summary).  Thanks to Paty and Ken for identify this still.

Sever offers a new photo of Audrey Hepburn today.

We've also got five full-length Vitaphone Shorts, made between 1926 and 1938.  More to come!

April 7, 2006


We have an eclectic group of new items today.

Sever returns to action with a sublime shot of Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller from Pygmalion.

Nick and Jane have sent us some nice shots of:

More Tommy Bupp today, courtesy of Tom—here's a great new photo.

Finally, Vladimir sent us a great photo of Yvette Mimieux, about to be munched by a Morlock in The Time Machine.  We also have a film clip;  however it's not the scene in our still.  In the movie, the only Morlock peril for Ms. Mimieux comes during the climactic underground battle:  one of the hulking beasts starts to carry her off (as her wimpy friend cowers), but the Morlock is quickly thwarted.  Enjoy this timeless hokum—with Rod Taylor's fists flying right and left onto Morlock chins with resounding thumps (despite obvious whiffs).  Goose bump time, kids!

Thanks to all our guest contributors.

April 6, 2006

The Time

Here are three photos of Yvonne De Carlo, who makes her debut today.

Nick and Jane offer new pictures of:

And for Emilie, we've added a short film clip of prolific child actor Tommy Bupp in the famous 1937 film, Tovarich, with Charles Boyer and Claudette Colbert.  In this scene, he and two other street urchins steal Ms. Colbert's groceries (which she was trying to steal herself!)—he's the kid on the far right.  Also check out some great Tommy Bupp links too.

April 5, 2006



Michael submitted a nice scan of Lillian Gish in The Scarlet Letter (1926), as well as five unusual shots of Gloria Swanson.

Nick and Jane sent us James Cagney from Captains of the Clouds.  We also have a movie summary and film clip.

Thanks to Michael, Nick and Jane for today's pictures.

April 4, 2006

Captains of
 the Clouds

Nick and Jane sent us a photo of Lauren Bacall by photographer Scotty Welbourne, as well as a shot of Lana Turner by photographer Laszlo Willinger.

We also have a film clip of a pusillanimous Harold Lloyd cavorting in a barn, in Grandma's Boy.  The music soundtrack is a bit soft in this clip...sorry.  Look for the real-life Mrs. Lloyd, Mildred Davis, briefly at the beginning of the clip.

And, from Michael, we have new scans (and movie summaries) of:

Thanks to our guest contributors today for these great pictures!

April 3, 2006

Grandma's Boy

Her are four final Audrey Hepburn pictures from Fashion Victim (the third shot is from My Fair Lady, identified by Sever).

Nick and Jane also provided photos of Clark Gable, Hedy Lamarr, and Albert Einstein look-alike Josef von Sternberg, by photographer Laszlo Willinger.

Finally, we have a nice scan of Clara Bow flirting with Antonio Moreno in the 1927 classic IT, sent in by Michael.

Jane also attributed one of our Joan Crawford pictures to her 1932 film, Letty Lynton.  We have a new movie summary.

Clement pointed out some corrections to some existing Elvis Presley pictures:  one is from Live a Little, Love a Little, and one is from Spinout.

Thanks to all our guest contributors today!

April 2, 2006


Well, we're back in the saddle again, after some computer problems.

Jane sent us two more pictures of Grace Kelly and, in concert with Nick, five more Ziegfeld Girls by photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston.

Sever submitted new Sophia Loren and Claude Rains pictures.  He also identified our Rex Harrison picture as being from the film Blithe Spirit.

We also have a photo of Sophia Loren on the accordion, from Vladimir.

Thanks to our guest contributors today!

April 1, 2006


Mar. 2006


May 2006