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September 2006

October 2006 Updates

November 2006

Introducing Clifton Webb in a shot from Sitting Pretty.

Jane telegraphed over some new pictures today:

Thank you, Jane, for these great shots!

Here are a couple of film clips for the road:



October 31, 2006



Chapters 1 - 5


Enjoy this new picture of Rosalind Russell in an elegant pose.

Nick and Jane, ever diligent, have prepared some great new photos:

Steve completed a new Ginger Rogers desktop wallpaper.

Gunnar sent over some marvelous images:

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Shall we conclude with some film clips?  Of course!

October 30, 2006

High Society

MGM Shorts


We start off with beautiful Jeanne Crain, a popular actress from the 1940's and 50's.

Nick and Jane beamed us several new scans:

Mark2 shuttled over a photo of 1940's B-Movie actress Kay Aldridge.

We appreciate these great photos!

Here are a few film clips:

October 28, 2006


The Little

MGM Shorts


Let's start with a photograph of vamp Ida Lupino, probably from the mid-1930's.

Mark's been busy again with several new items:

Jane sent in four spiffy pictures each of Lucille Ball and Ziegfeld Follies and vaudeville super-star Bert Williams.  She also wired over five more Rita Hayworth shots, including three from My Gal Sal.

Thanks to our fabulous guest contributors!

We corrected a Madeleine Carroll scan once we discovered it was from Lloyds of London.

Lastly, please enjoy these film clips:

October 26, 2006

Destry #1
Taming a wildcat

Destry #2
Saloon antics

MGM Shorts

Here are Van Heflin and Judy Garland in Presenting Lily Mars.

Karl's back in town with:

Sylvie sent us some new desktop wallpapers:  Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Jennifer Jones, and Mary Pickford.

Nick and Jane prepared some Ziegfeld Girls scans:  Adrienne Ames (2 pictures) Allyn King, Adele Mason, and Anita Stewart.  Then they reached deep in their satchel to bring us two Rita Hayworth publicity shots from Angels Over Broadway.

Vladimir came to life with images of Lauren Bacall and Natalie Wood.

Jane returns with some miniatures of the great Sarah Bernhardt in the late 1890's stage production of Cleopatra.

Amanda corrected one of our Ginger Rogers pictures.  We had attributed it to The Major and the Minor, but it's from 1940's Kitty Foyle.

Thanks again to all our guest contributors!

We conclude with some film clips:

October 24, 2006

No Time
for Comedy
Warner Bros.

We begin with five stills of 1930's funnymen Wheeler and Woolsey.  Four of them are courtesy of Justin, and represent their films Dixiana and So This is Africa (3 photos and two film clips).  We added our own picture (scanned from an original 1934 photo) of  Bert Wheeler with Dorothy Lee in Cockeyed Cavaliers.  Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are relatively forgotten comedians from the early 1930's; we hope to showcase their career with these images and clips.

Jane sent us six nice shots of Ginger Rogers and one of Elvis Presley.

Nick joined Jane in preparing two John Wayne scans:  The Quiet Man (with Maureen O'Hara) and Pittsburgh (with Randolph Scott).

Thanks to our guest contributors for these great shots!

Let's end with a few film clips:

October 21, 2006

Romance in
the Jungle

I'm Marrying

Fatty Arbuckle
Ziegfeld Girl

Introducing Tyrone Power, Jr.—the first of two pictures.

Mark2 sent us nice photos of Alma Carroll, Virginia Dale, Ellen Drew, and Virginia Mayo.  He also threw in a photo of cute Marjorie White (with Richard Keene) from the 1930 musical Happy Days.

Jane and Nick sent us a Ziegfeld Girls picture that features Susan Fleming and Paulette Goddard.

We also have some solo shots by Jane:

Gunnar sent us an shot of Myrna Loy in Shadow of the Thin Man.

We thank our guest contributors for all these fine images!

We also hope you enjoy these film clips:

October 19, 2006


Yellow Ribbon
(Quiet Interlude)

Yellow Ribbon
(Picnic Outing)


Let's start with a new photo of dancer Cyd Charisse, for John.

Karl sent us two more shots of The Three Stooges.

Vladimir weighs in with photos of:

More great images from Gunnar:

Thanks to all our guest contributors for today's fine array!

Finally, enjoy these film clips:

October 18, 2006

Big Business
The Finishing
42nd Street Weather

Say Hi to sultry Linda Darnell - Yow!

Nick and Jane sent us eight pictures of shy, understated Jayne Mansfield, including two from Playgirl After Dark, (also known as "Too Hot to Handle") and two more shots of John Wayne.

Jane's solo effort today includes four images of Rita Hayworth from the mid-to-late 1940's.

Thanks, Nick and Jane, for these gorgeous photos.

Finally, enjoy these film clips:

Note:  our next update will be on Wednesday October 18.

October 15, 2006

White Heat

Up Baby

MGM Shorts

Enjoy this photo of four-time Oscar nominee Agnes Moorehead.

Chris submitted a scan of Laurel and Hardy in their famous film, Big Business (1929).

Mark sent us two cutie pies for Halloween:  Nancy Carroll and Lillian Wells.  He also threw in two nice pictures of lovely Joan Marsh.

Check out young Orson Welles at the beginning of his tumultuous career, sent in by Sever.

Gunnar strikes again:

Jane prepared scans of:

Thanks again to our super guest contributors for these fascinating items.

Let's end with some film clips:

October 14, 2006

Lunch with Wendy
Executive Approval


We have a new Bette Davis picture today.

Jane also sent us some new scans:

Nick partnered with Jane on six new Ziegfeld Girls photos by photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston.

Gunnar has some interesting and varied images:

Thanks to all our guest contributors.

Let's end with some film clips:

October 11, 2006

Arabesque The Horse
Soldiers #1
The Horse
Soldiers #2



Jane stopped by with some new pictures:

Karl sent us another photo of The Three Stooges.

Thanks to all our guest contributors.

Be sure to check out this new Ziegfeld site:  Alfred Cheney Johnston and The Ziegfeld Girls.  You'll find lots of great reference information about the people who made up the Follies in the early 1900's.

Enjoy these new film clips:

October 9, 2006

Lady of
The Bad and
the Beautiful
Sands of
Iwo Jima
Charley Chase

Sever's got two interesting photos of Kirk Douglas in Strangers When We Meet:  one with Walter Matthau and one with Kim Novak.

Rafaella has two scans of sultry Veronica Lake for us.

We also have three scans from Karl:  Gene Tierney (one from Laura with Dana Andrews, and a posed shot), and Lana Turner.

Enjoy these six images of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, courtesy of Masao.

Mark sent us another shot of perky Nancy Carroll, all ready for Halloween.

Thanks to a different Mark for identifying one of our John Wayne photos as being from Three Texas Steers (with Carole Landis).

We appreciate all these great pictures and expertise from our guest contributors.

Some film clips:

October 7, 2006

Bright Eyes

The French

Call Her

Love Pains

We begin with two special scans from Sever:  George Sanders and Anne Baxter in All About Eve, and Peter Lorre in Casablanca.

Gunnar sent in some interesting shots:

Jane and Nick come through with more fine photos:

Tim submitted photos of:

Thanks to our guest contributors for these fine submissions!

Let's conclude with some film clips:

October 6, 2006

A Place
in the Sun #1
A Place
in the Sun #
The Soilers



In anticipation of Halloween, here are some perky costumed pinup girls, sent to us by Mark2:  Maxine Cantway, Mary Carlisle, Etchika Choureau, and Janet Leigh.

Rafaella sent us some beautiful new scans of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Esther Williams (5 pictures), and Katharine Hepburn (3 pictures).

We also found two beautiful scans of lovely Marceline Day, sent in by Mark.

Jane also has some new photos today:  Ava Gardner (2 pictures) and Paul Newman (3 pictures).

We end with some film clips:

October 3, 2006

Mata Hari



MGM Shorts

More Jean Harlow for Michel.  We have two posted shots of her, from Jane.

Nick and Jane tantalize us with pictures of:

Enjoy these film clips:

October 1, 2006


The Phantom
of the Opera

Charley Chase

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