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September 2007

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We've got three new faces today:

Sever sent us a neato scan of Conrad Veidt and Werner Krauss in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920).

Louise prepared a beautiful shot of popular Doris Day just riding around.

Next, more great international scans from Richard:

Frances slipped some more photos under the door:

Rikke sent us more spiffy images:

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

Enjoy these film clips:

October 31, 2007

The Old

An American
in Paris

The Blue


A Blueprint
for Murder


Cain and

Cry Havoc

Fuzzy Pink

The Gay


MGM Short


Here are three shots of a youthful Cary Grant to start us off today.  Sarah identified one of the photos as being from Madame Butterfly (1932).

Richard has more international stars:

Rikke brought over some new scans by pack mule:

Chris prepared some nice scans:

Sylvie sent in two new desktop wallpapers:  Marlon Brando and Alfred Hitchcock.

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

Check out the newest film clips:

October 27, 2007

The Man
From Utah

Maisie Was
a Lady

The Mask of
Fu Manchu


MGM Shorts

Gold Diggers
of 1935



Let's start with a shot of Warren William and Virginia Bruce in The First Hundred Years (1938), scanned from an original photo.

John sent in eight sparkling Greta Garbo scans, including Anna Karenina (1935), Flesh and the Devil (1926), The Kiss (1929), Love (1927), Mata Hari (1931), and two posed shots.  If you're a Garbo aficionado, be sure to check out GarboForever, his comprehensive website that celebrates the fabled actress.

Richard comes through with three more great pictures:

Chris faxed over three "biopic" shots:  stills from the stories of big band greats Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, and Glenn Miller.  We also have a film clip featuring a musical number for each still.  The three photos include:

Nick has some new photos too:

Next, check out these beautiful images sent in by Ivan:

The elusive Rikke returns with several new scans:

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

Thanks to all our fine guest contributors for their photos and expertise!

Enjoy these film clips:

October 22, 2007




A Kiss
Before Dying


Autumn Leaves


(2 clips)

Gold Dig. '33
(3 clips)

(3 clips)

Thief of Bag.
(2 clips)

To Have
(3 clips)

A new face today:  beautiful actress Claire Trevor, whose long career began in the 1930's and extended well into the 1980's.

We also have more international actresses from Richard:

Mark sent in another Claire Trevor picture by burro.  It's from one of her early films:  Song and Dance Man (1936).

John joins the fray with a lovely shot of Jane Russell in The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957).

Just in the Nick of time, he sent us some of his new scans:

Corrections/attributions for existing photos:

Let's finish things off with a few film clips:

October 16, 2007

The Beloved

Citizen Kane

at Law

The Young
in Heart

Vitaphone Shorts


Richard joins in again, with three new international actresses:

Next, we have a spiffy photo of Ann Dvorak in Scarface (1932), courtesy of Sever.

Nick weighs in with some new photos:

Frances sent in 16 more shots of Bing Crosby.

Sylvie sent in some last-minute desktop wallpapers of Ursula Andress and Gregory Peck.

Many thanks to our guest contributors.

We conclude with some film clips:

October 13, 2007

A Night at
the Opera

At the

The Girl From Missouri


MGM Short


The Seven Year Itch


Three new scans prepared by the Doctor today:

  • Joel McCrea

  • Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in Gold Diggers of 1933

  • Gloria Swanson in the famous bathing scene from Male and Female (1919)—we also have a film clip (hide your eyes, kiddies!).  This photo had severe damage, including spots, scratches, blotches, splotches, glotches, stains, tears, powdery white shmooshes, fingerprints, and even two long poles that someone thoughtfully laid on top of the original photo before copying it—check out the original scan before cleaning to see what we mean (and call us crazy, but...are those large tiles on the shower made out of cardboard?)

St. Nick came early this year with some new scans:

Richard has three more international ladies for us:

Karl trucked over some new images:

Jane resurfaced with some new images by Ziegfeld photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston, including Martha Mansfield, Mary Pickford, Albertina Vitak, and an anonymous Ziegfeld Girl.

Chris rolled in with some new shots of:

Corrections/attributions for existing pictures:

Thanks to all our fine guest contributors for these interesting and beautiful scans!

Here are some film clips:


October 9, 2007

Male and

A&C Meet



Warner Bros.


We're back in the saddle again, after re-energizing the site.  Hopefully, you're finding everything a lot faster now.

We resume with a new face today:  Lloyd Nolan in Johnny Apollo (1940).  He's shown with Charley Grapewin and Marc Lawrence.  This scan was a real challenge—four hours of cleaning up scratches and fingerprints!

F.L. treats us to three more photos of Barbara Stanwyck in Ball of Fire (1941), including two with Gary Cooper.

Richard springs back with four new actresses:

Here's a nifty new photo of Gloria Grahame from Gary at DVD Beaver—check out his fine site for a wealth of movie information!  Many thanks to Sever, who provided some expert touchup work on this picture.

Chris sidled up with some neat new images:

Thanks to all our guest contributors for these fine pictures!

Let's end with some film clips, including several prepared by Sever:

October 4, 2007

The Circus

Modern Times

The Strong


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