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October 2007

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Another fresh face today:  six pictures of statuesque Julie Newmar, including one from the Batman television show (1966) and two from Li'l Abner (1959).

Vladimir sent in some new scans:

Richard shares more great photos with us:

Enjoy this new desktop wallpaper of Clara Bow, prepared by Sylvie.

Louise is at it again...this time with a pleasing image of Rhonda Fleming.

Chris sent in three scans from Psycho (1960), featuring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh.  We also have a nice clip of the famous shower sequence, prepared by Sever.  I think it goes without saying that most of us now prefer the bathtub.

Marion telexed over a photo of Jeffrey Hunter paying attention to Debra Paget in Princess of the Nile (1954).

Next, we have some gorgeous new pictures from Gary at DVD Beaver:

Steffen joins the party with a rare shot of happily beleaguered Erich von Stroheim in The Wedding March (1928).

Ever ready to share his handiwork, Nick offers:

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

Many thanks to our intrepid guest contributors!  We especially want to express our appreciation to Cecilia, who has colored many of our scans to perfection, including Kay Aldridge, Barbara Bates, Greta Garbo, Norma Talmadge, Lillian Wells, and Mae West.

These film clips arrived in the morning mail:

November 27, 2007



The Fugitive


Our Modern

The Raven

The Rich
Are A.W.U.

RKO Shorts


There are two new kids on the block today:  Anne Jeffreys in Riffraff (1947) and Merle Oberon in Affectionately Yours (1941).  Thanks to Sarah for identifying the films associated with these photos.

Richard drop-shipped three exciting new scans:

Karl came out of the woodwork to contribute some new scans:

Here are eight new photos of superstar Bette Davis, delivered by Rikke and dedicated to Erica so she can enjoy her favorite actress.  We have three from Beyond the Forest (1949), one each from Dangerous (1935) and Dark Victory (1939), and three posed shots.  We are also grateful to Ricardo, who identified the films for us.

Nick's on the straight and narrow with some new scans:

Sever, Ricardo, and Sarah have been very generous with their time, in helping to identify films that go with the photos, fixing errors, preparing clips, and in offering enthusiastic support.  These next pictures are for them (sent in by Rikke and Chris):

I looked down for just a moment and Rikke put a few more goodies in my in-basket:

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

Thanks to all our fabulous guest contributors!

Here are some film clips for your enjoyment:

November 20, 2007

Tender Comrade

The Bells of St. Mary's

A Scandal
in Paris

Bird of


Edge of Darkness

The Girl of
the G.W.


Lilli Palmer joins the party today.  We have two pictures of the beautiful actress, who was married for many years to Rex Harrison.

Louise sent in a nice shot of Lee Remick.

Nick's back with some new images:

Richard sent in more beautiful scans:

John telexed over two new shots of Mary Martin in The Great Victor Herbert (1939) with Walter Connolly.

Here are 10 more pictures of popular comedian Bob Hope, sent to us by Frances.

Next, Alexey makes a return engagement:

Jane joined Nick for some more Ziegfeld Girl scans:  Jean Ackerman, Kathryn Perry, Myrna Darby (heartthrob!), and Norma Terris.

Chris dropped a truckload of old photos on our desk.  Here are three nice ones:

Tom sent us an action shot of wild and wooly Martha Raye.

Corrections and attributions for existing photos:

Many thanks to our guest contributors.

Lastly, enjoy these film clips:

November 12, 2007

The Black Camel

Brigham Young

The Great Race

It All
Came True

One Million B.C.

Passion Flower


Storm at Daybreak

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Cabinet of
Dr. Caligari

The Maltese


We begin with more new faces, scanned from original photos:

And now, two familiar faces:

Richard has three more international actresses for us:

Louise sent us beautiful color shots of Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe and Tuesday Weld.

Frances has more nice shots:

John's got three splendid pictures of Paulette Goddard, including two from An Ideal Husband (1947) and one from Hazard (1948).

Rikke's back in town:

Corrections/attributions for existing photos, courtesy of Ricardo:

Thanks to our fine guest contributors!

We conclude with several new film clips:

November 5, 2007

A Breath
of Scandal

Ragtime Band

Doctor X

The Great

Invitation to
the Dance

It Had to
be You


The Walking

MGM Short

Gone With
the Wind


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