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Apr. 2006

May 2006 Updates

Jun. 2006

Just a couple of treats today, from Jane.  She's sent us three nice pictures of Charlie Chaplin from The Gold Rush and one more James Coburn shot.  Thanks, Jane!

We also have a film clip of Bette Davis in Marked Woman.  In this scene, she's being grilled on the witness stand—first by Humphrey Bogart and then by John Litel.

May 31, 2006


Steve sent us some neat new desktop wallpapers today, featuring Bette Davis (2), Janet Gaynor, Billie Holiday (2), and Thelma Todd.

Jane sent us two nice early photos of Fred Astaire and his sister Adele, by photographer James Abbe.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric also have scans of Katharine Hepburn (photographer Ernest Bachrach) and Dorothy Lamour (photographer William Walling, Jr.).

Finally, Kay wrote in to say that our May 27 Charlie Chaplin image (of him in the bathtub) is from his 1922 film Pay Day.

We appreciate these great pictures and technical assistance from our guest contributors!

May 30, 2006


Mark has given us so much, and asked for so little...until today.  He queried, "How about some pictures of Thelma Todd?"  Well, here she is in the first of three scans.

Mark returned the favor with a new photo of British actress Jessie Matthews.

Speaking of Mark, here's a movie still of Bette Davis (shown with John Litel) in Marked Woman, submitted by Michael.

Nick and Jane offer some new photos of:

Jane supplemented these with another scan of James Coburn and one of Charlie Chaplin from Shoulder Arms (1918).

And Vladimir has three interesting pictures of Czech actress Lída Baarová.

Karsten identified one of yesterday's Marlene Dietrich photos as being from Morocco.

Thanks to our stalwart guest contributors!

To conclude, we have a full-length Vitaphone Short:  Ted Husing's Sports Slants #2 (1932).

May 29, 2006



Enjoy these pictures of Lisa Gaye (Debra Paget's sister) and Raquel Torres, courtesy of Mark.

Steve unveils four new desktop wallpapers today, showcasing Julia Adams, Evelyn Ankers, Joan Crawford, Kay Francis, Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester, and Lillian Roth.

Vladimir emerges with a very nice scan of Gina Lollobrigida.  Someone once observed that her name sounds like someone dragging a stick across a picket fence!

Nick and Jane provided three new photos of Marlene Dietrich.

Jane also has a new solo effort: the first of several James Coburn pictures.

Sylvie sent in a new desktop wallpaper of Louise Brooks, for Claude.

We sincerely appreciate the fine pictures submitted by our guest contributors!

Finally, we have a new full-length Vitaphone Short:  Beyond the Line of Duty.

May 28, 2006



Here's a pretty photo of 1950's British lollapalooza Vera Day.  Va-Va-Voom!  Also check out our new scan of Marion Davies.

Jane sent us an interesting trio today:

Where else ya gonna find this stuff?

Next, Steve created three great desktop wallpapers, featuring Eddie Cantor, Lupe Velez, and John Wayne.

And thank you, Mark, for a new photo of little known actress Jean Howard.  He's been specializing in images of obscure and/or forgotten actresses.

We sincerely appreciate the fine pictures submitted by our guest contributors!

Finally, we have new film clips of:

May 27, 2006


Diary of a
Lost Girl


We've got new pictures of:

Jane sent us a neato scan of Vivien Leigh.

Michael's got another fine movie still from The Man Who Came to Dinner.  Pictured are (L to R) Ann Sheridan, Richard Travis, Bette Davis, and Monty Woolley.  We also have a film clip for this scene.

Steve forwarded new desktop wallpapers of Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, and Carmen Miranda.

Mark prepared six lovely photos of Paulette Goddard, including one from her 1949 film Anna Lucasta.

Thanks to all our guest contributors today!

We end with two more full-length Vitaphone Shorts:  So You Think You're Not Guilty and So You Think You're a Nervous Wreck.

May 26, 2006

Mildred Pierce
The Man Who



Here's a picture of voluptuous Anita Ekberg.

Jane sent us a scan of young Una Merkel.

Michael sent us a still from The Man Who Came to Dinner, starring Bette Davis (sandwiched between Reginald Gardiner and Monty Woolley).

Steve forwarded a new desktop wallpaper of Carole Landis, and Sylvie prepared one of Greta Garbo.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric have a new scan of Montgomery Clift.

Thanks to all our guest contributors today!

We identified one of our existing Rudolph Valentino photos as being from 1922's The Young Rajah.  Check out the film clip as well, showcasing Rudy on the Harvard rowing team and emceeing dinner afterward.  This movie is not complete, so there are some stills interspersed as placeholders for the lost footage.

Finally, here are two more full-length Vitaphone Shorts:  So You Want to be a Salesman and Rufus Jones for President (with seven-year-old Sammy Davis, Jr. and Ethel Waters).

May 25, 2006

The Young

Jane comes through again with a new scan of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, from Houdini.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric sent in a picture of Marion Davies from Lights of Old Broadway.  The photographer was Ruth Harriet Louise.  They included one of Carmen Miranda for good measure (photographer Virgil Apger).

Thanks to all our guest contributors today!

We also have two new Laurel and Hardy film clips.  Here are the boys in Towed in a Hole, from 1933.  In the first clip, Stanley's clumsiness disrupts Ollie's painting.  And in the second, they show us how not to launch a boat.  [Note:  videos removed 12/3/2006]

We conclude with two new full-length Vitaphone Shorts:  Smash Your Baggage and So You're Going on a Vacation.  Enjoy!

May 24, 2006

Painting Hijinks
the yacht

Here are two super-sized pictures of Olivia de Havilland to inaugurate her page officially.

Steve prepared a new desktop wallpapers of Charlie Chaplin (with other silent comedians) and Gertrude Lawrence.

Jane has sent us a nice publicity still of Vincent Price from Tales of Terror.  She's joined by Nick and Frédéric for a scan of silent screen lovely, Renée Adorée from La Bohème, by photographer Ruth Harriet Louise.

Chris sent us a spiffy photo of Doris Day performing in Lullaby of Broadway.

Thanks to all our guest contributors today!

We also have a new film clip of W.C. Fields in The Bank Dick.  This is the fast-paced climactic robbery and chase, with Fields at his maddening best.

May 23, 2006

The Bank Dick

We celebrate our site's 3rd anniversary with a photo of W.C. Fields in The Bank Dick.

Vladimir sent us a nice scan of Jane Russell.

Here are more desktop wallpapers from Steve Humphrey Bogart, Greta Garbo (for Claude), Bert Lahr and Gertrude Lawrence.

We also have three new full-length Vitaphone Shorts:

  • Hi De Ho (with Cab Calloway)

  • The Naggers' Day of Rest - if you want to talk someone out of getting married, show them this.

  • So You Think You're Allergic (with George O'Hanlon)

We conclude with some more songs by Al Jolson and Doris Day.

Thanks to Steve and Vladimir for their great pictures today!

May 21, 2006

Al Jolson

Doris Day


Here's our first look at alluring Marie Windsor, in a photo from The Narrow Margin.  We'll have one more image of her shortly.

Jane sent us two pictures of Grace Kelly.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric prepared images of Norma Shearer (by photographer Ruth Harriet Louise) and Roy Rogers and Trigger (by photographer Roman Freulich).

Thanks to our guest contributors for today's scans!

Also enjoy this film clip of Henry Fonda in Fort Apache.  Also look for John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, and Grant Withers in this extended scene.

Finally, we added more songs by:

  • Judy Garland - I Got Rhythm, Meet Me in St. Louis, On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe, The Trolley Song, You Made Me Love You

  • Eddie Cantor - Cheer Up, Smile, Nertz!

May 19, 2006

Fort Apache 
J. Garland
E. Cantor

Jane sent us pictures of:

Enjoy these two pictures of Jean Harlow from Nick, Jane, and Frédéric.  The first is from Suzy (with Franchot Tone).  The second is a posed shot.  Both are by photographer Ted Allan.

Eagle-eye Nicol has been busy finding the films that go with some of our existing images, as well as correcting some of our attributions.  Here are the key changes (more to come later):

Thanks very much to our guest contributors today!

We end with a film clip of Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell in The Seven Year Itch.  You know the one...

May 18, 2006

 of 1934
The Seven
 Year Itch

Lawrence Tierney joins the party today.  Here he is in a scene from Dillinger.

Enjoy these three pictures from Nick, Jane, and Frédéric:

Jane continues to dazzle, with new pictures of Pearl Bailey (with hubby) and Mary Martin in the play One Touch of Venus (1943).  The photographer was Carl Van Vechten.

We end with a film clip of Charlton Heston and Orson Welles in Touch of Evil.  Yes, that's Mr. Welles under all that makeup.

May 17, 2006

of Evil

Jane sent us two pictures of beautiful Grace Kelly, and one of Barbara Britton and Sonny Tufts on the set of The Virginian (1946), by photographer Irving Lippmann.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric zipped over some nice shots of:

Thanks very much to Jane, Nick and Frédéric for today's interesting pictures!

Finally, we have two more full-length Vitaphone Shorts:  I'm Much Obliged and So You Want to be in Pictures.

May 16, 2006



Today, we start out with a another movie still of Charles Ray—this time in an unknown silent film.

Enry sent us a colorization of an existing picture of John Wayne and Claudette Colbert in Without Reservations (1946).

Check out these new scans by Jane:

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric also sent us a beautiful picture of silent screen heartthrob John Gilbert, by photographer Ruth Harriet Louise.

Thanks to all our guest contributors!

Finally, we replaced the existing film clip of Bette Davis and Henry Fonda in Jezebel with one that has better sound and more playing time.

May 15, 2006


After a well-deserved day off, we have a picture of silent star Charles Ray.  Here he is in a scene from The Flag Maker (also known as The American) from 1927, with Bessie Love.  On the reverse side of this original photograph is the following handwritten note:  "First 3-dimensional feature.  It was never released due to mechanical difficulty with projection machines."  According to the Internet Movie Database, This film was produced by George K. Spoor for his Natural Vision wide-screen format, but never released.  The strange shadowing on Ms. Love's forehead and on Mr. Ray's cheek were in the photo, and were left untouched.

Next, here's a new desktop wallpaper from Steve, featuring Rita Hayworth in Gilda.

And Sylvie has sent us a Barbara Stanwyck wallpaper too.

Jane prepared a new photo of Robert Young.  And she's joined by Nick and Frédéric for photos of Buster Keaton and Nina Mae McKinney (by photographer Ruth Harriet Louise) and

We also have two new film clips of Buster Keaton in The General.  The first is from the end of the movie, where he saves the day and is finally inducted to the army.  The second clip is part of the famous train chase sequence where he shoots the cannon at the fleeing yankees (it's more apropos to the movie still we have, than the original clip was).

May 14, 2006

In the army
at last!
the rails

Here's a picture of Warner Oland from one of his movies—but we're not sure which one.

And, D-a-h-ling, Mark sent us a neat shot of Tallulah Bankhead.

Steve prepared three more spiffy desktop wallpapers (John Garfield, Katharine Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck).

Then check out some nice scans of Kim Novak (photographer Robert Coburn) and Rita Hayworth (from The Loves of Carmen), by Nick, Jane, and Frédéric.

Our Iron Man, Sever, assisted in preparing another Eddie Cantor sheet music cover.

Thanks very much to all our guest contributors for their submissions today!

To close, we have a romantic film clip of Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor in Camille, from 1936.  By the way, the opening lines are not Robert Taylor speaking in falsetto—it's actress Jessie Ralph out of camera range; she appears moments later.

May 12, 2006


We've got one final scan of Shirley Temple in Change of Heart, with Janet Gaynor.

Mark sent in a nice scan of elegant Jacqueline Logan, photographed by Melbourne Spurr.

Jane's been busy preparing scans of Marlon Brando in Sayonara, and Marlene Dietrich on the set of A Foreign Affair.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric sent us great shots of Gary Cooper (2 pictures) and Joan Crawford.

We also introduce a new gallery today:  Steve's Desktop Wallpapers.  Check out these creative scans!

Thanks to our guest contributors for today's super pictures!

We end with a film clip of Dorothy Lamour in The Hurricane.  It's her wedding scene with Jon Hall.  Also look for Thomas Mitchell giving a drunken toast at the wedding feast.

May 11, 2006


Sylvie sent us a nice desktop wallpaper of James Dean today.

Jane's been busy preparing scans of Katharine Hepburn (2 pictures) and Mae West.

Here's another landscape image by Nick and Frédéric, with technical assistance by Michael.  This time, it's Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor on the set of Camille (1936), by photographer Frank Grimes.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric sent us photos of Clara Bow (by Nickolas Muray) and Clark Gable (by Otto Dyar).

Thanks to our guest contributors!

We offer another complete Vitaphone Short, titled Bubbles.  Also check out a new film clip from Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth—this is her famous number, Put the Blame on Mame (also look for Glenn Ford and Joe Sawyer in this scene).

May 10, 2006



Enjoy this second photo of Shirley Temple.  It's from Captain January.

Jane toodled on by with scans of:

Nick and Frédéric sent us a wide-angle shot of Charles Boyer and Greta Garbo in Conquest (1937).  And they were joined by Jane in preparing images of:

Mark sent us a photo of Pauline Starke, as a companion to our existing one.  It's from Women Love Diamonds (1927).  By the way, we also attributed an existing photo of hers to Flower of the North.

Sever prepared some sheet music artwork for Eddie Cantor.

Thanks again to our guest contributors for today's pictures.

Finally, we have two new film clips of Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Henry Stephenson, and Basil Rathbone in Captain Blood.  In the first, Olivia's up for grabs; in the second, Errol is at his most dashing!

May 9, 2006

Who gets
the girl?
The heat
of battle!

We have a picture of Shirley Temple from Bright Eyes, for Lucy.

Vladimir sent us a photo of a studious Marilyn Monroe.

Jane prepared scans of:

We also have an exciting new film clip from Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps, starring Robert Donat, courtesy of Sever.

Thanks very much to Vladimir, Jane and Sever for helping us out with this terrific new content!

May 8, 2006

The 39 Steps

More Joel McCrea today.  Here he is in an early publicity photo.

Our resident somnambulist Mark forwarded a lovely picture of Nell Shipman by photographer George Walters.  He added a bonus picture of relative unknown Pat Paterson.

Nick submitted two Jayne Mansfield scans, from The Wayward Bus (with Joan Collins) and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?.

Jane sends her regards with three Judy Garland pictures:  1) with Allan Jones in Everybody Sing; 2) with David Rose; and 3) a solo shot.  Jane supplemented these with a beautiful—but mystifying—photo of The Kiss, from the 1927 Follies Bergère (does anyone know who the two performers are?).

Thanks to Mark, Nick, and Jane for these images.

We also offer a film clip from Citizen Kane, starring Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane.  In this scene, his wife (played by Ruth Warrick) finds out about his philandering, and leads him to a confrontation with political boss Jim Gettys (Ray Collins).  Also look for Dorothy Comingore.

Finally, we have three Vitaphone Shorts:

  • Soft Drinks and Sweet Music (1934)

  • Merrie Melodies - I've Got to Sing a Torch Song (1933)

  • Looney Tunes - Gold Diggers of '49 (1935)

May 7, 2006

Citizen Kane



Joel McCrea joins the party today.  Here he is in a scene from 1932's The Most Dangerous Game.  This is the first of three new pictures of him.

Sever's win streak continues with a nifty photo of Dick Powell in Gold Diggers of 1935.

Nick has a neat shot of Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

And we have three more Elvis sightings from Jane!

Next are two more fascinating Vitaphone Shorts in our continuing series:  Pie, Pie, Blackbird (with Eubie Blake, Nina Mae McKinney, and the very young Nicholas Brothers) from 1932, and the Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee Celebration (1930).

Finally, Jane provided scans of C. Aubrey Smith, Madeleine Carroll, and Tyron Power, Jr. in Lloyds of London, as well as a late 1920's picture of Joan Crawford at a Halloween party.

May 6, 2006


Jane offers two more photos of Catherine Deneuve and one of Groucho Marx with his daughter.

Here's a film clip of Margarita Fischer in Uncle Tom's Cabin, being sold to Simon Legree (George Siegmann).  This is a case where there's so much going on in a scene, it's nice to have a movie still to take in all the action at your own leisure.  Our photo was shot from a reverse angle by the photographer, providing a more comprehensive view of the proceedings in the large hall where the scene occurs.  Enjoy this short, but compelling, clip!

Nick sent us three pictures of Marilyn Monroe, from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch, as well as a posed shot by photographer Gene Kornman.

Finally, here's a Jayne Mansfield image from Ramez.

Many thanks to our stalwart guest contributors!

May 5, 2006

Uncle Tom's

Sever returns with a scan of Orson Welles from Mr. Arkadin (also known as Confidential Agent in the UK).  We complement the picture with a film clip.

Nick has prepared some nice pictures of Rita Hayworth in Human Cargo and My Gal Sal (see our new movie summaries).

And Jane has three photos of French beauty Catherine Deneuve.

Thanks to our hard-working guest contributors for today's fine pictures!

May 4, 2006


Here are four new Doris Day pictures from Jane.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric have sent us pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Tyrone Power, Jr. by photographer Gene Korman.

Mark sent us two pictures of Mae West and one of Marguerite Chapman.

We conclude with a film clip of Vivien Leigh in Waterloo Bridge.  In this scene, she's a ballerina who's upbraided by the splenetic Ballerina Mistress for being romantically distracted by Robert Taylor during her performance of Swan Lake.

May 3, 2006



We start off with two pictures of Al Jolson, including one from Mammy (with Lois Moran).  We also have a new movie summary, and some songs and radio shows by one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th Century.

Jane sent us some beautiful new images today:

Here are two photos of Madge Evans, courtesy of Mark.

Next, Nick, Jane, and Frédéric offer pictures of Fred Astaire and Joel McCrea, by photographer Ernest Bachrach.

Lastly, enjoy two full-length Vitaphone shorts:  Bobby Jones' golf tips and Ted Husing's Sports Slants.

May 2, 2006

Al Jolson
Al Jolson
Radio Shows

Today we're making a change to the Galleries page to help it load faster.  The numerous stars in the Galleries cause that page to load slowly; now we've broken it up alphabetically by last name to greatly improve the speed.  We hope you see a big difference.

Similarly, tomorrow the News page will be streamlined.  We'll display just the current day's updates.  If you wish to see previous days' updates, just click on the link at the bottom of the screen, as you do to see previous months' updates.

Okay, with that administrative stuff out of the way, here are today's new items, starting with Jane's pictures of Eleanor Boardman, Billie Dove, and Alice White.

We also have new pictures from Nick, Jane, and Frédéric, including Mary Astor, Linda Darnell, and Louis Jourdan.

Nick's solo efforts today include:

Thanks very much to our fabulous guest contributors!  Check out the new movie summaries too.

We conclude with a film clip of Charles Laughton rescuing, and then bonding with, Maureen O'Hara in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939).  Also in the clip are weepy, wimpy Edmond O'Brien and stolid Thomas Mitchell.

May 1, 2006

The HB of Notre Dame


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Jun. 2006