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October 2006

November 2006 Updates

December 2006

Say hello to Marjorie Rambeau, a silent film actress who successfully made the transition to talkies.  Here she is (center) with Edward Ellis and Dorothy Jordan in Strictly Personal (1933).

Jane unleashed some new photos:

Nick and Jane also have four images of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.:

Nick's solo effort inaugurates a new series of photos from the golden age of movies.  Today we have Francis X. Bushman, Janet Gaynor, and Constance Talmadge.

Steve prepared a new desktop wallpaper of John Wayne and Gail Russell in Angel and the Badman.

Thanks very much to our guest contributors!

And here are a few film clips:

November 27, 2006


The Courtship of
Andy Hardy

The Mortal Storm

The Longest Day

Mark2 sent us a timely Thanksgiving shot of cutie pie Barbara Bates.

Vladimir forwarded two photos of Marilyn Monroe, including one from The Seven Year Itch with Tom Ewell.

Steve prepared five new desktop wallpapers:  Lucille Ball, Joan Blondell, Gloria Grahame, Jayne Mansfield, and Tyrone Power, Jr.

Hans emailed us a nice picture of Marilyn Monroe from The Asphalt Jungle.

Then Jane rumbled in with some new images:

And here's a picture of Burt Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success (1957).

We appreciate these fine pictures from our guest contributors!

Finally, some film clips for your enjoyment:

November 23, 2006

Everybody Sing Ben-Hur  

Arthur Lake makes his debut today in an original still from 1929's On With the Show.  In this scene, he's snuggling with Betty Compson onstage.

Vladimir sent us some great shots:

Mark weighs in with two shots of Olga Baclanova (unforgettable as Cleopatra in Freaks).

Here are two more Wheeler & Woolsey shots from Justin.  We have portraits of the comics in their prime.

Nick and Jane sent in some Rita Hayworth scans, including one from Blood and Sand (1941) and four from Cover Girl (1944).

Thanks to our guest contributors for these great shots!

Finally, some film clips for your enjoyment:


November 19, 2006

Idiot's Delight

W&W Whistle
for Me

W&W Whis. for Me-reprise



Back in the saddle again.  Let's resume with a photo of an actor who was there when movies were young:  Henry B. Walthall.  He's shown in a still from his 1932 film, Central Park (thanks to Melynie for identifying the film for us).  Walthall's film career began in 1909, and included such highlights as The Birth of a Nation (1915), The Road to Mandalay (1926), London After Midnight (1927), and A Tale of Two Cities (1935).  Also check out this neat site that pays tribute to "The Little Colonel," as Walthall was known after his role in The Birth of a Nation.

Gunnar sent us images of:

Justin has two more Wheeler and Woolsey pictures, from Half Shot at Sunrise (1930) and Hold 'Em Jail (1932).

Nick and Jane sent us two delectable Ziegfeld Girls, flown in by carrier pigeon:  Kay English and Catherine Moylan.

Carsten identified one of our Katharine Hepburn photos as being from her 1938 film Holiday.

Thanks to all of our guest contributors!

Enjoy some unique songs by soprano Gracie Fields.

We conclude with some film clips:

  • Harry Langdon in Saturday Afternoon (1926)

  • Our Gang comedies, some silents and some talkies—and featuring all your favorite Little Rascals!  [Note:  videos removed 12/3/2006]

  • John Wayne in The Big Trail - he was just a few acting lessons away from greatness in this early sound western feature

  • the final five chapters of Superman, starring Kirk Alyn and rambunctious Noel Neill

Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15


Blast in
the Depths

Hurled to

at Bay

The Payoff


November 17, 2006

Gracie Fields


Our Gang

The Big Trail

Chapters 11-15


Jane beamed over some new scans.

Jane also identified one of our anonymous Ziegfeld Girls as Jeanette Hackett.

Thanks, Jane, for these great pictures...what a gal!

We finally identified the film that goes with one of our Alice White photo as Show Girl (1928).  Thanks to Robert for his expert assistance in solving this two-year-old mystery.

Let's end on a high note with some film clips:

Our next update will be on Friday November 17.

November 11, 2006

The Big Street
The Westerner

The City of
Little Men

Convention of
the Century


Introducing a new face today:  British singer and actress Gracie Fields.

Nick and Jane beamed over some new images.

Gunnar offers four beautiful photos of Clara Bow.

Karl sent us two more shots of The Three Stooges.  He also threw in two Gene Tierney scans, from Leave Her to Heaven and The Shanghai Gesture.

Thanks to our guest contributors for these images!

Tiffany corrected one of our pictures of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as being from The Gay Divorcee.

Enjoy these film clips:

November 8, 2006

Strangers When
We Meet
Strangers When
We Meet
'Neath the
Arizona Skies
Charlie Chaplin

Enjoy this photo of Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour.  This one is for James.

Gunnar's winning streak continues:

Jane prepared seven great images of comedy duo Martin and Lewis.  We've also included some of their radio shows and a song by Dino!

Thanks to all our fine guest contributors!

We end with some film clips:


November 6, 2006

Martin & Lewis
Radio Shows
Merry Andrew Teresa





Here's a photo of the great Paul Robeson in the title role from The Emperor Jones, for Marvin.

Jane ferried over some interesting new shots:

Gunnar sent us a picture of Elizabeth Taylor.

Thanks to all our fine guest contributors!

We end with some film clips:



A Panic in the Parlor

Film Fun


Gym College

Radio Runaround

Help Wanted, Female


November 3, 2006


The Shop Around
the Corner

RKO and
Pathé Shorts


Pretty cowgirl Dale Evans bows in today.

Gunnar sent us some new images:

Nick and Jane offer scans of:

In a solo effort, Jane continues with three new Ginger Rogers photos.

We appreciate these beautiful photos from our guest contributors.

Here's a new song by Judy GarlandThe Joint is Really Jumping Down at Carnegie Hall, courtesy of NickZ.

Finally, enjoy these film clips:


November 1, 2006

Playing house
Taking a rest

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