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July 2006

August 2006 Updates

September 2006

Karl prepared a glorious new Doctor Macro scan of Ann Harding in Her Private Affair (1929).  Shown (L to R) are an unknown actor, Ann Harding, and John Loder.  What a great period shot!  This was scanned from an original photo, and it had 76 years of accumulated scratches and goosh.  Karl did a beautiful job of fixing everything.

Jane sent along some new photos too:

Thanks to our guest contributors for these fine images!

We end with some film clips:

August 30, 2006

Lovely to
Look At
The Fixer



The Andrews


Jane provides more interesting scans today with:

Bob identified our August 24th picture of Olympe Bradna as being from the 1936 film, Three Cheers for Love (but corrected on 8/7/2008 to the 1939 film The Night of Nights).

Thanks to our guest contributors for these fine images!

And check out these new film clips:

August 27, 2006

On an
Bedridden, but
getting better


Nick, Jane and Frédéric sent in pictures of Louise Brooks and Marion Davies.

Karl has some spiffy new images:

Enjoy these film clips:

August 26, 2006


The Princess
Comes Across

MGM Short


Enjoy this photo of Angela Lansbury and Hurd Hatfield from The Picture of Dorian Gray.  This is for Carsten.

Here's a nice early picture of Orson Welles, sent to us by Sever.

Karl sent us ten more Film Noir PostersCrime Wave, The FBI Story, Federal Man, The Line-Up, The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond, Rogue Cop, Shield for Murder, T-Men, They Made Me a Killer, and Touch of Evil.

Mark2 sidles in with a nice scan of 1930's and 40's French-born actress Olympe Bradna.

And Jane returns with more great images for us:

Nick and Jane have more great shots of John Wayne:

Carsten identified two of our James Stewart photos from yesterday as being from Magic Town (with Jane Wyman) and the other as being from Born to Dance with Eleanor Powell.

Thanks to all of our guest contributors for their scans and technical assistance!

We end with three film clips:

August 24, 2006

The Stratton

Island of
Lost Souls
The Picture
of Dorian Gray

Paula sent us a pretty photo of Simone Simon from her 1938 film Josette.

Karl continues to impress with:

Enjoy these new delectables from Jane:

Nick and Jane have more great shots of John Wayne in Hondo and Jet Pilot (4 pictures).  They also generously threw in a new Ann Sheridan photo.

Thanks again to our super guest contributors!

Here are two fun film clips:

August 23, 2006

Comrade X For Heaven's

Back from a grueling bridge tournament, we have just a few choice items today.

Sylvie finished a new Doctor Macro scan of Lon Chaney, Jr. from the 1940 film Of Mice and Men.

Jane's provided two nice photos of James Stewart.

Here are two pictures of Carole Landis (one from I Wake Up Screaming, with Victor Mature and Betty Grable), and a domestic shot of Mary Pickford.  These are from Tim.

Nick and Jane prepared scans of John Wayne from Angel and the Badman (1947).  He's pictured with gorgeous Gail Russell.

Many thanks to our guest contributors!

We conclude with two film clips:

August 21, 2006

Week-End at
the Waldorf



Enjoy this final picture of alluring Diana Dors—in color!

Jane wants us to multi-task.  So, besides continuing our James Stewart and Elizabeth Taylor series, we're inaugurating a large John Wayne collection, featuring many of his films—Nick collaborated on these with Jane:

Paula submitted a quirky, but beautiful, picture of Laraine Day in Those Endearing Young Charms (1945).

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric keep up the frantic pace with more early 1920's scans by photographer James Abbe.  Today we have The Dolly Sisters and Rudolph Valentino (two pictures, including one with his wife, Natacha).

We appreciate our great guest contributors!

Let's end with two Hepburn film clips:

Our next update will be on Monday August 21, 2006.

August 18, 2006

My Fair Lady

The Philadelphia


Let's start with some new items from Jane:

I love Clara Bow.  Check out this perky shot of her sent in by Chris.

Sylvie sent us desktop wallpapers of Gloria DeHaven and Audrey Hepburn, and Steve weighs in with new wallpapers of Spencer Tracy and Mae West.

We've also got three early 1920's pictures by photographer James Abbe, from Nick, Jane, and Frédéric:  Fanny Brice, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (shown with huggy-bear Mary Pickford), and Polish-born Gilda Gray.

And we discovered a surprise Ziegfeld Girl Adelaide Bell.  Her pictures were provided by her granddaughter.

Thanks to all our guest contributors!

Let's conclude with some film clips:

  • a new gallery of full-length MGM Shorts, starting with 11 of the little charmers and featuring The Boy Friends and Pete Smith's Specialties  Note:  All MGM Shorts were removed on November 25, 2007.

  • Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier in a bellicose getaway from The Defiant Ones—look for Theodore Bikel early on

August 17, 2006

MGM Shorts The Defiant Ones  

Let's start with Va-Va-Voomette Diana Dors.

Karl has a nice picture of Mary Pickford in her 1929 talkie film debut, Coquette.

Mark2 provided a new image of Mary Martin.  The original photo was quite damaged, with several large tears, surface film, and many other impairments.  It's such an interesting cheesecake photo of her, though, we thought we would post it anyway.

More James Stewart from Jane.  Here are three photos from his 1950 film Harvey.  She also sent us four each of Angie Dickinson and Elvis Presley (including an pugilistic pose from Kid Galahad).

Marcel sent in a crisp scan of fiery Katy Jurado.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric have early pictures of Yvonne Printemps, Will Rogers, and Ed Wynn.

Thanks to all our guest contributors!

A couple of film clips end it for us today:

August 15, 2006

New Orleans

I Want to Live


Here are some more early 1920's pictures by photographer James Abbe, sent in by Nick, Jane, and Frédéric:  Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson (2 images), Mae West, and Peggy Wood.

Jane prepared three scans of James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich in 1939's Destry Rides Again (also look for Brian Donlevy in the third one).  This is the start of a Stewart-a-thon!  Oh, that Jane...what a gal!

Here's a new picture of Louise Brooks, submitted by Gunnar.

Steve's got new desktop wallpapers of Billie Dove, Lena Horne, Myrna Loy, Ramon Novarro, and Mae West.

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Enjoy these songs by Billie Burke, Cab Calloway, Lena Horne, and Mae West.

Finally, we have two film clips of Gloria Swanson in Sadie Thompson (1928).  In the first, she's disembarking the ship, to the delight of the soldiers waiting for her on the docks.  In the second, she has a confrontation with holier-than-thou Lionel Barrymore, who has the power to destroy her life.

August 14, 2006

Billie Burke Cab Calloway Lena Horne
Mae West Disembarking

Nose to nose
with the preacher

Sever starts us off right with a nice shot of Ramon Novarro in the chariot race from Ben-Hur:  A Tale of the Christ (1925).  He also threw in a photo of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly from To Catch a Thief.

Jane revisits with pictures of:

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric enter the fray, with images by photographer James Abbe:

We appreciate these fine contributions!

Check out these two film clips from Ben Hur:  A Tale of the Christ, featuring Francis X. Bushman and Ramon Novarro.  In the first, Messala (Bushman) and Judah Ben-Hur (Novarro) have an uncomfortable reunion.  Our second clip is the famous chariot race (complete).  Enjoy!

August 13, 2006

Reunion Chariot race  

We begin with some new pictures from Karl:

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric sidled on over with some more photos by James Abbe:

Jane continues a winning trend with images of :

Mark2 sent us a pinup picture of perky Joan Crawford.

Thanks once again to all our guest contributors!

We conclude with two film clips:

August 12, 2006


Thin Man

Las Vegas!


Karl has some new pictures today:

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric have been hard at work to bring us photos from the early 1920's, by James Abbe:

Jane has sent us some new scans by parcel post:

Mark2 produced another sparkling picture—this time it's Shirley Ross.

Steve has four new desktop wallpapers:  Margaret Hamilton, Rita Hayworth, Dick Powell, and Ginger Rogers.

Enjoy these two film clips:

A couple of last minute notes:

August 9, 2006




Nick, Jane, and Frédéric wow us with some classic silent screen stars today.  The photographer, James Abbe, took these in the early- to mid-1920s:  Ina Claire, Betty Compson, and Ann Harding.

Chris is on the ball again with a photo of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Barney Bigard from the 1947 film New Orleans.  We also threw in some vintage Armstrong recordings.

Sever emerges with a nice image of Laurence Olivier in Hamlet.

Jane's solo output today includes:

Steve sent us some more great desktop wallpapers:  Irene Dunne, Vivien Leigh (2), Adolphe Menjou, Marilyn Monroe, Mabel Normand, Mary Pickford.

Enjoy these two film clips:

August 6, 2006

L. Armstrong Recordings

Pay Day



Here's a posed shot of Lon Chaney, Jr.  This Doctor Macro scan was prepared by Sylvie.

Jane has new photos of:

Steve sent us three new desktop wallpapers:  Audrey Hepburn, Charles Laughton, and Vivien Leigh.

Chris submitted an interesting photo of Francis X. Bushman in 1925's Ben Hur.

Mark lobbed us a picture of Nancy Carroll in The Shopworn Angel, from 1928.

Karl dispatched images of ingénue Barbara Stanwyck and Gloria Swanson [does anyone know the movie the Swanson shot is from?].

Thanks to our guest contributors!

We are also unveiling a new gallery today, courtesy of Karl:  Film Noir Posters.  Enjoy these beautiful art pieces, with many more to come!

Finally, take a gander at these two film clips:

August 4, 2006

12 Angry Men Vitaphone

Here are two pictures of voluptuous 1950's actress Diana Dors.  These are the first in a series of four scans.

Sever sent us a nice image of Luise Rainer.

Jane has some new photos today too:

Tim sent us some nice scans of:

Check out these two new wallpapers from Steve:  Irene Dunne and Clark Gable.

We appreciate all these fine pictures provided by our guest contributors!

Let's conclude with some film clips:

Our next update will be on August 4, 2006.

August 1, 2006

Dancing Lady

Clara on
a Date


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