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March 2007

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John has a new photo of Paulette Goddard in The Torch (1950).

We also received some beautiful scans from TL:  Bette Davis Alice Faye, Rita Hayworth, and Ruth Hussey.

Nick prepared some scintillating images:

Here are some photos from Jane:

Gary sent over another fine shot of Cathy O'Donnell.

Gunnar chipped in a shot of Marlon Brando japing in Viva Zapata!.

Nick and Jane teamed up to produce some more nice pictures:

Chris also threw in another shot of The Belle of San Simeon, Marion Davies, from The Fair Co-Ed.  In this one, she's climbing a tree.

We also have corrections to some of our previous photos:

Thanks once again to our guest contributors for their images and corrections!

Enjoy these film clips:

April 15, 2007

How the West
Was Won

Pal Joey

Finds a Son!

The Great

A Rikke redux!

Here are some film clips:

April 11, 2007


The Red Mill

The Red Mill

To Catch a Thief

MGM Shorts


Lots of good stuff today!

We begin with three spiffy scans from one of my favorite guest contributors, Sever.  Besides giving me great suggestions on new site features, catching errors, helping with technical solutions, and discussing the great films, he finds the time to contribute top-notch images.  Here we have Grace Kelly, James Stewart, and Spencer Tracy.

Richard sent in a beautiful shot of German actress Wera Engels with Edmund Lowe in The Great Impersonation (1935).

Sylvie has three new desktop wallpapers, featuring Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, and Frank Sinatra.

Nick's solo efforts today include:

Jane comes to the table with five pictures of Goldie Hawn and one of dancer/Ziegfeld Girl Harriet Hoctor (by photographer Edward Thayer Monroe).

Rikke sent in a new group of stars:

Let's end with some film clips:

April 9, 2007

Breakfast at
Tiffany's #1

Breakfast at
Tiffany's #2

Ice Follies
of 1939


Faye Emerson bows in today.  We have two photo of this popular 1940's actress, who transitioned to television in the 1950's.

Rikke continues to astound:

Sever identified three of our Ann-Margret pictures as being from Viva Las Vegas (1964).  And Ivan identified one of our Lauren Bacall photos as being from The Gift of Love (1958).

Also check out a great new Leila Hyams link here (link later removed).

Thank you, guest contributors!

April 6, 2007


More continuing series from Nick and Jane:

John sent another fine photo of Paulette Goddard, with Fred MacMurray, Arleen Whelan, and Macdonald Carey, in Suddenly It's Spring (1947).

Gary, at DVDBeaver, sent us three beautiful scans of Cathy O'Donnell.

Rikke returns with several new photos:

Paul identified two of our Brigitte Bardot pictures as being from her 1956 film, En Effeuillant la Marguerite (Mademoiselle Striptease).

Thank you, guest contributors!

Enjoy these film clips:

April 5, 2007

The Merry

The Merry




Nick and Jane continue their largesse with some new photos:

Rikke has some splendid new images:

Amanda identified one of our current Audrey Hepburn pictures as being from Love in the Afternoon.

Thanks to all our fine guest contributors!

Enjoy these film clips:

April 3, 2007


The Wild One

Fire Over


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